Pork Laced Bullets


Solution for Marauding Muzzies.

I came across this idea in several publications and note (also) that a firm in Idaho has already begun manufacturing these bullets for sale in USA. This is not a new idea. During the Crimean War (~1850) musket balls were dipped in pork lard and reportedly terrified “marauding muzzies”.
As silly as much of seventh century Islamic Bedouin dogma is; their cultural/religious ban on pig/pork as unclean (Haram), the ammunition marketed as Jihawg Ammo have come up with a “sure fire” deterrent for Islamic extremists. According to the narrow interpretation of (القرآن الكريم:) the Qur’an pork and pig products are “dirty” and therefore are haram. Therefore, to get shot or even killed by a pork-infused bullet will send the victim straight to hell and therefore depriving him/her of 72 virgins.
A good indication advertising (launched last summer) is effective is the fact that there are a large number of obvious jihad postings across the ‘net accusing everyone else of being an Islamaphobic for even suggesting such a product.
Who knows what (if anything) passes through the mind of a fanatic? Do I believe the story? Well, it certainly makes no less sense than garlic as a repellent for vampires.
On the other hand, regular – peace loving Muslims would not have any problem with Jihawg Ammo since (if used for its intended purpose) it has nothing to do with their personal safety.  The idea of this ammo makes no less sense than much of the other dogma adapted by a jihadist.
However, one thing is CERTAIN, a muzzie (or anyone else shot by any bullet) is not likely to be terrorizing anyone after having been killed.

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