Election Call Ends NDP Game Playing

[Why we need the Campaign to Officially Begin]

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair gets expressive as he responds to questions with the media following a party caucus meeting on Parliament Hill Wednesday May 8, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

There has always been something smarmy about the New Democratic Party (NDP).  They have never been forced to operate by the same standards as other political parties.  In fact, the trolls and insiders actually relish the idea of pulling one over on ordinary folks.

Of course, you will now hear from them that they are unhappy that an election writ is about to be dropped and we endure long and drawn out campaign period.  In fact, the self-righteous complaints from talking heads form within the NDP that the entire thing is unfair.  According to their bleedings, it is unfair because they have less money to spend.   With regulations brought in by the present government there are now tight and strict limits placed on corporation and union donations.  Not that a great deal of union donations ever went anywhere but to the NDP!

Let’s begin any analysis of the NDP complaining with a simple fact.  If the NDP have less money to spend, it can only mean that fewer Canadians are buying into the NDP ideas than is the case with the other political parties. If loud, brash and rude accusations were all mattered to Canadians, the NDP would be literally rolling in money.  And it is there where Canadians are already saying no thanks to Mulcair and his limousine socialists.

On analysis, it is probable that the “smart-ass’ game playing of the NDP has predicated an early start to the 2015 Federal election campaign.  In fact, the early call for the election by way of the write being issued by the Governor General will put an end to two games being played by the NDP and they are mad as heck that edgy practices with your and my tax dollars are about to end.

Clandestine Offices

All Members of Parliament (MPs) are given an allowance with which to function in MP’s own riding. Over the past couple years, the NDP Members of Parliament have been submitting expense report for such expenses that ARE NOT taking place in their specific ridings.  In fact, it has been proven that the money was being used by the NDP central party to set up satellite offices throughout Canada. In many cases those satellite offices are clandestinely operating in parts of Canada where the local voters have said “no thanks” to the NDP.  Whereas the other parties fund such operations by way of donations from party members, the NDP brand of entitlement allows them to actually believe that you and I should fork over (from tax dollars) to operate these clandestine offices. They were caught. The total of $2.7 MILLION in fake expenses is owing to the tax payers of Canada and the NDP are unhappy that they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

With the issuing of the writ, the provision of new tax dollars being filtered off by the NDP MP’s ends as well. Without the writ being issued, the sordid saga of bogus MP expense reports by NDP MPs would have continued.

Third Party Ads

Similarly, third party advertisements become limited and restricted once a writ is issued and the campaign period officially begins, strict rules concerning third party advertising also come into play. That too infuriates the NDP elite.

You may have noticed a certain TV advertisement recently.  Someone has being purchasing copious amounts of TV air time to run these three minute advisements.  The advertisement is what it is – it is a bald-faced bit of negative advertisement.  The advertisement is funded by a group of unions operating on behalf of the NDP.

With the writ coming into force, this sordid bit of political interference also comes to an end. From this point forward, the NDP (and all parties) must pay for its own TV “ads”.  And all Parties will be governed by the same spending limits as set out in law.

As an aside, the stated purpose of any union is not (and never has been) to engage in partisan political activities. Given the way union executives are becoming increasingly political, it may be high to rethink whether union members paying union dues should be able to use those dues as a tax deduction on their personal tax returns.  Obviously the fact that some unions are using union dues paid to them by union members are doing such things does change the entire intent of the tax exemption.

I am quite happy that the present Federal government called the election and thus has cut off the NDP funds for clandestine offices and access to apparent endless supply of third party “ads”.  The NDP have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are furious that their entitlement has come to an end.

Frankly, if this is the way that the NDP would conduct themselves in the (extremely) unlikely that enough Canadians EVER permitted them to form a government, gawd help us all.


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