Can Justin Trudeau be Removed?


The Question is Difficult

As Canadians observe their life style and domestic security deteriorate, polls are finally showing declines in Liberal Party popularity.  Factory closures, spiralling electricity and consumer costs paint a bleak picture for Canada’s low income families and for too many seniors living on fixed incomes who make day-to-day tough choices: to eat (purchase food stuff) or heat (pay the energy bill to keep the furnace operating.

Now hours before a New Year begins and Canadians brace for the single largest tax increase since WW2 with a looming carbon tax about to impact the prices for everything from gas for your car to the clothes for your children; increasingly Canadians are admitting that electing Justin and his Liberal party was a huge error  and none too surprising turn of events just one year into a four year mandate for a leader who remains unqualified and a simiarly unfit caucus.  The cuts into family income are about to become even deeper as, in addition to the huge carbon tax grab, many might not have noticed that in 2017 by removing tax credits in areas such as: removal of child tax credits for such things as the sports and arts programs for children under 16 and removal of tax-splitting provisions that permitted families to move tax credits form the low income earner to benefit the higher paid spouse.  As the cold and sticky fingers of the Liberal government reach deeper into your pockets, many are asking the obvious question;  “how to rid ourselves of Justin Trudeau and his government?” Here is a look at the harsh alternatives. And not one of the viable solutions have anything to do with “first-past-the post” or “proportional representations”.  How elections take place have very little to do with the mess that was created by impulsive voters in 2015.

 Our Constitution

When Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau repatriated the Constitution of Canada in 1982 he created many impasses to progress.  In failed attempts to create a made in Canada Constitution, Pierre Trudeau held numerous discussions throughout 1981 with the provinces with a goal to find consensus   It was apparently that the new Constitution had gaps and flaws.

By 1982, Trudeau lost patience with much larger personalities than his own in the form of provincial leaders and took a poorly calculated risk in crafting a flawed constitution without full participating of the provinces.  The British North America Act (BNA) of1867 was about to become the proverbial “fly in the ointment.  The BNA had intentionally defined Canada with most meaningful powers handed to the individual provinces and certain specific powers delineated to the central (or Federal) government.

History would show that Pierre Trudeau was an admirer of the type of strong central power model only found in republics (and/or dictatorships).  His (Trudeau’s ) zeal for unimpeded power led to a legacy of discord between various provinces and his Ottawa parliament.  Simply put; the provinces having been in control of various issues were not about to hand over power to Trudeau.

There remained mistrust in Pierre Trudeau that lingered since 1970 when he invoked the War Measures Act to quell a situation in Quebec.  In truth, the rise of insurrection in Quebec and the evolution of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) were directly the result of Trudeau’s unwillingness and inability to negotiate a lingering number of language based issues that had fermented inside Quebec  during Trudeau’s reign as Prime Minister.  His strong arm action by placing an entire country under martial law (the War Measures Act, October 1982) made many of us uneasy and even more distrustful of Trudeau – th4e man and Trudeau the Prime Minister, self proclaimed to be an advocate of Machiavelli and an advocate of dictatorial power.  His infamous “Just watch me” comments while unleashing martial law were sinister.

Little wonder that the various provincial premiers of the day vested sufficient trust in Pierre Trudeau to create a truly pan-Canadian Constitution for Canada.  Thus, we were left with a flawed Constitution and a growing list of unresolved federal/provincial   differences.

Within five scant years, in 1987 after the voters had shown the door to Trudeau and a new government was running the show in Ottawa, an attempt by way of extensive federal/provincial negotiations to amended and modify Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution was made.   How badly was the 1982 Constitution flawed?  Let’s begin with the fact that it had NEVER been ratified by all the Canadian provinces.  Even now, Quebec has never ratified the Act as a result of still lingering disputes about language rights.

The Meech Lake fiasco (1987) failed and in the middle of those opposing Constitutional modifications was none other than (now) former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  Although no longer a valid participant, he skulked around the perimeter of meetings where he fermented discontent to anyone who would listen.  His presence reminded me of a vulture or a withered old relic attempting to hang onto fleeting fame.

Interestingly, there is not one single mention of the words, Prime Minister in the Constitution of 1982. Nor is there any mention of exactly how a country could rid itself of an unfit Prime Minister.

We do now elect Prime Ministers.  A Prime Minister is the same as any other member of parliament with one single difference.  A Prime Minister becomes prime minister once selected by members of his/her political party to become party leader.

AND, I chose the word “selected” advisedly since there was more than a little gimmickry and gerrymandering inside the Liberal Party leading up to the selection of Justin Trudeau as party leader in 2013.  To begin with, the tampering of voting rules permitted Justin to actually use votes from non-party members to attain power. It should be noted that the Liberals were destitute and void of potential as the aftermath of their previous scandals lingered.


daddyJustin Trudeau’s Liberals rose to power by way of an overwhelming Liberal sweep of parliamentary seats in the election on October 20, 2015. The Liberals had taken 184 of the 338 seats in parliament.  An interesting fact lives with the numbers.  68.5% of eligible voters cast ballots.  Of that group, 40% voted for a Liberal candidate in the various 338 ridings.  By simple calculation, Justin Trudeau had achieved absolute power of a G9 country with only 27% support from the voters (that is 40% of 68.5%).  He promised real change and during his first three months, he has exhibited two similarities to his Liberal predecessors.  Like his father, Justin has displayed a callous contempt for parliament.  He has sat in parliament for a scant 5 days and yet amassed over $3.0 billion in expenses- none debated in parliament nor approved in senate.   Additionally, like his scandal plagued predecessors (Chretien and Martin) he has played loose with rules and displayed a penchant to indulge himself at tax payers’ expense (nannies, European junkets with his entourage and use of tax money to vacation in millionaire resorts in the Caribbean.


