Trudeau Election Scam Revealed

pierre and justin

Brought out Thousands who Might not have Voted

There is an unsavory and slickster component that lurks inside the Trudeau DNA .  DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is the self-replicating material that has inflicted a second generation conniving, scheming, manipulative Trudeau hucksters onto Canada.  Though, in honesty hundreds (thousands) of Canadians share equal blame for electing an array of 184 Liberals to parliament.

Therein exists a vicious Machiavellian (unscrupulous) willingness to engage in anything available to achieve power.  In the unseemly world of Justin Trudeau, it seems this individual possesses such a sense of entitlement that anything (everything) used to attain power is perfectly acceptable and, in fact desirable.  In Trudeau’s child-like world, the end result (victory) can justify any means used to attain his destiny.  And,,,,, Canadians are only now beginning to look through a clear lens at exactly what has been created by way of their own free choices at the polls last fall.

Analysis provided by CBC reveals the details of how Trudeau and his principal advisor Gerry Butts pulled off what amounts to the largest scam ever to be inflicted on a civilized and democratic nation.   Not only was an individual (Trudeau) handed the keys to absolute power in Canada for the next four years, time will gradually reveal that among Trudeau’s caucus exists several individuals who most would consider unsavory and unworthy of any public office.

The New Vote

The Liberal campaign team recognized at the outset that they lacked any elements of ethics based platform or policy.  Though many Canadian families were struggling with their own internal economic issues, the Trudeau recognized opportunity and used individual aspirations in a callous manner to achieve “real change”.  Let’s be honest: in the Trudeau lexicon, “real change” only means one thing – changing the seating in parliament and permitting Justin Trudeau to fulfill his personal fantasy.

The CBC report (“Going deeper into Canada’s 2015 federal election results” written by Daniel Schwartz; Oct 23, 2015) drilled down in the analysis of exactly how Trudeau snuck into office.   Analyses of that report are stark and worrisome.  The report shows that the Liberals increased their vote count by almost 4.9 million votes since the previous election.

That type of vote increase (at first thought) might indicate that Canadian voters were turning out at the polling stations to vote for (his words) “Real Change”.  On second reading of the report, it become abundantly clear that the public yearning for “Real Change” was not nearly even remotely as deeply rooted as claimed.  In truth; the existing Canadian Conservative party only saw a marginal (about 55 thousand total) vote shrinkage.   In fact, the total vote shrinkage for the CPC, NDP and Bloc amounted to less than one quarter (just over a million votes) of the actual Liberal increase (4.9 million).

Something funny going on?  Not really.  The Liberal team focused on convincing many who would not have bothered to vote to go the polls and help elect 184 Liberals to parliament.  It mattered not that in this array of 184 were some pretty unsavory men and women.  The Liberal focused its energy, money and time on two things: bring out the new vote and fabricating the notion that people wanted the existing (CPC, Harper) out of office.  Refer to the CBC report and you will find that Canadians were not nearly as unhappy with the Harper government as Butts and Trudeau had spun things.

However, in terms of bringing out “new vote” the Liberals were very successful.  They had found a winning formula.  Where the other parties proposed platform items that had substance and spoke about job creation and debt management, the Liberals chose to divide and conquer.

Something for Everyone? Not really.

The Liberals ghettoized the Canadian political landscape.  In a diverse, multi-cultured country such as Canada it goes without saying that each of the other parties reached out to first and second generation new Canadians. In some ridings that group of constituents is numerically large.  How effective was the Liberal outreach?  In the municipality where I live, about 40% of the residents have roots from south Asian (India, Pakistan mainly).  In other words, out of a municipal population of 500,000 (plus) over 300,000 are NOT of South Asian origin.   When the votes were tallied on Election Day all five of Brampton’s sitting Members of Parliament were first or second generation Canadians from India.

While the result must have pleased Trudeau and (certainly) made 5 aspiring politicians seem to feel that they had just purchased a winning lottery ticket, I am unsure that a healthy message as being transmitted to the youth in the South Asian Diaspora in this municipality where young people certainly must conclude that their future in Canada will be determined by race or creed rather than ability.  In essence, Trudeau has stigmatized and ghettoized new Canadians in this area while alienating others.

