Knee Jerk Response to” Refugees”

[Sudden Interest in Refugees is Not Well Founded and is Dangerous]

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About Syrian Refugees

First, a disclosure.  I spent over 6 years determining refugee claims here in Canada with the Immigration and Refugee Board.  I was also a member of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges.  In my time with the IRB, I rendered determinations on over 1,200 claimants for refugee protection here in Canada including a very large number of claimants from Middle East countries such as Afghanistan, Sudan and Syria etc.  To be perfectly frank, I rejected the overwhelming of those claims mainly for lack of credibility. That is NOT to say that I did not also come across real, bona fide refugees.  Those individuals arrived here as Christians from Iran, Rom from several of the former Communist bloc countries as well as several very brutalized victims of torture at the hands of the vicious Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

I can say with absolute certainty that Bashar al-Assad is being kept in power in Syria by way of support from Russia’s mad-man dictator Vladimir Putin.  That is not an opinion; it is a cold, harsh fact.  Moreover, by way of my first hand experience at the IRB, I can share a little know fact about Palestine (and “Palestinians”) as well.  The overwhelming majority of the over one million residents in refugee camps inside present day Palestine are NOT Palestinians.  They are, in fact Syrians.

In a dozen or so Palestinian refugee camps such as  Jabalia, Rafah and Bureij; the residents are overwhelmingly Syrian.  I form that conclusion on credible evidence and sworn testimony relating to claims over which I presided.  In fact, “Bureji” is named after a town in side Syria.  Incidentally, it may come as a huge disappointment to simple folk who blame Israel for all problems everywhere in the Middle East, but all the residents of the dozen refugee camps in the Palestinian region of Gaza are fed, housed and educated solely by way of charity of the Israeli government.  In Bureji alone, there are six elementary schools and two secondary schools in total providing education for over 9,000 full time students.  That has also been fact and is simply glossed over by lazy media.  These camps have been funded by the Israeli government for almost 60 years.

Inherent Risks

It is absolutely wrong to paint all people coming from any place as good, bad or evil. However, I offer one single “bit” of anecdotal evidence to illustrate a point. Unequivocally, I can affirm that what I am about to share is far too commonplace to toss caution to wind and permit “the wrong people” into Canada.

I swore an oath of confidentiality at the IRB but, in cases where a rejected claimant makes subsequent appeals in our Federal Court, all information becomes public record.  Even with that, I shall not now disclose the name publicly.

Over riding even dubious evidence in support of many refugee claims, I tended to ask myself, “ what would my friends and family think of this person living near them?  Would the person be able to live in harmony here in Canada?”

I rejected a claim for refugee protection from a single male claimant who was Syrian/Palestinian.  The individual had departed the refugee camp at Jabalia in northern Gaza ten years earlier under false documents (passport) and resided in Dallas, Texas.  He had managed to stay in the USA as a result of a marriage to a USA national.  The marriage produced two UAS children.

The Jabalia camp is a hot bed of random criminal acts perpetrated regularly inside of Israel. This individual was wanted for a drive by shooting (in Israel) in which two children and one old man had been murdered.

This individual’s penchant for violent crime did no t end upon his arrival in the United States.  In Dallas, he was arrested, charged and convicted for his part in an automatic weapons gun fight resulting from a drug dispute over cocaine in Dallas.  He was subsequently deported back to Palestine where he re-equipped himself with false identity documents and found his way back into the USA.  Once back in the USA, he was involved in a gun-fight with FBI agents in suburban Washington.

He again was deported and subsequently availed himself with yet another false identity document and this time arrived by airplane at Toronto International airport.  It was only by deft examination by the immigration agent at the airport was he detected.  By way of Interpol information connecting his finger prints to an international “Red label” wanted warrant for numerous crimes in Palestine.

Even with all of that, this individual claimed refugee protection here in Canada and, by way of our very generous social justice system and law was afforded a fair hearing.  In the mean time, based on his risk to Canadians, he locked up in a maximum security prison in eastern Ontario.

I heard and examined three FBI agents (via teleconference) pertaining to this individual.  His protracted trial entailed three full days of testimony. He was very well represented by an excellent Toronto based lawyer who was paid by Legal Aid (Tax payers).

Near the end of his trial, the individual uttered a threat against me, against the Canadian Government agent that was performing work similar to a crown attorney.   How serious did I take those threats?  At one point shortly after rendering a negative decision on this man, I noted that I had been followed by two men in a car.  I reported the incident to the Peel Regional Police and the RCMP.