Image result for trudeau  dancing picture

Within a year, Justin Trudeau and his colleagues had devised a cash-for-access scheme whereby well heeled individuals could avail themselves of the opportunity to private meeting with Trudeau and his cabinet members by way of private “get-togethers” often paying $1500 each for the opportunity.

It leads to an intriguing question: how would Canada be able to rid itself of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?


It is correct to say that any member of parliament can be impeached by parliament.  Given the fact that Justin Trudeau’s party holds 184 of 338 seats in parliament that option is extremely unlikely. The 154 opposition members lack the numbers to toss him out.  For impeachment to occur, it would require that Cabinet would likely need to decide that he (Trudeau) was an embarrassment and mount a vote among themselves to oust him.  That is unlikely since Trudeau has populated his Cabinet with lackeys and toadies who will tow the mark.

How about the Governor General?

The Governor General (GG) is the Queen’s vice-regal designate in Canada. The GG is appointed by the Queen on recommendation of the Prime Minister. Despite the fact that the present GG was appointed on recommendation of the former (Harper) government, the role to GG is largely ceremonial.  In theory, the Vice Regal possesses power to act to ensure peace, order and good government, the ensuing media issues alone would be sufficient to dissuade David Johnson’s term in office as Governor General had been extended until September 2017 as a result of instability (minority government) in 2010.

While His Excellency, Governor General Johnson serves in a more or less ceremonial role, as lawyer he is knowledgeable enough as to not permit himself to be pushed by petitions into making history. For the GG to formally request Justin Trudeau’s resignation would be historically significant.  At no other time in Canadian history has a Prime Minister been forced from office.

How About the Queen?

For many of the same reasons, the Monarch of Canada (HRH Queen Elizabeth II) would be loath to take such actions.  It is correct to say that responsibility for peace order and good government rests with the Queen, there again would be historical precedent to consider.

Public Will

The present Prime Minister achieved office by way of support from only 27% (see above) of the wishes of Canadians who actually voted for him and his Liberal colleagues. Given the love-affair that “corporate media (newspapers, broadcasters etc), there is little hope that the media would see any fault with Justin Trudeau and ferment discussion about his misdeeds.  Alas, the media has long ago abandoned objectivity and to a large extent were cheerleaders to his rise to power.

However, recent public polls are reflecting increasing displeasure with Trudeau, his government, his copious sense of self entitlement and his shameless flaunting of rules.

Impulsive voters handed trust to Trudeau that was undeserved and public will has a habit of changing.


The term conscience may have an entirely different meaning in the prototypical Trudeau mind.  There are more than enough glimpses of a certain grandiose sense of entitlement residing behind Justin Trudeau’s eyes.

By way of spin and fable, the myth of Pierre Trudeau’s regime have become distorted by history.  Those of us who are old enough to recall Trudeau senior (Pierre) saw him for what he was – an egotistical buffoon who believed himself to be wiser than the mere serfs he reigned over.

Suspicion is that Justin Trudeau believes that he is of Canadian royal lineage and, as such is entitled to the fruits of war by way of his election.   I personally hold no hope that Justin Trudeau will see fault in himself.  The tale of Paul (Bible, Acts 26) and his journey to Damascus and the lighting strike that changed his point of view are not likely to happen with any Trudeau.

Having watched Justin Trudeau for a year and charted his often incoherent mutterings, one woudl be delusional to assume that Justin Trudeau’s conscience exists.

So what is left?


The most obvious answer to this question is time.  The sobering truth is that the next election will take place on  October 21, 2019 .  That’s 1.024 days from today. .  At that point in time, Canada will again vote.  The ensuing period will certainly not be boring and we are all likely to see entirely new chapters written in Canada’s book of scandals. It should be interesting.


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    1. . And at that time make an example of him, make him pay restitution, prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law for every hardship incurred on any citizens, leave no leaf unturned….find everything….
      Perhaps at that point we will once again see sanity in our our demographic process, if Politicians are held personally responsible perhaps they will act responsibly on behalf of all citizens not just a select few….

