Thanks for reminding us about Mr. Dithers

[Not a wise move for Justin attempt to Revise Martin’s Story]

Lie-Detector-2justin and martin

….. revising history is never smart.  Fact: in 2006 Canadians tossed Paul Martin because of the Liberal AdScam, Sponsorship scandal!!!  Two years later, by 2008, Liberal operatives were being jailed.

Sponsorship figure charged in fraud case


Flanked by RCMP escorts on either side of him, Benoit Corbeil, the former head of the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party, appeared dazed Friday as he walked out of the courtroom where he was charged with fraud and using his influence to help a private company purchase federal land.


MONTREAL — Flanked by RCMP escorts on either side of him, Benoit Corbeil, the former head of the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party, appeared dazed Friday as he walked out of the courtroom where he was charged with fraud and using his influence to help a private company purchase federal land.

It was part of a whirlwind day for Corbeil, 44, a central figure in the federal government sponsorship scandal that inflicted heavy damage to the Liberal Party’s reputation. He was arrested at his apartment in Repentigny, near Montreal, Friday morning and informed he is suspected of taking a bribe from a businessman, who has now died. Hours later, Corbeil made his first appearance at the Montreal courthouse.

After his brief appearance Corbeil was escorted out of the courtroom by RCMP officers and a small army of courthouse security guards.

Corbeil is also accused of taking part in a conspiracy to defraud the Liberal Party of Canada out of more than $100,000 through his alleged authorization of false invoices. Named as co-conspirators in the conspiracy are Giuseppe (Joe) Morselli, the Liberal fundraiser who died in 2006, and Alain Renaud, a lobbyist who secured sponsorship contracts for Groupaction, one of the advertising company’s at the centre of the scandal.

While he was mentioned in the indictment as being part of the conspiracy, Renaud has not been charged. Quebec Court Judge Helene Morin imposed a series of conditions on Corbeil’s release including that he not communicate with Renaud and five other people. He is also not allowed to participate in the fundraising activities of any political party. His case returns to court on June 2.

Martin Balancing Act: A Myth

Fact Check: Martin siphoned Unemployment Insurance Funds and used unemployed Canadians  to fund spending elsewhere…Supreme Court

December 11, 2008

OTTAWA–The Supreme Court of Canada says the federal government broke the law in financing the employment insurance system by transforming premiums paid by workers and employers into an unconstitutional tax. 
In a 7-0 judgment, the court ruled the former Liberal governments of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin collected EI contributions illegally in 2002, 2003 and 2005. 
In those years, EI rates were set directly by cabinet without proper authorization from Parliament, violating the ancient constitutional principle of no taxation without representation. 
However, the court rejected claims by organized labour that the Liberals deliberately ran up massive surpluses in the EI fund, then diverted the money to balance the federal budget and fund other initiatives. 
The Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux, one of Quebec’s leading labour organizations, had demanded that $54 billion in allegedly diverted premiums be returned to the EI system and used to fund future benefits to jobless workers. 
The confederation also contended that federal jurisdiction is strictly limited to providing such benefits, and that any training, placement or other social services should be left to the provinces. The court rejected that claim, as well. 
The dispute has its roots in the deficit-fighting efforts of Martin as finance minister under Chrétien. Critics have long maintained the strategy amounted to balancing the federal books on the backs of the unemployed. 
The Liberals brought in legislation in 1996 that tightened eligibility rules for EI benefits but simultaneously opened the door to new training, education, placement and other programs. 
Critics say the government then went on to set the premiums charged to workers and employers at higher rates than were necessary to fund the reduced benefits and new programs. 
The result was a ballooning surplus in the EI fund – a revenue windfall critics said could be used first to balance the budget and later to support other Liberal initiatives that had no connection to EI. 
Opposition MPs, labour unions, business groups and Auditor General Sheila Fraser all complained repeatedly about the new regime but to no avail. 
The current Conservative government promised earlier this year to set up an independent Crown corporation to run EI on a break-even basis. But the Tories didn’t offer to restore the $54 billion diverted in the past. 

It is shameful that Justin Trudeau is attempting to mislead Canadians about Paul Martin’s abysmal record.  Those striving to join the “middle class” were Martin’s victims. Shame on you, Justin!


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