Kindness Should Not Replace Caution

There is a heart warming out pouring of kindness and sympathy taking place here in Canada as a result of a (now) iconic photo of a little boy who drowned on his way from Turkey to Europe. No doubt, the little boy’s aunt in Vancouver felt guilt for not being proactive and setting an application for sponsorship into action.  Whatever “urgency” possessed the child’s father to load the family into a dingy and set sail on a clandestine 4 km crossing into Greek territory.  I am also at a loss as to who funded the nearly $6,000 (Cdn) paid to a human smuggler for this tragic trip.

As much as it is heartwarming to observe expressions of compassion from Canadians, it is equally disgusting to hear the comments from two “grown” men who are attempting to become Prime Minister of Canada.  Listening to Trudeau and Mulcair attempt to score political points over the dead body of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi.  Trudeau’s  and Mulcair’s opportunistic comments are among the most irresponsible statements that I can recall in my long life.  Like two poker players, they jumped into the chance of gaining advantage on the death of a little (Kurdish) Syrian dead boy.  Within a 24 hour period we heard Trudeau state that Canada MUST immediately airlift 15,000 refugees into Canada whereupon Mulcair upped the table bet to 20,000 …and on and on it went.

In the background and completely ignored by both Trudeau and Mulcair is a cold-hard ominous series of news wire photos taken in places like Budapest (Hungary) and at the German border.  The individuals shown in those AP photos are absolutely NOT families running away from tyranny in Syria.  Absent are all families and present only are single, youthful males.  Similarly, the Roman Catholic Archbishop in Toronto determined (finally) that solving human misery is a “calling” for his church. That, in itself is highly contradictory in that his own “CHURCH” continues in its failing to make reparation for its hand in the Residential Schools in Canada. There is more than enough blood on the hands of the Roman Catholic Church and its congregants right here in Canada for Rev. Collins to engage in foreign human rights and human suffering.

Compassion is Needed

Canada is a nation of compassionate folk.  Compassion is badly needed right now. BUT, so is common sense.  News feeds emanating from the jihadist terrorist organization have seeped into the news as well. ISIS has made it known that it is the plan to mix members of its own organization into fast growing crowd of “refugees” in hope of slipping past international borders as part of the stampede.

It is the stated scheme of ISIS to use this massive exodus and the fast growing international expressions of good will in order to infiltrate countries that ISIS identifies as its enemy.  One of those countries is Canada.

Don’t delude yourself into a weak position such as the nonsense that had Canada not joined an international military task force aimed at fighting the forces that sent tens of thousands of refugees into flight, we would have no problem with ISIS.  Get it straight folks, ISIS has stated that it is this jihad’s goal to establish shariah law under a worldwide Sunni caliphate.  Moreover, Canada long standing support for Israel would, in itself make all Canadians worthy targets for the twisted  ideology of the jihadists.

Israel stands resolutely as an invaluable listening post with ears and eyes in the Middle East BUT much more than that represents a great and valuable ally.  Democracies (like Canada) do not discard friend because of threats from rabble like ISIS. What would be next? Should we then, a year or so later toss Great Britain aside because ISIS wants more territory?

Terrorism is no longer something that is taking place in other parts of this world.  The morning of September 11th,  2001 changed all that as did the Boston Marathon bombing (2013). Here, in Canada we just endured the murder of two Canadian soldiers right here on Canadian soil (2014).  There are presently EIGHT trials underway resulting in very well planned terrorist schemes to bring harm to Canadians – right here in Canada.

Note, that even with high level security in place, these EIGHT jihadist cells had infiltrated YOUR country.  It is downright STUPID to toss caution to wind and play right into the hands of jihadists like ISIS because we are a kind and compassionate country.

A Better Approach to Compassion

Compassion is such a wonderful attribute.  However emotional blindness to reality is never a wise thing. Despite Canada’s neglect of its own home made problems such as Aboriginal crisis, it never compassionate to ignore human suffering where ever it occurs.

By all means, food and emergency shelter is needed at the various European refugee camps right now. With a European winter looming, anything that would assuage the human suffering should be done – by our churches, by our various and vibrant multi-cultural communities and our governments.

However, when it comes to simply tossing open our borders to those seeking refuge, the prudent approach would be to send Canadians into these camps so as to “filter” out real refugees and preventing those intent on inflicting harm on Canadians form sneaking in.

Don’t get too caught up in the politics taking place as I doubt that either Mulcair or Trudeau is prepared to blindly accept a dozen or so purported refugees into their own households even with all the great photo opportunities such an act would afford them.


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