      1. I see someone or many wanting to assinate Trudeau. The kennedys got it. It’s not that far fetched. He is getting away with Murder. He is slowly taking away Canada ALL OUR Rights and handing them
        Nicely to his Ilegal Muslims. He Wants Canada to be like the Middle East. It Will IF we do. Not stop him. Parents talk to your kids make sure they know to NOT VOTE Libersls in at the next Election IF we make it to 2019 wlthout Any Trudeau accidents. I fully think someone is going to take Trudeau out !!? Time will tell. If they do I will
        NOT shed one tear on that’ Terrorist. Imagine. I never thought Canada would have A Terrorist for a prime minister. I never thought Canadians would have to FEAR LIVING IN CANADA. never did I.
        I do now. Our kids WILL have to fight this fight after we’re gone because it seems we.can NOT seem to be able to
        Fight one damn man. Trudeau. He is a no body. A frigging puppet. Now working with George SOROS and OBAMA.
        We talk
        A lot on fb but we do nothing. Sandra Solomon does more for Canada then Canadians do. Let’s shut down every ramp going into downtown Toronto , Ottawa, BC, EVERY PROVINCE.
        SHUT THE CITIES DOWN till this
        Evil Mad man steps down. Oppppsss he is NOT A MAN. this evil terrorist Steps Down !
        Cmon Canada we can do this one thing. ??????
        Do it in shifts. Just as we always have ppl on the downtown ramps =
        Shut the Cities DOWN !!!
        Anyone have a better idea. ?!??
        Please tell us as we’re running OUT OF TIME My fellow Canadians.

    2. Why can the Canadians vote to have another Election. It’s us who are NOT happy with him. It’s his allowing many many to many Muslims into our Canada. Not Justin’s Canada. It’s every Canadians -Canada. That you would think would / should be enough to hold a SNAP ELECTION !!
      Trudeau puts words in our mouths every single time he talks. He says we want this or we want Muslims here. LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. Trudeau how ever IS Making Canadians FEAR OUR COUNTRY WILL SOON BE LIKE :
      England. Germany. Sweden. Etc. Why can the Canadian ppl not push for a citizens arrest. He is taking our tax money and raising our taxes to give to the very same ppl the WORLD IS AT WAR WITH. He is bringing in as many as possible I think & giving them LOTS OF $$$ to get a promise VOTE from all refugees from the Middle East. My suggestion is ppl want him to be checked into a mental facility to see what we know. He IS A Delusional, Narcissistic, Selfie Taking , converted Islam / Muslim.
      He wears their clothes. His wife wears her Burqa as does his mother. Why. That must be stopped. He should be showing Canadians he is here for Us & NOT — ONLY Muslims.
      Please help us Canadians to find a way to get him out ?!!!?
      And a few good Lawyers online reading this. It would help IF you could stand up and be a True Canadian & get this Dump Trudeau from office !!
      Justin Trudeau is NOT A GOOD MAN.
      HE How ever IS
      AND shows he has no care for us. But his words & actions show us he IS for letting in as many Muslim Refugees

      1. I am with you 100% as are many many Canadians!! Please set the wheel in motion!! Please somebody!! Justin has destroyed our country! There should be a referendum on these issues- he runs the country like a dictator!

      2. Can we start petition take Trudeau off of office? Can we do something now? 2019 is too late! Now, people already afraid of the Muslin, when we were talking about against refugee, we only can say thing with friends in private. When I post anything about refugee topic my friend warning me that I’d better keep anonymous, because someone speak out already be retaliated. By 2019, we will be totally controlled by them. It will be too late.

      3. Agree! We need to take action now! Speak up demand your representatives listen to you or vote them out!

      4. You nailed it Punky! I agree 100%! We have to get rid of this self serving narcissist before he sells us down the river! Oh if we only had a leader like Donald Trump to help us. Hé d put this sob in his place so quick it’d make his head spin! I agree we need a few good lawyers to help get rid of Turdo.

      5. An idea. But much more troubling are the folks who voted Liberal Members of Parliament into power in the first place. There is the problem because no army of lawyers will make an ounce of difference IF a MAJORITY does not agree. It leaves a big job for those who agree with you to get busy and convince the foolish of the error made.

      6. We need to take back our voices and join together in UNITY to PRESERVE our country before it is ravaged, purged, and we as Canadian Citizens are left in utter desolation!! Standing silent hoping and wishing for change is not the answer, we must defend our rights, be heard when we speak, and not be literally thrown under the bus at the hands of corrupt and irresponsible corporate greed!!!

      7. Churches have failed terribly in fighting the liberals. He purposely chose to bring in Muslims and thereby garnered their votes. He placed Muslims in very powerful positions. top advisor, immigration, etc. and this would have gotten him still more influence. He reversed Harper’s position on bringing in the most threatened minorities (Yazidis, Christians and others) and instead brought in the perpetrators of that persecution. And what do Churches do? They back this effort by financing many of these refugees for the first year of their stay here. They should have insisted that those whom they would support must be from persecuted Christian minorities. Churches have become dumb liberal infested bodies. Now (today) we witness the terrible atrocities as ISIL bombs Coptic churches in Cairo and Alexandria. And what does Trudeau say? He says he stands firmly behind the (Islamic) government of Egypt and says nothing about supporting the Christians there.
        He avoids mentioning this. Churches should drop their financing Muslim refugees- TODAY – and let the liberals deal with this tomorrow. Then churches should unite and speak up about this issue. They should put this on their websites and raise old particular.

      8. People voted for him because the CBC and other media were his cheer leaders. People did not think for themselves so they are reaping the rewards of not thinking and not thinking ahead. We learn by the school of hard knocks. The women in this country will be stripped of their rights and now his new laws are stripping freedom of to speak. He thinks canadians have no back bone so they will not challenge his wishes as the new dictator of Canada.

