What Was That Justin Was Saying About Cheese During the Election?


[Canada’s daffy PM Proving to be the Master of Cheesy Politics]


It’s not that I personally believed much of Justin Trudeau’s lisping, ah’s and er’s .  He was gaming Canada and he did (at least) a fairly adequate job of pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

Trudeau’s and his short pants-back room team of boy-scouts kept him away from issues and focused on his appearance.  There was a wind blowing towards change and in Trudeau, the Liberals had found a photogenic little opportunist who was more than ready exploit the winds of change.

I described Justin Trudeau and his flimsy platform as cheesy politics long before he even latched onto a flimsy issue about French Cheese in a trade deal. In fact, there always has been a large amount of cheesiness in all things involving the entire Trudeau clan.

I almost coughed up my breakfast when I watched the pomp and circumstance surrounding his swearing in ceremony at Rideau Hall three weeks ago (on November 4th).  It was high comedy at its best when he dragged his mother (Maggie Trudeau ) into to the mash-up and recast her as Canada’s favorite mama. That would be the same “mama” who abandoned her three sons (ages 7, 5 and 3) and became the favorite flower child of the Rolling Stones.  Bring Maggie Trudeau back into things and presenting her as a great “mother” is pretty high on the cheesiness scale. In fact, it should rate right up there with Limburger or Roquefort!

But,,,, let’s keep things in perspective.  This newly sworn in government has managed to genuinely”piss-off” Canadians without even having spent a single day in the House of Commons.   This government is so full of itself and arrogant that they have not (yet) pulled down the cheesy promises they were making during the recent election.

Allow me to share a bit of the “pap” that was being served up by Trudeau during the election.  I will leave it up to you to decide whether his first 20 days in office are consistent with the lofty promises and the negative politics his party invoked and inflicted on voters for almost 6 months.

The campaign promise was: “Our plan is a sweeping agenda for change. It is an agenda that will allow us to modernize how the Canadian government works, so that it better reflects the values and expectations of Canadians.


At its heart is a simple idea: transparent government is good government. If we want Canadians to trust their government, we need a government that trusts Canadians.” (https://www.liberal.ca/openness-and-transparency/) .  Speaking of potential risks to Canadians  created by bringing in 25,000 un-vetted Syrian refugees, try this one on for size” : We will create an all-party national security oversight committee to monitor and oversee the operations of every government department and agency with national security responsibilities”.  That assumes that his government would seek opinions and discussion FIRST prior to making despotic decisions with a high risk potential.

But, I digress.  I did promise to share some thoughts on “cheese” today.

Staged Props and Gimmicks

The photograph (taken by TurkishPhoto-journalist Nilüfer Demir, on September 02, 2015) of  three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body, on the shore of the Aegean coast is a wonderful case in point.

It was later discovered that the child’s own father was much more culpable in his personal quest for free dental work in Germany  (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-34142695) that predicated loading the family onto a boat in Turkey and setting sale for Greece and thus an easier route into Germany.

The family was in absolutely no danger inside of Turkey.

As tragic of a boating accident is anywhere on earth, stories later filtered out that are much less wholesome than was being used by Trudeau as a cheesy campaign gimmick.  Shortly after the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi became the poster child for the Syrian refugee issue, we also learned that the body had been moved several times to create a “more impactful photograph”.  Several other photos (from the same session) showed Turkish personnel and media lifting the body and placing it into the Aegean Sea.  An “aunt” in British Columbia was quickly found and a mythical story was created about her attempts to bring the child, his parents and siblings to Canada.  The aunt (Teema Kurdi) backtracked on her claims that she had attempted to sponsor them as refugees in Canada.  It was all simply a fabricated hoax but certainly one that Justin Trudeau could and would use for his own purposes.

In the end, that photo (despite its sordid origins) became Trudeau’s justification to commit to packing 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada.  The 25,000 number it evolved from the USA having earlier said that it was prepared to accept 10,000 such people.  The enormous difference was that the USA had attached a proviso to the offer: the refugees would all need to be thoroughly vetted first.

Never one to allow fact or practicality to get in the way of “good political theatre” Trudeau jumped.  He would do it all (bring in 25,000 alleged refugees) by December 31, 2015.