The callous heartlessness used by Trudeau to swing Muslim voters his way in a neighboring community resulted in a known Islamist (with Hamas leanings) elected.

But Trudeau sought more than pocket ethnic votes and recognized that there was a large disinterest among young voters especially those less than 35 years old.  The marijuana issue was quickly latched onto by Trudeau who promised to make the drug legal thus appealing to many in the avant-garde crowd who decided to vote in order to get easily available dope without police problems.

The marijuana issue stands out as among the most blatant and shameless scams used in the past election.  In review of the existing laws, it becomes clear and evident that the type of change in pot law (in Canada) was almost impossible.  I can only conclude that the Trudeau central campaign strategists never bothered to study the issue – including the legal framework and simply tossed pot onto the table as a vote gimmick.

Here’s the Problem with Legalizing Pot

Errol Mendes, a constitutional and international law expert at the University of Ottawa, says the government faces a long, hard slog in the global arena before it can legalize pot at home.  While Trudeau appears to be leading a head-long charge into the realm of legal marijuana possession and use in Canada, the trend in Europe is headed in the opposite direction.


The EU, the Council Resolution on cannabis adopted in 2004 (CORDROGUE 59) requests Member States to take measures to discourage personal use of cannabis, such as enhancing the communication with cannabis users especially the very young, to inform and train parents, teachers, media professionals, prison staff and police officers, and to promote networking among health and education professionals on cannabis-related issues. The Council also invites Member States to take measures against Internet sites providing information on cultivation and promoting use of cannabis[i].

Mendes went on to state, “It will be an ongoing dialogue which has to be dealt with at the highest levels, and it’s not going to be an easy one, and it’s not going to be a quick one either. It’s going to take many years.”

The Liberal policy means that Canada will have to amend its participation in three international conventions:

  • The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, as amended by the 1972 Protocol;


  • The Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971;


  • The United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988.

All three require the criminalization of possession and production of cannabis.  Thus, Justin Trudeau’s pro-pot scheme would put Canada at odds with those European friends he attempted to make recently at Davos.  For individual Canadians intending to travel, may make any Canadian immediately suspect upon arrival in any number of countries – including the USA.

Mendes warned that “As part of examining legalization of cannabis possession and production, Canada will need to explore how to inform the international community and will have to take the steps needed to adjust its obligations under these conventions.”

Like just about everything Justin Trudeau does or says, you can count on one thing: it has never been thought out in an adult-like manner and is nothing to be taken too seriously.


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23 thoughts on “Trudeau Election Scam Revealed”

  1. OKAY, it’s really not that hard! Canada is filled with stoners who don’t care to vote! There’s a chance pot will be legal? Every single one of my pot head friends that have never cared about anything to do with politics suddenly became the biggest Liberal supports I knew. Very simple winning formula

  2. Justin got voted in by enticing voters with the promise to legalize marijuana which brought out the pot-heads; he won the Muslim votes by playing up to the Muslims & by promising instant citizenship to refugees. This is NO way to build a country and Canadians have 4 years to learn from their mistakes. The question is – will we?

    1. Thing is JustAn Ass TurdHole didn’t just play up to the Moslems he’s actually one of them because he converted to Islam over eight years ago. Do you think that it’s just coincidence that he’s always spending time in mosques, and that the majority of his caucus are Moslem Brotherhood members? No it’s no coincidence because he’s actually now a moslem having converted by saying the Shahada prayer in front of witnesses in that Wahabbist mosque in his home riding in Montreal the very same mosque that the FBI warned was under surveillance for terrorist groups using it as a recruitment center.

  3. For those of us who are a “little” older – that is, old enough to remember… this is business as usual for the Liberal party. It wasn’t Justin who thought up this strategy of divisive campaigning and making false promises based on little knowledge of the subject, in fact, I doubt that Justin could have planned this himself. It is the Liberal way, and one of the reasons I abandoned the party in 1972.

    1. I have railed on about the party of dirty tricks for a long time. The old saying that there are none so blind as them that will not see certainly applies to the backers of Justin Trudeau. The back room boys are getting nervous though. Guarding against another bozo eruption such as his little drama on the floor of the house can be exasperating. I suspect this is why he is travelling so much and very seldom appears during question period. The questions surrounding Monsef alone could likely provoke another outburst.

  4. “Canadians have 4 years to learn from their mistakes. The question is – will we?”

