Who’s Keeping Score on Trudeau?

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Spend, Give Away and Rack up Air Miles

Thanks to a hefty bank account and a donor list goes on for page upon page The Liberal party obtained power in Canada.  I suppose if I took the time, I could muck through the list an identify several large corporations that had lavished ample campaign donations upon the Justin Trudeau Liberals leading up to last Federal election in Canada.

None the less, on the evening of October 19, 2015, Justin Trudeau took the stage in front of an room filled with fawning fans and began by saying, “ I didn’t make history tonight; you did”. For the past 3 months, Canadians have been given a glimpse of what is in store for them and for Canada for the next four years.

The words of English poet, Robert Browning come to mind as along with other senior citizens, I contemplate what has happened and what will likely transpire.”  Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.”.

There was not much (of any real substance) promised by Trudeau during his campaign.  Plan, policy or platform; whatever you wish to call it was parlayed in broad, vague brush strokes with neither form nor substance. There was never enough content or specifics offered from which a person could form a logical or cogent disagreement.  Defining specifics of Trudeau’s platform is about as easy as defining smoke.  Trudeau’s handlers had aptly placed their finger on the pulse of voters who had decided that they wanted change.

Those (especially those my age) have seen enough elections as to fully understand that, in politics and in life; change is inevitable.  By October 2015, Canadians had endured harrowing near crisis in economics and been a part of world in which new alliances, new challenges and new enemies were coalescing.

“You told us that it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet”

In any election, there are winners and losers.  Let’s never forget that although one political party will inevitably prevail in any election; there is no way in which any group of voters should become the “losers” by way of democratic process.

Trudeau had reached out to “middle class” voters throughout his campaign.  That term (“Middle Class”) was vague enough that almost anyone might consider him or herself in the middle class or (at least) nearing middle class.

Trudeau never saw fit to make full disclosure of his definition of middle class until he attained power and then quickly established those parameters with new tax rules in which he defined his definition of middle class for us.  In the Liberal lexicon, middle class meant, “$45,282 and $90,563” of income per year. On December 19, 2015, Trudeau and the Liberals reduced the tax payable for income earners making between $45,282 and $90,000 per year.  The rate change reduced tax payable from 22% to 20.5%.  The motion also received full endorsement from the New Democrats – Canada’s alleged defenders of the poor.

The parliament was effectively shutting the door on the poor and millions of seniors making due on a great deal less than Trudeau’s base number of $45,282.

Look at what was nefariously handed out under the guise of “tax cuts” by the Liberals.  The rate reduction was 1.5%.  If you earn $45,282 your tax savings will be $679.23 per year (or about $56.60 per month).  If you earn $90,563 your tax savings will amount to $1,358.45 per year (or about $113.20 per month)

There is a real paradox between Justin’s largess overseas and his interest in the financial viability of Canadians in all of this.  One short week before strong-arming the tax change through parliament, Trudeau (and wife, and kids, and nannies) were on a whirl spending junket in Europe and in the Far East.  In the process, Jusitn dropped $2,650,000,000 into the coffers of third world countries to cope with pollution.  While overseas, he pumped another $1,200,000 into assisting OTHER countries to cope with refugees from the Middle East.

The spending did not stop there.  Trudeau’s entourage budgeted $650,000 for their European junket and another $121,000 to pay the costs for special interest groups also attending. It is ironic that, all told the Canadian delegation sky rocketed to 350 individuals whereas the United States (a nation of 319 million – almost ten times Canada’s population ) sent 150 delegates and the United Kingdom (population 64.1) sent 100 delegates.

It is especially telling that Trudeau pulled all of this spending off while spending a scant 5 days in parliament since his election. His backroom handlers avoided parliament by simply “fobbing “ off over $2,8 BILLION in lavish spending without parliamentary debate or discussion.  So much for the more open and transparent form of government promised by Trudeau.

Simply bundle up all the spending and sail it into the tax bill by using a “ways and means bill” thereby avoiding discussion and debate on the appropriateness/inappropriateness of Jusitn’s spending spree.  The entire process closely resembles the infamous omnibus bills employed by the Harper Conservatives.  We all recall how Trudeau and his caucus riled over the omnibus bills and vowed to be different.

And then there are the Nannies


Trudeau constantly invoked Harper’s alleged privileged position repeatedly on the campaign trail, and not just when he was talking about the universal child-care benefit.

His message was obvious and apparent.  Trudeau was telling us that Harper had lost touch with voters. “Mr. Harper may not see what’s going on from 24 Sussex Drive, but I do,” he said during one leaders’ debate. “I know Canadians are worried about their jobs.”

My memory travels back to Bev Oda, who three years ago tendered her resignation over a $16 glass of orange juice.  Oda was a Minister in the Harper government at the time of her trip to London (UK).  While in her hotel, she bought a $16 glass of orange juice.  When I last price OJ at the grocery store, I can purchase several one litre containers of OJ for $16!

However, by comparison to Justin’s “Nanny-Gate”, Oda’s shenanigans are penny-ante. During the election campaign, Trudeau riled against the Universal Child Care Benefit exclaiming, “that wealthy families like his didn’t need taxpayers’ help”.

Marilou Nemiada Trayvilla and Marian Pueyo (the nannies) began employment by the Trudeaus in early 2013.  One day after being sworn into office as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister on November 04, 2015 Trudeau’s stroke of official business was to quickly transfer the nannies from his personal payroll onto the taxpayers’ payroll.

Similarly, it is most troubling that Justin Trudeau not only fails to recognize his own hypocrisy but sees the world through a filter of entitlement.  Similarly, while Trudeau bantered about the appropriate of 43 political appointments to several boards and tribunals made by Harper during his final weeks in office.  The Trudeau complaint was that such appointments lacked the requisite transparency and ought to have occurred only after advertising and screening.  Apparently that same criteria ought not to apply to the Trudeaus.

The St. Kitt’s Junket


airplane trudeau.jpg

TMZ, the American celebrity news and gossip site seeped information that the Trudeau entourage had settled into a nifty $3,500 per night suite at an exclusive resort in St. Kitt’s and Nevis.  It seems that Justin in his quest for “Sunny Days” sees himself (on the one hand) as the great defender of  the middle class while (on the other hand) has no remorse over conspicuous consumption.

The TMZ story featured a photo (no, not a selfie this time) of Justin posing with the St. Kitt’s Prime Minister in front of a Canadian Forces Challenger aircraft that he been used to ferry the Trudeau clan down to this millionaire’s resort in the Caribbean.

Flying costs for the Challenger are reported to be $1,000 per hour of flying time plus $10,000 per day of standby time while parked in St. Kitts and Nevis.    I (personally) have difficulty seeing this wonderful Christmas vacation as “official government business”.

The Trudeau response to media questions about this “very expensive misappropriation of government (taxpayers’) resources” was to funnel things through Andrée-Lyne Hallé (press secretary to Trudeau).  As was the explanation about the nannies, Hallé informed the public that this is the way things were done by former prime ministers.  The explanation falls far short of what Justin Trudeau led Canadians to believe while campaigning.

Justin Trudeau told us that,” We know that better is always possible.”.  He claimed that “we can’t afford another ten years like the last ten years.”

Pardon me for saying this, Mr. Prime Minister but simply doing things because you have power or because previous government did things is not what you promised.


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