Reality Check

[Object is the Rear View Mirror IS backwards]


I was trying to find a reasonable way to believe and accept that Justin Trudeau could possibly know anything about being middle class.  Then I read something that Ezra (Lavant) wrote about Justin :  “He (Justin) woke up at third base where he was born and is now telling everyone that he hit a triple.”

Amazingly perceptive!   That hit the nail right on the head.  Trouble is that is that if you over dose on Justin Trudeau telling you that being abnormal is normal, you begin to think that abnormality is a pretty good thing and that rubber rooms are dream spas.

I will be so very glad when this election ends so I do not have to listen to Justin preaching in his condescending voice about how terrorists are just misunderstood kids and that the Peoples Republic of China is a wonderful form of government.  I am beginning to understand by listening to Justin why he advocates smoking grass.


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