    Will we what?

    (sadly the correct answer)

  5. Voters under the age of 35 are low-information voters who haven’t a clue how an economy works and could care less to learn. As for immigrant voters, and various “demographic” voters, they vote for anyone who is like them, or caters to them, regardless what their policies. Smart politicians who have few principles and no scruples, simply wanting to find an easy route to power, prestige and a big pay cheque and expense account, invest all of their ability on figuring out how to appeal to these single-minded, simple-minded, voters. They succeed by saying whatever it takes to get their vote and don’t concern themselves with the day after the election. There are always hundreds of others just like them to put their name on a ballot and hope for the best. The NDP did it last time with “empty-vessel” candidates and the Liberals did it this time. As for whether or not they can do what they promised to do – who cares. That was never the goal in the first place.

    1. Well, Sharon, this is how democracy works – votes are bought by those who promise to give out “goodies” and sold to those who believe that they deserve the goodies stolen from those who created the goodies. In the meantime, the creators of the goodies are so busy working their butts off that they don’t have time to pay attention to the games being played. Most makers in a productive society are too busy to inform themselves of what the govt. is doing to enable the takers take more than they deserve. The policy of wealth redistribution is what is killing initiative because sooner or later the takers will outnumber the makers and the economy collapses. A true democracy cannot operate unless voters are well-informed and engaged in the process. We call ourselves an educated society but very few of us have been educated to understand that the welfare state where takers outnumber makers cannot survive.

  6. People need to realize this is the way political leaders operate just like anyone who is in power of any form. If Canadians cared about anything other than their own personal selves , they would educate themselves and abandone their government support. If we need to depend on someone to lead us to a better way of living , we are a lost and sad race. I am my own person and when the day comes I can’t function in society I will become a voter. Until then I am a person born in Canada and will worry only about myself just like any other person born in this beautiful nation formed by the people who choose to better Canada and not themselves.

  7. It really is time for the appearance of a “John Galt” in this country. Trudeau is a real life version of Wesley Mouch and with him in power, this country is doomed. A lying , inept, illogical individual who has never worked in the business world, in control of our economy ?? Ridiculous and a signal of impending disaster. [If you never heard of John Galt or Wesley Mouch, then read the book ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand]. She predicted this environment when she wrote the book in 1957.

    1. Very well said, Pal29501. He is a disaster waiting to happen and it is almost there. The woman who was permitted to keep her face covering on was a disgrace and if she had 1 ounce of respect for the country, she would not have demanded this. I have no problem with anyone regardless of religion, color, sexual preferences or nationally as long as they are not a$$holes. Muslims are a different entity entirely. Our old testament is just as nasty as the Koran but Christianity has moved on from the 14th century and are now taught to to be more loving and kind. If this cult could bring their culture up to the 21st century I think the world would be much safer.

  8. the irony of all this is that the first two U.N drug control agreements were signed by Justins father Pierre. how could the Liberals not have known about these agreements and how iron clad they are?

    1. Ironic also that Pierre Trudeau opened the door for “medicinal use” of pot following a 4 year study (the Le Dain Commission) whereas Justin Trudeau took a campaign position on pot simply to collect young voters. Ironic that while Jusitn Trudeau has been handing out billions in foreign aid to facilitate a wishful nomination to the UN Security Council, he is quite prepared toss aside those two agreements that his own father implemented with the UN. While he is all abut self aggrandisement and would love to be Time Magazine’s Man of the Year; his sociopathic personality would better suit him to consider Frank magazine’s cover or IF he wants international acclaim he might think about Mad Magazine.

  9. Impeach him, we impeached Joe Clark many years ago and even though he was incompetent he didn’t destroy our economy as fast as True dough. Joe Clark never gave away billions of dollars to others countries yet we impeached him. Impeach True dough now before it’s too late. He is a traitor and not worthy.

  10. I have no doubts.It was a scam and remains so.They are simply finding different approaches. it is actually one of the greatest “now you see me”Real Change scams ever orchestrated.Trudeau purged many of the provincial staffers who orchestrated the McGuinty/Wynne pyramid all the way back to 2003. Many of those people including his two chief staffers are with him now.No coincidence. Look to what those Liberals did to Ontario and what is being done to Canada now.

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