      9. Trudeau gives away Canadian citizenship cheaply and freely. The immigrants should be given landed immigrant status not citizenship. They laws in this country were made for canadians and are being used against us by these landed immigrants. They get our citizens thrown out of housing so they can use it. They are getting new housing put up for them in Winnipeg. All this could have been spent on our 1st nations people. The new apartments and housing are required by first nations to bring them out of the north to big centers for better education, medical care and housing. This would enable their children to go to parks , museums, get part time jobs. This would reduce suicide as they would have a better life style. We do not need immigrants for the job force as our 1st nations people are strong, smart and capable and we have an ever growing 1st nations population. The north is harsh, lonely and there are not the diversions cities have to offer. Build the 1st nations the much new housing in the cities and help them not shove them up north out of the way and hope they drink themselves to death.
        The 1st nations have very good family and ethical values. We need them.
        This is their country. Why has no one asked them what they want. We should have to ask their permission to invite immigrants into the country.

      10. As a Canadian, I am worried if this keeps going, How would Canada & its citizens be if he does get elected again, he has amassed many outsiders & given them the choice to vote next election. For the first time since living in Canada It worries me, in fact it scares me for the first time in my sixty-nine years living in Canada.

      11. The second you start talking about assassination you have lost all credibility. I truly believe that Trudeau has to go. But in a sane civilized, legal manner. What you are musing about is for myself and should be for all Canadians, unacceptable!

    3. I pray. Millions of Canadians pray. Just like Harpers commercials.
      Justin Trudeau is NOT Ready. No Truer words ever were spoken. Yet ppl wanted change & voted him in.
      Many many many many many ppp are kicking their own Asses.
      COME fellow Canadian’s. We
      Must protest against this physco lnpath , Brain damaged , pot smoking , Narcissistic, Selfie Taking , he cann

      1. Great ! Do you live in Ottawa or nearby? I am down in Atlantic Canada. So organize this. Make it happen. Trouble is Ottawa is a long way away. What can be done in each community across the nation. That would certainly get media coverage.

      2. the voting record (last time out) from entire Atlantic Canada is disgraceful. What’s up ? Did they buy votes?? The organizing in Atlantic Canda is teh duty/work for down-easterners. Those voting results had many of of scratching our heads. Some absolutely deplorable candidates (Brison, Foote, O’Regan ughhh!)

      3. I bet if we all stopped paying any taxes – that would get his attention! We would have to do it altogether! He would see we mean business! No more Trudeau!!

    4. I believe we should pressure by way of petition the Governor General. High Treason and Gross misrepresentation. Possibly a Class action law suit on behalf of the Canadian public? I REALLY DO NOT BELIEVE WE CAN WAIT UNTIL 2019!

      1. I agree we need to start a petition not only on trudeau But we need one in Alberta to remove Miss Notelyl

      2. Agreed. We could all help pay for it by fundraising.
        I believe Trudeau has thought ahead. Trudeau wants the new canabis law to dumb down canadians so we won’t rally against him. Keep the masses happy.

      3. I agree! It must be done soon before he gives e erthing away and leaves us with a country in debt, massive number of migrants! Unable to pay our bills or eat and foreign owners ic our resources!

      4. I agree! It must be done soon before he gives e erthing away and leaves us with a country in debt, massive number of migrants! Unable to pay our bills or eat and foreign owners ic our resources!I agree

    5. a narcissistic person will never self destruct, their entitlement, has them believing that they are more intelligent than most everyone, and the the public really does not know, what is good for them! But Justin Does, and it will be what he decides, it may be too late to save Canada, for anyone to repair, all the dammages inflicted by this Fool, of a Man, he is not qualified, but has the power. however power is only satisfactory, when it is tempered with wisdom, and with trudeau, being mentored, by non canadians, it does not bode well, for the future of the country! if a shadow government is put in place, then the real war can begin, as it is extremely difficult to remove, once in place!

    6. “United we stand, divided we fall”
      Famous words that are truer today than ever before. Justin Trudeau’s policies are dividing Canadians. This unqualified, narcissist, needs to taken down and replaced with a real Canadian leader with values for all and respect for all faiths; not just a minority of Canadians. We need to get petitions going and visits to our MPs to express our concerns about our nations future.
      Only by pushing back against the Liberal agenda can changes be done.
      This by far has convinced me that I will never again vote for the Liberals.

    7. Time is NOT on our side as the damage will have been done irreparably! Perhaps the only other real recourse would be for the western provinces to secede from Canada! Trudeau has already divided this country, possibly irreversibly and his actions indicate his wilful use of the office of Prime Minister to commit treason against Canada!

    8. The main reason he brought illegal immigrants here! Is for voting. Trudeau said they will be Canadian citizens befor next election also said in a crowd of Muslim illegals that he will be their priminister in 2019. Said that the born and raised Canadians are an embarrassment to Canada. He now put true Canadians lives in danger without open borders he’s charging any true Canadian that puts down immigrants. Trudeau has destroyed our Canada!! Still no one has power to remove him, but yet we the people pay for this ass hat to continue because we’re forced to pay. For Ann his insane spending on every other Country except Canada. This is wrong and we can’t wait till 2019 th get him out! We will be destroyed and over run by illegal immigrants and terrorists. Something has to happen before then.

