Tyranny in Paris

[Let’s hope that caution comes along with compassion]


It was heart wrenching to see a drowned boy, face down on a shore line a few months ago.

Canada is a very compassionate land.  The politicians jumped at the opportunity bring compassion into a federal election campaign and heaven help anyone who dared  express concerns about bad guys hiding themselves among victims and swarming into Canada.

Like any drunken binge, morning always has a hangover and regret.  Canada and Canadian voters got swept away in a compassion/feel good binge and promises were made to quickly bring 25,000 “refugees” from Syria and other locations into Canada by Christmas.

I dealt with refugee claimants from the Middle East for over seven years and listened to that promise of quick importation of 25,000 (alleged) refugees in shock.   In my days, even after lengthy formal hearings (trials) fully 65% of those claiming refugee status were found to be bogus.  Too often they were found to be from places that did not match their stories or whatever documents they produced.  Far worse, in several cases we discovered international criminals in the refugee stream.  Several of the fakers were even wanted by Interpol and likely guilty of crimes against humanity.

It probably comes as no surprise that no one would run back into their burning home would remember to bring key identity documents such as birth certificates with them. Thus, it is no simple task to sort out the bad apples.  To even presume to process 25,000 refugees in one month is fool hardy and represents clear risk to Canada and to Canadians.

Last night in Paris, as many as eight terrorists ruthlessly gunned down almost 130 Paris residents in 6 different locations and turned the City of Lights into a bloodbath.

My heart goes out to Parisians and the nation of France today.  This is the second jihad that has been launched in Paris in less than a year.  I have spent sufficient time in France and Paris to understand that France has provided a fresh start to many including those Muslims coming into France from counties with sizeable Islamic populations such as Algeria.

Let us hope and pray that our newly elected government does not toss caution to the wind in its zeal to import 25,000 refugees from the Middle East by Christmas.  This is not the time for reckless lack of attention to our own security.  

Compassion without caution is careless and demonstrates a lack of compassion for Canadians who may be at risk IF our immigration department does not exercise high caution.

I have a huge number of Muslim friends and loyal readers. I ask/invite them also to speak out NOW against terrorism hiding itself inside the Islamic faith. Surprisingly not a word is being said by Canadian Muslims.  It’s time to be Canadian first and to put this country’s best interest first.  Terrorism has no religion. 

Let’s always be compassionate and never forget to care. But let’s also be vigilant and exercise wise caution.


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