LRT Road Rage, Brampton

[A case Study in Manipulation]

lrt brampton

I had managed to stay out of Light Rail Transit (LRT) debate (let’s use a polite term) in Brampton but got drawn into the mess as a result of nasty and insensitive film out-take in which someone had super –imposed screen captions onto a film scene wherein Adolph Hitler and a group of Nazi officers were engaged in a heated discussion in an underground bunker in Berlin as one of the most vile regimes on planet earth was about to fall, in April 1945.

In typical “gutless” courage, the creator of this bit of mimic-art (of course) failed to attach his/her name to the piece.  Such cowardly anonymity is NOT an example of inspired leadership.  Have some “guts” and at least attach your real name to your “piece of art”.

The Piece pops up on two or three pages in social media – specifically on FaceBook and is part of a concerted effort by a very “in your face” and noisy little cult attempting to bully their point of view through City Council on a subject that they deem to be of critical importance – at least in their small world.

The Nazi piece succeeded!  It provoked me to get involved in this nasty and visceral dispute.  The Nazi “piece” attempts to characterize anyone disagreeing with this particular clique’s wish to route the LRT through the heart of Brampton’s heritage district at the famous “Four Corners” as Nazi’s.

News Flash: I oppose the entire project and I am certainly NOT a Nazi!  To trivialize the entire Second World War for your own purposes indicates some troubling character faults among those shown by classic sociopaths (a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.)

Between 1939 and 1945 more than one million Canadian men and women served full-time in the armed services. More than 42,000 were killed. Had any members of your family taken part in the war against fascism, I doubt that you would have selected Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime as models for anything except tyranny.  As show by your own lack of courage in posting an anonymous insult such as this, I suspect that lack of courage also likely manifests itself in your family during WW2.  It is compelling that you are involved in some sort of cause concerning rail traffic. How perverted is your mind?  Six Million Jews were also transported by rail lines to extermination camps.  Hang your head, you shameful person.

Highway Ten: a Bad Idea: Logistics

The proposed LRT route would transect three major highways on its way north from Port Credit: Highways 401; 403 and 407.  In your myopic little world do you not understand that daily thousands of heavy trucks (Tractor trailers) enter Highway Ten (Hurontario) in route to a sizeable warehouse district in Brampton.  In its present state, Highway Ten/Huronario copes with north/south traffic at a manageable level.  Heaven-forefend that a rail-line be superimposed onto this major traffic artery.  Giving LRT traffic a priority at (even) ten minute intervals boggles the mind.  I can envision exit ramps backed up onto the feeder highways, truck bottlenecks northward along Highway Ten and onto Steeles Avenue where this truck traffic then moves east towards many warehouse depots. Do those jobs of the highway truck drivers and the hundreds of men and women in dozens of warehouses mean less to the economy of this city than an adventure in LRT?  Find a highway trucker who will permit you to ride along on the journey along Highway Ten and then imagine the stress you will add to his/her work day by way of the LRT.

Things don’t always function as-per plans.  That is why the word break-down is in the dictionary.  Disabled rail traffic on any roadway is chaos.  Witness what happens with Toronto’s quaint little street cars. Furthermore, the regular flow of LRT rail traffic will constrict freight traffic.

Highway Ten: a Bad Idea: Financial

This particular north/south LRT project is forecast at a cost of $1.6 Billion.  That number does not include numerous (unmentioned) locally funded infrastructure improvements that will be required before the first LRT train rolls.

At best, the project is discretionary compared to investments that have potential to improve life in Brampton.  At the top of any sane person’s priority lists would be (perhaps) the full development of the entire Peel Memorial Hospital site so as to supply Brampton with the requisite number of hospital beds for a town this size. Do the comparison to even smaller communities such as Windsor, Kingston and others and that lack of beds is a major issue.

Perhaps a university?  A full scale, accredited university situated centrally could become the “crown jewel” of long-discussed downtown redevelopment.

East/West traffic movement to relieve constant business hours bottlenecks along roads like Steeles, Queen, Williams and Boivard.  North/south traffic solutions would be so far down the priority list of most Brampton folks that it would probably be situated after snow removal.

The Province of Ontario is $300 BILLION in debt. The Province of Ontario’s total debt is presently equal to the total of all other provinces combined.  How bad is it?  A year or so ago, the Ontario government told Brampton, “if you want a hospital, you’ll have to pay part of the cost yourselves”.  $60 Million dollars was dumped/downloaded onto the municipal tax bill.

It is astoundingly incongruous that, on the one hand you and I are paying for a hospital (which is provincial responsibility) because the province COULD NOT AFFORD IT, and, on the other hand, has $1.6 Billion of ready cash to dump into an ill-conceived LRT project.

A Reasoned Approach to LRT for Brampton

It absolutely sickens me to observe the bully tactics being employed by those wishing to force the north/south LRT project into existence. Those tactics and the insensitive depiction of opponents as “Nazi’s” are not how any democracy functions. Additionally, I am tired of watching unruly mobs swarm Brampton City Council Chambers in attempts to intimidate elected council. Mobs of out of town union thugs have no place in this matter.

If there must be contracts issued to favored Liberal campaign contributors, build an east/west LRT – even along Queen Street. Terminate it at Centre Street with an entrance to the planned Peel Memorial Hospital site.

A bad deal for Brampton is no bargain. Madam Wynne, build the hospital first if you suddenly have the cash and stop funding or encouraging subversive activities by way of third parties such as the little clique making all the noise here in Brampton.  Running a silly LRT line through the heritage heart of Brampton is crass and it’s very divisiveness undermines the peace, order and good government that we expect from our local municipal officials.

And my message to the “genius” who constructed the Nazi analogy: identify yourself and apologize you are a shameful person.


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4 thoughts on “LRT Road Rage, Brampton”

  1. thank you sir you elegantly put words to paper that I lack. as a past serving soldier of the candian armed forces reserve and the grandson of a WW2 veteran I was shocked and appalled at that video. I messaged paul vicente about my disgust for the video not only did he defend the video . he refused to remove it. as he is a landowner on main street I can’t help but feel his support of the project is more for his wallet than a benefit for the city.

  2. I haven’t bothered to see the video but If you wish to see some more sources, the Citizens for a Better Brampton has good knowledge about how disastrous this rail will be going straight up Hurontario. CFBB is still active in this. I also think it might be a bit late unless citizens up their opposition to the provincial/federal level where the funds are supposedly coming from. – Ted Harlson.

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