  1. Enjoyed your article very much and covers many points that we have been wondering about —a lot of people consider PM to be traitorous in his actions of ignoring Canadians and throwing $$ willy nilly at foreigners and dragging in refugees, who are surrounded by arab countries, and kicking Cdns out of hotel rooms in Jan to make room for said refugees and all his other bloopers—Crazy –as you will hopefully read below another insulting slap to Cdns by promising 9 points and Cdn $$ to Palestinians —this is wrong –they are always trying to kill jews!!! Anyway, here it is: -so I posted the following on FB this am —Heads up everyone — if we don’t pay attention, Canada will go down the tubes and we are starting today to complain loudly to as many MP’s as possible (please do the same on your posts asap) so we started here with: JASON KENNEY – we are contacting our MP, RONA AMBROSE, and spreading the word –we need all to contact MP’s even if it is not our own, and protest loud and long!!WE ARE IN DEEPER TROUBLE THAN CANADIANS ARE EVEN MAYBE NOTICIING!! So keeping in mind all the stuff up to yesterday that was not done to help Canadians or Albertans? But did anyone notice that pm has no plan for Albertans out of work but “hang in there ah ah ah” –but yesterday a post showed that there is a 9 point plan to send lots of our $$$ to palestinians –you know those hateful arabs that want to wipe every Jew off the earth? what’s up with that? we should protest loud and long —and look after Canadians Trudeau!!!!!! how are we going to afford all these syrian refugees and now palestinians? but no money for Cdns Trudeau? something very wrong here —he should be removed from pm office!!!!!!!!!!!! that shows pm does not know what he is doing!!!!!! ruining Canada must be the only thing on his agenda!!!! and he is getting away with it –since when do palestinians come before our needs –especially these hateful murderous arabs??? Trudeau has muslim and palestinian leanings obviously and has appointed Omar Algabra, as foreign minister secretary and Omar wants 5 million palestinians brought into CANADA but seems to be starting with sending them lots of our $$$ 1st – this is wrong!!! THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN FOR US CANADIANS – phone, email, twitter, telegram, whatever you want to do about this, but do something now – we are!!!

    1. What can we do to take this inept politician out before he destroys Canada completely? My theory is if you are not born in Canada you should not be allowed to run for government office. I am a taxpayer but I guess my opinion doesn’t count. I did not nor will ever vote Liberal.

      1. i agree with you canada1950 He must be removed ASAP he is a muslim loving pm who acts like a spoiled brat and who does not care about us Canadians whatsoever. i pray to God he and his muslims side kicks will be eradicated from Canada i did not vote for him , thank God or i would l feel so much shame. i knew long ago if he got selected not elected our country would never be the same. God Almighty, please help us from this wicked person and the terriost that are flooding our beautiful country. there are far too many people here on welfare and homeless, we are having a hard enough time trying to look after our own people and he caters to the muslims and the heck with us. our taxes are out of control, the older people are suffering under him, the vets as well he is a LIAR and im tired of him. don’t forget he wants sharia law in Canada, we must protect our families from these wicked devils that storm out county. he also gives away jobs to the muxlims and Canadians are out in the cold. my husband is always switching jobs cos there is too many muslims be given his job or some other Canadian. all i can do now is pray and hope for the best.

    1. Trudeau is a globalist and as such he will do everything he can to eliminate the middle clle everyoneass in our country. They follow a playbook, & if you look at other governments such as Obama, Merkel, and various others you”ll see Justin is falling into his role just as planned. The muslims are serving two purposes- 1-They are an intended distraction: While everyone is preoccupied with the violence and destruction, they’ll be able to pass more draconian laws bringing us closer to the police state they strive for. 2-Its a classic “divide & conquer” scenario being created and that is one of the best strategies do defeat your opposition. A nation divided cannot rise to any challenge. The ultimate dream of all globalists is to create a system similar to what was used hundreds of years ago by kings & queens- serfdom. They want an upper class & a slave class- they dont want us owning ANY land rights and we are going to have to work for our food and a place to “hang our hats”. That may be slightly over simplified, but essentially that is what they want. That is the main reason they want to go to electronic money, it’ll make it easier to transition to the final step in their plan. Its also why they want to get rid of our right to own firearms.
      People need to wake up NOW before its too late.

      1. I agree with you, Steve. He is a Globalist and he is now trying to eliminate having an okpposition government. We really have a lot to fear with him as PM. He’s a George Soros puppet. Canadians need to wake up!!!

      2. Both are absolutely right! Trudeau’s endgame is a seat on the United Nations .For the globalists to implement Agenda 21, the general public must be tricked.
        There are 6 lies that are necessary to be believed for the populous to go along with Agenda 21, Agenda 2010 or Sustainable Development. Everyone should understand how these lies spell the demise of freedom and usher in a subhuman life of sameness and ignorance. To learn more about Agenda 21 and for cheap thrills visit

