Latest on LRT in Brampton

[It will soon be all over]


Last evening, Steve Del Duca from the Ontario Legislature deigned to appear at a Town Hall meeting in Brampton.  About 100 local folks showed up to hear what this talking head had to say.

One of Wynne’s Ministers, a pant load named Steven Del Duca had been dispatched to Brampton to deliver the eulogy for this soon to be dead fiasco.

The off shoot of Del Duca’s comments is good news and bad news.

The good news is that he set an absolute “drop dead” date for a City Council decision to let Queen’s Park have its way with the Hurontario route into the heart of Brampton.  According to this guy, Brampton City Council has up until October 31 , 2015 to say yes.

It is completely unlikely that such acceptance will happen from City Council in any event since most councilors tumbled to the conclusion that a “bad deal is not a bargain for Brampton”. Kudos to City Council! The majority of them are bright enough to have figured this farce out long before I began sharing information with the silent majority.  Similarly, my “hunch” is that the constant pressures being exerted by a small gaggle of proponents had a very negative effect on council. By and large the majority on Council are bright and sincere enough to put Brampton’s interest first.

The bad news?  History.  The present party in control at Queen’s Park does not have a stellar reputation about keeping  its word or about consistency.  As has been evident throughout the LRT battle, it has not been without significant meddling from Queen’s Park.   Use of public funds to wage war on one’s own constituents creates distrust and suspicions.  That interference and meddling has galvanized opponents of the LRT.  Residential rate payers who will carry the long term burden of financing the operation of the LRT are being listened to by Brampton’s City Council.  However, given the track record of the present government, we are likely to endure another 6 weeks of theatrics…but it too will pass.

The other bomb shell dropped by Del Duca last night is that if (as is likely the case) City Council says no thanks,  the liberals will simply terminate the LRT at Shopper’s World (Steeles  and Hurontario).  In doing so, the province will have squandered $1.6 Billion for an LRT link between two shopping plazas (Square One and Shoppers World).

The legacy of that “while elephant” will be annual hits to the property taxpayers who will be left to subsidize the operating cost for ever.  Those costs are not minor and I would hope that Council reviews its earlier agreement to permit the Province to have access to City Territory north of the Brampton/Mississauga boundary and his protect home owners from a wasteful (and permanent) tax increase.


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