2015, The Year in Review



The silly-stuff called politics

2015 will live in history as truly a unique year for anyone attempting to place the words “sanity” and “politics” into the same sentence.  I tried but gave up.

In my many years I have yet to find any one single year that can compare.  It is safe to say that 2015 is a year of multi-lateral stupidity.

Federal Politics

Who can logically explain the outcome and results of the past Federal Election?  We had two (VERY) capable guys (Harper and Mulcair) competing for Canada’s most senior political office against a nattering-ninny (May) and a poster-boy  (Trudeau).

The results were astounding and proved (beyond doubt) that anyone with the right PR can attain power.  Platform and policy took a back-seat to photo-opportunities and vague comments about any number of issues.

When all the votes were tallied, the poster-boy walked into 24 Sussex (the eventual PM’s residence) having said absolutely nothing of any consequence.  That, however then enabled him to begin acting as if he had been proclaimed “supreme emperor” of Canada.  After all, he could safely say that he was never breaking a campaign promise since there were no promises made.  Moreover, since all of this campaign mutterings were vague; who would (even) attempt to argue that his subsequent actions were not precisely what he meant in the first place?

As a side note, I suppose we shall all eventually learn to follow Justin Trudeau’s   bizarre speech patterns and (who knows?) perhaps begin to nuance all of his “um’s”and “ah’s”.  Worse yet, people will think the “ums” and “aws” are normal and we shall all um begin to speak ummm like him.

The Ontario Politics

This is about as pathetic a debt riddled mess as has ever existed in any free market economy. We have learned to embrace the ridiculous as logical and the insane as normal thought.

As logical as anything emanating from Kathleen Wynne, we have learned to accept her as a lesbian.  Though no-one either cared or noticed until Ms. Wynne decided it was advantageous to “out” herself.  Frankly, her sexuality set belief that homosexuality was an inherent feature and not an acquired habit backwards only by a few hundred years. None-the-less, we apparently have our very first (and likely last) lesbian grandmother in charge.

If only Ontario’s difficulties rested even remotely on our premier’s intimate preferences, life would be so simple.

With Wynne’s ability to spin the abnormal into the realm of normalcy and the Liberal party’s innate criminal penchant for scandal, we have the perfect storm and have become so accustomed to it that we will have a difficult time tying the can to the Liberal caucus to go about trying to move Ontario forward.

The sale of a large part of Hydro-One is now almost unnoticed from a government that has no notion of truth or good government.  To sell off Hydro-One to attempt to retire part of Ontario’s massive debt load might have made a bit of sense had it not been for the fact that the province has shed over 300,000 jobs (many in manufacturing) where Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations have regularly been attributing the job losses to HIGH ELECTRICTY costs.  Selling the energy producer (Hydro-One) is too much like a farmer selling the chickens to raise money to purchase some eggs. (go figure??).

There is one thing predictable from Queen’s Park. Expect the unexpected.  Last summer we were aghast at the lavish spending on the PanAm games. Juxtaposed to the province’s enormous debt load and related carrying costs, the “games” were an expensive pill to swallow but the games succeeded as a diversion.

In the course of all the waste involved, we had Wynne waxing philosophically about multi-passenger lanes on major highways being a great ecological benefit. (well, at least that benefit lived during the PanAm games.)

Subsequently, the Wynne Liberals set aside the ecological arguments of “high occupancy lanes” and determined that they would simply convert those designated lanes in toll lanes. Thus, they (Liberals) found yet another way to tax hard working people.

I see that particular policy for what it is: a portion of a publicly (tax) paid roadway is becoming a toll road.


I happen to reside in a community with what must be a huge water problem.  That is; there has to be something in the water here that has a hugely adverse consequence on the ability to think clearly.  I personally have avoided drinking anything but beer for good reason.

Good ole Brampton, one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse communities has a penchant for exhibiting exactly why multi-cultural society can become dysfunctional.  The inability to get everyone onto the same page on any issue becomes a giant task often even larger than whatever central problem exists.

When all the smoke cleared, the home-owners and property owners just learned that they were facing a 6% increase in local taxes.  Paradoxically, that “meaty” issue received just over one month of City Council attention.  All of that, despite the fact that the (former) Ontario Ombudsman had determined that Brampton did not have adequate financial reserves to offset the huge acquisitions of capital works (Recreation Centers etc) acquired to keep up with population growth.

Nor was one moment of precious City Council time attached to dealing with a long-outstanding shortage of chronic care hospital beds.  Well, at least if you are sick you can go for a swim or play hockey.

Instead, we have just watched as a tiny but noisy gang of rabble stole all of the oxygen from an entire town for a period of over eight months.  Despite far more “meaty” and serious problems that exist in this city of 600,000 souls; a small gang hijacked an entire level of government to talk incessantly about their bicycles and mass transit.

Ironically, the same mass transit system that they wanted expanded is a mass transit system than cannot “pay its own way” and is a public transit system used mainly by non-property owners who refuse to pay fair share themselves.  The sad truth about Brampton’s public transit system is that for every one dollar of operating costs, the fares comprise less than ten cents. The remainder is subsidized by (already) over taxed property owners who rarely use the system.

The sinister side show of entire Light rail Transit “hijacking” is the fact that almost certainly the present mayor and her staff did nothing to calm the waters and, instead became very vocal lobbyists in pushing forward an LRT agenda that (a) had nothing to do with hospitals or financial reserves or (b) would not contribute even remotely to solving chronic east/west traffic flow.

Watching the entire LRT mess unfold, it was apparent that this current mayor seems to have placed her previous Liberal caucus loyalties far ahead of the best interests of her municipal constituents.

One thing is very clear: the present mayor has far too many staff members.  These high-priced appointees apparently have nothing better to do than instigate rabble and stir the pot.



Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying “The government you elect is government you deserve.”

I think that I have been shortchanged. The truth is that I did not vote for those elected at any one of the above levels.

Someday—perhaps eventually common sense will find its way back into politics. The truth in Jefferson’s comment is obvious.  If you do not pay close attention and demand answers and IF you permit ethnicity to be a principle reason for your personal voting choice; you will get the “government you deserve”.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are left to “put up with it”.  Have a safe and Happy New Year.  Bye for now.


Copyright ©  Thunderbird Rising 2015

 The above article is copyrighted.  You may use, copy or distribute this article conditional on attributing your source (Thunderbird Rising) and the author (Lloyd Fournier)



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