      3. I totally agree with your take on what is going on! He also had his meeting with George Soros!

  2. The immigrant issue is huge. Trudeau is importing Islamic terrorism at a cost of one billion per year. The government is breaking their promise of transparency by not telling the citizens about security and health screening procedures of these immigrant imposters. While the country provides free accommodation, food, money, etc we have Canadian citizens living on the street and it is cold out there. It is only a matter of time before the terrorism starts with the immigrants and the tax payer is funding this insanity. This issue alone should be enough to question Trudeau’s ability to be Prime Minister.
    Trudeau has committed 2 billion dollars in the guise of climate change which is a total hoax. Climate does change but not for the reasons that all of the environmental zealots preach. The argument that humans are creating climate change by putting too much CO2 into the atmosphere is a total lie. This issue has been debunked and even the UN has admitted that climate change is in reality a plan to take control and set up a one world communist government. Canada is now financially committed to funding this new world government. This is treasonous for a Prime Minister to be the main instrument by donating tax payer funds to give away our sovereignty. Follow the money trail to see where this 2 billion dollars actually is and how it is being used.
    Pipelines are required to get our oil to market and help revive the economy. Trudeau reinstituted burdensome and unnecessary regulations to the approval process for just one reason. The NDP government are enemies of the oil industry and Trudeau, like his father, is also an enemy of the oil industry. The approval process will proceed very slowly and all pipeline projects will be cancelled due to climate change regulations and/or social licence issues. In the meantime, the economy of the country continues to get worse, while borrowing and spending increase. This policy is self destructive as the deficit rises while there are 65,000 unemployed oil sands workers and their families looking for federal government assistance. Trudeau hates the oil industry and this hate is dividing the country in two and driving up the debt.
    Trudeau promised to run a deficit of 10 billion dollars in the first year of government. The latest estimate has risen to 30 billion. Another broken promise with carefree spending coupled with a declining economy is scaring away foreign investment and is a recipe for disaster. Trudeau is spending an inordinate amount of time and money on travel. Examples are 380 people attended the climate change conference in Paris that I believe cost 10 million dollars. Conducting a government retreat in New Brunswick prior to going to Davos to gain foreign investment accomplished exactly nothing except partying with celebrities. Trudeau is simply careless with money and does not display any knowledge of financial management.
    Trudeau has reduced Canada from one of the world leaders in the fight against terrorism to an unreliable member of the coalition. This resulted in an embarrassment for Canada as we were not invited to a strategic meeting regarding the war on terror. It should be noted his father had a very similar policy with regards to how the military was used to support our allies.
    Trudeau wants to change the way our federal elections are conducted by replacing the first past the post system. Despite several provincial surveys rejecting this idea and challenges to hold a referendum Trudeau has not listened to Canadians. In my opinion this will be the tipping point where Alberta will secede from the confederation and this very well could lead to all western provinces forming their own country. This would be devastating to eastern Canada as they could not possibly sustain the economy and social services without the support of western Canada.
    I am sure there are many more issues. I have attempted to bring forward those that I believe are most important. It is clear to me that Trudeau is definitely not ready, willing or able to be the Prime Minister of Canada and should be impeached immediately before any further damage is done.

    1. Trudeau is in the process of selling our very sovereignty away to the globalists and THAT is TREASON!!! He has openly admitted to it! That in itself should be ample cause to have him forcefully removed from office and jailed!

  3. Good article. I would like to see Trudeau leave office by ant means given his attendance and spending, foreign/ domestic policies alone are disheartening to say the least….and it not quite four month yet.
    Note: When addressing the Queen it should read HM Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, not H.R.H. She has not held that style since Feb 5th,1952, the day before her father HM King George VI’s death

  4. i would like Trudeau to start working for Canada and not spent tax dollars elsewhere until all Canadians are working.Trudeau works for Canadians and not the refugees so start spending money on us. thousands of Canadians have lost their jobs since he has been in power and that tells me that hes a poor leader Canada deserves better. Canadians are a hard working people that pay tax’s to support their country and Trudeau is giving that tax dollar away to support non paying tax payers from other country’s and forgetting the people he works for, Trudeau needs to go and the liberal government along with the Albert NDP government are going to be the downfall of this country.

  5. 3years and 9 months is much too long, imagine how much damage this Canadian-home-grown-Islamic-terrorists-lover, could do to Canada,with his absolute power, self-worshiping attitude and his hatred to his own Canadian country men and women

  6. The first thing I said when Trudeau won was.
    Take now the MR.HARPER numbers in ECONOMY, VIOLENCE, HEALTH CARE, everything. take these numbers and compare in a year with Mr TRUDEAU’s numbers and we will see what those stupid Marxists students did with the best country of the world. I’m in tears watching Canada’s fall. I hope you guys can recover from that, because my prediction is the heaven falling of a cliff.

  7. I agree and I think not only the government should have a voice. On whether him or any other members. Should stay in or be removed. The citizens should also have the voice. He and his liberal ways are not for the country or its actual citizens. But strictly his own agenda and what is best for the Refugees. Him and liberal government are not working.

  8. What about treason? He gave money to muslims terrorist, going to their mosque knowing it was their terrorist headquarters. Canada will not survive four years of Trudeau and his Liberal Puppets, what about People Power? Iceland removed their government on treason, !

    1. Is there anyway, we can kick Trudeau out before we turn to be Muslim Country? 2019, it is too long, by next election we already controlled by them. I consider Canada is my home, where I can go if the situation continue? Trump will not let us to US.

