The Luddites Have Returned

[Fearing what they Reject and Fail to Understand – they still protest]

early Luddites new_luddite user_luddite

The relentless rhetoric being produced by a minor faction of locals lobbying for the tiring LRT on Hurontario scheme is reminiscent of rage against machinery movement in the late 1800’s when crazed mobs set about breaking into factories and vandalizing machinery.

They were called Luddites and were about as misdirected as the present day LRT vigilantes who seem hell bent on getting a free ride while wiping out their perceived enemy – the dreaded automobile.

In and around Brampton almost 4,000 families derive their income thanks to an automobile factory.  Thousands of other families financially exist as a result of secondary automotive sector jobs and the vast transportation industry that supports “just in time” schedules.

History proved  Ned Ludd (and the Luddites) to be disconnected with society and simply a mob that was unwilling to address facts or reason.  The present day crusaders for this particular LRT denigrate those who disagree and attempt to influence public officials toward unconscionable decisions by any means in order to obtain their entitlements.

With a provincial economy in terrible shape, tax payers’ money ought to be directed at priorities. There are any number of priority items that are crying out for immediate government help: poverty; heath care; education and day care; and affordable housing for the disadvantaged.  Those things are not secondary issues and are screaming out for help now.  Any number of experts are warning us that Ontario’s infrastructure is fast falling into disrepair.  Many of us place far greater weight on those valid concerns than on the misdirected musings of a former civic official from a third world country that only wished its economy was based on manufacture instead of cocaine.  Little wonder that this “expert” abandoned his beloved Columbia and sought a better life in Canada

There (indeed) are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see.


Copyright  Thunderbird Rising 2015

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