That, in turn gives rise to the remainder of my list of cheesy political stunts.  Read them and think about them.

Instigating racial Tension

You did not need to wait long for Trudeau’s cabinet to take turns exacerbating things.

First off was Canada’s newly anointed Trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland  (http://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/chrystia-freeland-debates-diversity-with-bill-maher/) who  attempted to invoke the race card.  In Ms. Freeland’s odd world, anyone who dared question things like security was deemed to be an “Islam phobic” and un-Canadian person.  In Ms. Freeland’s own lingo, for her to toss the race card into the debate/discussion is pure Chutzpah!  This coming from Freeland, a former Globe and Mail writer is troubling. She is, after all the author of a book (“Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else, Sale of the century”).  It seems to me that Ms. Freeland has taken her own writing as instructive.

Let’s not forget, neither Freeland nor Trudeau has sat for one day in parliament and fielded questions from opposition parties NOR have they sought parliamentary approval to spend $2,6 BILLION on this refugee scheme.

Ms. Freeland, you are showing us exactly what a plutocratic government can and will do and it is especially offensive that you denigrate critics by type-casting them as anti-Muslim. Shame!

You owe it to yourself to listen to this “ditz” as she refuses to accept the fact that there are inherent risks by lumping all Muslims as one amorphous group and refusing to accept that common sense (not racism) dictates that we MUST sort out the bad apples before blindly throwing our doors open. https://youtu.be/Y0tUrIYXjaA . After watching Freeland, I was aghast. I will not even hazard  a guess as to what she brings with her into an important cabinet job.  Alas, the previous government’s media appointments (Duffy and Whallen) did not teach Justin much.

Canada’s Military Efforts in Syria and our Military Bases

It would not be appropriate to overlook the nation’s new head of   Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodall who has lowered the bar of cheesiness to new levels.  As his “boss” (Justin Trudeau) was engaged in a week-long photo junket in Turkey and the Pacific, Ralph Goodall was doing the thing that only Goodall can do best.  He was ignoring Angus Reid polls that were telling the world that 62% of Canadians want Canada continue along the path of taking the battle to the terrorists by ay of air strikes in Syria.

While Justin was doing the good neighbor act with Obama, Ralph Goodall was busy showing Saskatchewan voters why they were right in electing non-Liberals in the other 15 ridings and also why they were wrong in voting this “CHEESEBALL” into office from Wascana.

Goodall scored twice on my “CHEESE” list.  As our Minister for Public Safety, he announced the scuttling of a contract for a badly needed naval purchase (a new supply ship, http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/davie-supply-ship-liberals-halt-1.3327039  ) and, at the same time announced that he was about to make Canada safer by pushing military personnel out of Canadian Forces bases (http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/troops-clearing-space-at-cfb-kingston-for-syrian-refugees- .2670111#_gus&_gucid=&_gup=Facebook&_gsc=aDtLhgk&_giguuid=03a6f2b86b3b46a3b421315979af9557)  in order to house 25,000 ALLEGED refugees.

In the spirit of hockey, Goodall then made it a “hat trick” by attempted sleight of hand.  Faced with growing public outcry over the lack of scrutiny on the Syrian refugee scheme, Goodall just announced that Canada will only be accepting women, children and families.  Apparently Goodall has not been following the news. It seems that ISIS is ahead of him on this one too.  ISIS has been seeking women to join its ranks and among its recruits was one young woman who happened to be in the middle of things in Paris.

Goodall’s buddy, John McCallum  (the Immigration Minister) then put both feet into it by adding that our initial load ALLEGED refugees were not from Syria but would be from Palestine.  Apparently McCallum is as ditzy as Chrystia Freeland and has not yet figured out that possible Hamas terrorists from Palestine are not even marginally less risky than their ISIS cousins from Iraq and Syria.

Forecast ~ Bad Days Ahead

Not only did Trudeau win enough seats to form a government but he was given such a majority that he now has absolute and complete control of Canada for another four years.

I have never been a big fan of an appointed Senate but, considering Trudeau’s lack of control in the Senate, let’s hope that the “Upper House” does its job and invokes some seriously sober-second thoughts.


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