  9. It is my belief Justin should not only be removed from office but imprisoned for life for the crimes he’s committed to our country. He is an abomination and a disgrace to Canadians

  10. The immigrant issue is huge. Trudeau is importing Islamic terrorism at a cost of one billion dollars of our money per year. The government, Trudeau and his politic family behind him are breaking their promise of transparency by not telling the citizens, us about security and health screening procedures of these immigrant. Ounce they will reach a critical mass they will change forever the face of Canada.
    While the country provides free accommodation, food, money, etc we have Canadian citizens living on the street and it is cold out there, children live under poverty, and patriot family’s struggles working at minimum wage. There are Canadians who have University diploma and don’t have a job, or make a decent living even if they try hard. How can Trudeau bring in more and more muslims in this country and not expect tensions, broken harmony, stress and worries when we already see what muslims, islamist does in France, Italy, Sweeden… What’s the excuse of Trudeau not learning anything from the invasion of muslims in those countries, he cannot pledge he did not know about it! There are Judges, Generals, Marine Core officials and other people in authorities that warns us about the coming of muslim invasion, Canadians should ask themselves who gain from shutting down their voices!
    It is only a matter of time before the terrorism starts with the immigrants and the tax payer is funding this insanity. Does Trudeau read any headlines about Muslim radicalization against free world, how they kill and destroy white people community and heritage? It’s not racism when they want to kill you! It’s not racism when they want to take over your community, your country, your heritage, your culture and laws: its self-defense! We as Canadian need to make a stand before it’s too late.
    Trudeau promised to run a deficit of 10 billion dollars in the first year of government. The latest estimate has risen to 30 billion. Another broken promise with carefree spending coupled with a declining economy is scaring away foreign investment and is a recipe for disaster. Trudeau has reduced Canada from one of the world leaders in the fight against terrorism to an unreliable member of the coalition. This resulted in an embarrassment for Canadians as we were not invited to a strategic meeting regarding the war on terror. Canadians should think, money rule: does people in authorities are being paid to look the other way? Did someone sold the Canadian future?
    Despite several provincial surveys rejecting muslin invasion-radicalization, Trudeau has not listened to Canadians at all. I am tired of PM that gets elected only to notice that they had a hidden personal agenda they want to fill, spending other people money, our money, wasting our communities! Trudeau why you don’t fund properly families so they can afford to have children. Why don’t you let the Patriot wife stay at home if they choose to and raise their family so we can grow as a community? Trudeau prefer to spend a lot of money on muslim invasion and not support and fund Patriot family, why is that?

  11. Why worry about impeachment. I’m pretty sure someone is going to put 300 grains of high speed lead in that losers brain. Na it would just rattle around that empty cavity.

      1. I agree so very much with you, Mr. Fournier. We must never speak or act violently!! When we do, we’re acting exactly like the violent persons we insist not enter Canada!! We are Canadians, mediators and peaceful ones at that. This Czar we have is running amok at the helm: Why don’t the Liberals see this for themselves?? Are they all blind…. or do they too, skip out on attending discussions, meetings and sessions ??????? It’s like having crooked Killary run the country. I firmly believe Trudeau ought to be tried for treason. What a disturbed mind and soul to dishonor his culture, his religion and his country…… and all at our expense!! Let’s do a Crowd Funding__ a legal fund to start a legal process to try him for these crimes. There might not be much time left???? If our Parliament can’t. We, the citizens must!! We’ll all be better off after he’s out. He’s quit most things after a year….. why not this job?????

      2. Interesting idea. But, punting the problem into the courts probably won’t get the result you seek. The Court is likely to state that the ballot box is a higher authority than the court. You may wish to consider wise words attributed to Ghandi, ” Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Get involved with a political party and help get ready to vote Trudeau and his caucus out in 2019. 1000 days is not an eternity and Canada is worth the struggle.

    1. You are right, it is FAR worse!!! Trudeau is selling our autonomous right to govern ourselves, the right to make our own laws as a sovereign country, our inherent right to self-determination to the UN and the globalists!

  12. Trudeau is such an embarrassment to Canada and nothing more than a puppet. Hw shows a total disregard for Canadian true values and is in bed with the cult-like followers of the Islam religion in this country. As a GenXer born in ’68 am I officially denouncing him as one of our own and branding this misfit a millennial!

  13. please, please, we must do something…this guy is an idiot…he’s now talking about bringing in more refugees and yet we have approximately 3 million Canadians doing without…

  14. The constitution definitely needs to bee revised. The fact that there are no option for the people to oust an incompetent government like Trudeau’s is dangerous and irresponsible.

    1. If a once noble nation is dying because of a leader
      , it is in the best interest of the people to eliminate the cancer, thus returning it to moral high ground, it once enjoyed!

    1. Likely because Canadians have no backbone and are too apathetic! They get more upset about a stupid hockey game than things that ACTUALLY effect their lives!

  15. We have to immediately remove Justin Trudeau and his grossly incompetent Liberal Party goons from our Canadian Government before there is nothing left of Canada . I would like to see a Canada — Wide Tax Revolt . No more taxes till those IDIOTS are out of the Canadian Government . The Canadian people are very docile to start a rebellion to take our country and government back from the gangsters . I hear a lot of talk about that because the people sure don’t like Trudeau and what he is doing to us and Canada . But we cannot sit back any longer and let these sick idiots destroy us .

