Bramalea  Residents – You are getting Screwed

Brampton Deserves a FOR BRAMPTON  Public Transit Deal

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There is a rogue element in Brampton that  (I think) have drank too much Liberal Red KoolAid.  They have been relentless in their lobby efforts intent on forcing Brampton residential taxpayers to accept much less than they should accept from the Wynne government.

No help to Brampton residential tax payers, we have elected Legislature members who are among the least effective advocates of their constituents of politicians anywhere in Canada. Sadly, we continue to elect Members of the Provincial Legislature that are completely confused as to their duty to represent.  We need people at Queen’s Park that speak up and advocate for municipal stake holders at Queen’s park and NOT to represent Queen’s Park to Brampton residents.

Brampton continues to get short changed.   We got the dirty end of the stick on a hospital and “damned” if we should accept the shaft again on transit.

While our elected MPP’s are availing themselves of plentiful photo opportunities, Brampton property owners are being played for fools.

Let’s begin by looking at the hospital situation. Below is a study (from Statistics Canada numbers) of the state of heath care. Here are a number of large Ontario municipalities and the corresponding number of hospitals:

Municipality     Population Number of Hospitals

York Region     1,032,524              4 Hospitals

Ottawa                    883,391             9 Hospitals

Mississauga          713,443             2 Hospitals

Hamilton               519,949           10 Hospitals

London                   366,151               6 Hospitals

Kitchener              219,153               3 Hospitals

Windsor                 210,891              2 Hospitals

Guelph                    121,668              3 Hospitals

Kingston               121,363             3 Hospitals

(source Statistics Canada 2006)

Brampton with a population of over 520,000 has a single hospital operating at less than capacity and an oversized walk in clinic under construction. To add insult to injury, those owning property have been “assessed” a $60,000,000.00 levy to build the walk in clinic under construction on the Peel Memorial Site.

We can “thank” some pretty bad elected representation at Queen’s Park for the fact that Brampton property tax payers have been “screwed” by the present Queen’s Park government.

 Like suckers, we keep hoping for better treatment from our local MPPs.


The Real Picture of the Hurontario LRT Scheme

Public transit in Ontario operates by way of heavy subsidies that are handed to the folks who probably are the least likely to use it. Homeowners tend to use their own transportation. They own cars, have jobs and pay property tax. The overwhelming number of public transit users are not property owners and don’t pay city taxes.


The much discussed Hurontario LRT scheme falls just short of being a “ponzi” scheme.  The attempt at play is to annex Brampton into an LRT scheme that was designed to serve Mississauga.  That much ballyhooed route northerly along Hurontario has zero benefit to property tax payers in eastern Brampton (Bramalea) and only marginal use to potential clients in west Brampton. 

Here is the Mississauga portion of the scheme. Notice that it meanders throughout Mississauga until it suddenly takes a turn northwards at Rathburn Avenue and heads towards Brampton.

 HMLRT corridor mapR7_June2014


Whenever the Mississauga part of the LRT route is completed, that junction at Rathburn Avenue will be tied into an eastward addition which will connect it to Toronto’s TTC.

The additional route up Hurontario has less to do with servicing ridership in Brampton/Bramalea than it does adding Brampton and Bramalea residents to the annual fare subsidy inventory. If the above route was to be entirely subsidized by Mississauga property tax payers, all hell would break loose in Mississauga.

A Bad Deal for Brampton is Not a Bargain

If I lived east of Kennedy Road, I would be contacting my local city/regional councilor and letting them know that you disagree with the Huronario Route and its implications to your property tax bill!


Demand a “for Brampton” solution ~ an east /west route along Queen Street. Don’t succumb to the lobby efforts of a small (but noisy) group of young people advocating that you accept less than you are entitled to.


A bad deal for Bramalea is not a bargain.  Speak out or you will be run over again. It’s about time that Queen’s Park recognizes that Brampton folks are not the dumb, cash cows that our MPP’s think we are.


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 The above article is copyrighted.  You may use, copy or distribute this article conditional on attributing your source (Thunderbird Rising) and the author (Lloyd Fournier)


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