    1. Who do u email or phone to rid of Trudeau he needs to go before the gates of helll are here?Can’twe have another election?Or have something to sign to rid of him it’s time and I mean now us Canadians have had enough of this baboon an embarrassment?

  16. We need someone to lead the way to impeach all of the Liberal party. He is worse then his father. A dangerous man. I think Animal Farm needs to be taught in the schools.
    Let us know…

  17. There are enough of us to go to Ottawa and remove him. There are small groups all over, we need to all get together under one banner and march on parliament. We just need to our sorry asses together before it’s too late.

  18. I totally agree this evil PM needs to ousted and charged with treason now, before he bankrupts our country and brings in 600,000 muslin migrants in the next two years, but now the bigger question, who has the balls to actually stand up for Canada to do this as there is more than enough proof that he committed treason? Reminder there is 11 muslin MP of which 4 are in position of power and have ties to Muslin Brotherhood in his cabinet. So who would replace him??? ……, would have to charge the whole liberal party, so not to have another crooked liberal in power. Now look around, is there anyone in positions of authority and power speaking out against Trudeau and his wicked agenda against us…..such as the opposition, the candidates, police and mainstreet media? Seemingly all covering up and protecting Muslin propaganda!!!! Islam is a evil political ideology full of hatred and violence covering under the guise of religion and should be banned from western civilzation and the more people learn the truth of Islam and find out it is not a religion of Peace, the more likely they will speak out and fight for our country! Political correctness is deceiving and will kill us!
    So back to the question, who should lead us out of this mess, besides God???

    1. “God” has nothing to do with this! You must also realize this, he is willfully selling our country out to the globalists AND their representative, the UN! He is turning over our sovereign right to make our own laws, and our very right to self-determination to the UN! He is dismantling our sovereign nation to create the “first post-national territory in the world”, meaning the first slave state to the global elite! THAT is out and out TREASON!

  19. Thank you for a well thought out and true profile of our clueless, hopeless, defenseless and incompetent self righteous Leader! Thank you Lloyd Fournier for this well said article! This is a WAKEUP CALL 4 CANADA and I urge all Canadians united together to impeach Turdeau effectively immediately ASAP! My slogan is we need to get rid of the kid ASAP please help with all your support & help as every signature counts via @CdnChange

    1. Hi Christine, I have been engaged in politics for a very long time. Time is our friend vis-a-vis Justin. His popularity is failing and one of his “power bases” (Ontario) will be stripped away in next summer’s Ontario election. The task is huge. There are over 300 Lib. Members of Parliament and work is needed in EVERY riding to assure that none of them get back into office. I can only urge you to channel your energy and enthusiasm into convincing your family, your freinds and your colleagues into NOT votign Liberal next time. All those “pay for play” dinners that he and his caucus have been holding have filled teh Liberal election war chest… meaning that we face a pretty slick/well oiled machine. To overcome that, never underestimate “little people” intent on real change.

  20. Justin Trudeau has well demonstrated the need to introduce a new process whereby a Prime Minister can be removed from office. And this process must be primarily driven by general consensus of the general public ie. not dependent/influenced by elected gov officials. The next election is a long way off and alot of ‘bad shit’ can happen for Canadians in the meantime. Canada is now in a critical time where we need a good strong qualfied PM. None of which apply to Justin. What do we have on the horizon? We have Trump wanting to renegotiate NAFTA, a critical trade deal in the making with Asia, a poorly performing economy, sharply increasing tense foreign relations with possible military involvement, a massive refugee/immigrant situation etc. etc. And we have Justin Trudeau as our PM?… We’re in deep shit. And we need him out now!

  21. Can the Prime Minister of Canada be impeached?
    Answer: Yes, in theory the Prime Minister of Canada or anyone for that matter can be impeached by the House of Commons. The House of Commons retains the power of Impeachment, inherited from the British Parliament, because our constitution states that ours is “similar in principle” to the constitution of Britain

    Can a prime minister be removed?
    The person who can remove the Prime Minister or any other Minister within Parliament before an election (other than the legal system) is the Governor General. 2. The role of the Prime Minister is not defined in the constitution, so there is no specific formula for his dishonourable removal from office! People are speaking and delivering the message. please help & sign as your signatures and opinions are truly important

  22. Time is on our side – because every time he opens his mouth he pushes more people to the blue party. People are popping like popcorn on how bad this amateur is. The biggest movement I’ve seen is on dating sites where women have to list their political preference. In 2015 they were 98% liberal or very liberal. A few months ago they had all changed to conservative and very conservative. I truly believe in 2019 we are going to see a landslide Sheer win of epic proportions never before seen. What we cannot allow is foreign meddling or $$$ to meddle in our election as they did to get puppet boy in. And that is exactly what he is (fact) a puppet, liberals even admitted it – his looks and acting skills was what they wanted.

    Never again Canada – we need to be smarter

  23. Lloyd, we do not have time on our side. We must stand up to Trudeau and make him accountable for his crimes against Canadians. He is a public servant of the people and should be accountable to the people and we the people should have the right to remove him from power. Let there be a nation wide non confidence vote, let the people decide NOW if Trudeau is to remain in power or if he is to be removed from power. It should be our right!!!

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