Justin Trudeau Lies (Again)



[Promised to force Liberals to Disclose Expenses – June 2013]



I think we get it.  Justin Trudeau and his “sunny days” have a hidden meaning apparently.

While Justin Trudeau was seated in opposition and there were “points” to be scored amid the Duffy fiasco, Justin Trudeau was all over the transparency issue.

For those who may have forgotten, here’s what Justin Trudeau pontificated on June 5th, 2013. 

Sarcastically, in his best holier-than-thou kindergarten voice, Trudeau   explained what he called a four-point plan[1]:

  1. Posting MPs’ and senators’ expenses online.
  2. Introducing legislation in the fall that would mandate that the MPs’ board of internal economy, an all-party and generally secretive expense-monitoring committee, hold its meetings in public, except in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Reporting on MPs’ expenses will be done quarterly and on spreadsheets so that the data can be searched and run though software programs.
  4. The House and Senate boards of internal economy should work with the auditor general to develop mandatory performance audits of the House of Commons and Senate administration every three years, and public guidelines under which the auditor general is called in to perform more detailed audits of parliamentary spending.

I just visited the official web site[2] for the Parliament of Canada and was taken aback to find that the last disclosure made by Trudeau was for the quarter ending September 2015.  Of course, Trudeau was sworn in a Prime Minister on November 04, 2015. 

Like many, I was curious about Trudeau’s extensive international travel that began only days after his swearing in.   Guess what? It is not there, nadda, nothing, zilch – no reports.

Apparently Justin Trudeau has either forgotten one of his key promises about transparency or has reverted to true Liberal entitlements.   Could this possibly mean that he wishes us to measure him, his caucus and his entourage of toadies differently than he measured others?  Do we detect more than a little hypocrisy from Trudeau II? 

What we got instead of full disclosure was news that Trudeau has decided to use his majority to force through a whopping $58,000[3] per annum extra allowance for travel.  Could that increase have anything to do with the fact that he and his cabinet pals have tapped (quite heavily) into the travel accounts?


When Trudeau II committed to transparency ( June 5th , 2013) he made a rather sappy speech to a gathering of media types on the lawn of parliament.  He said, “Taxpayers have a right and an expectation now in the 21st century to know how their dollars are being spent by members and senators, and there has been movement in this direction but nothing that has gone nearly as far as the bar raising that the Liberal Party is doing right now with this openness and transparency initiative,” Trudeau said, speaking to reporters at a news conference he held on the lawn of Parliament Hill.

I am beyond guessing as to why Trudeau II forgot his own promises or (PERHAPS) is he hiding something???  It did not go unnoticed that as early as his first “disclosure” (in 2013) Trudeau was caught trying to take an extra $5,000 in travel expenses.

It is thus that there is not reasonable to wish to see what Mr. Trudeau has been up to.  Certainly, in keeping with another of his sappy pontifications, I am anxious to weigh in on the “carbon foot print” resulting from the PM’s jet-setting ways.

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[1] http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-says-liberal-mps-senators-will-post-expenses-online-1.1310914


[2] http://www.parl.gc.ca/PublicDisclosure/MemberExpenditures.aspx?Id=MER2016Q2&Language=E&View=M&MemberId=7eafe4df-d68f-40c8-b1cb-f2678b221080


[3] http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/taxpayers-federation-blasts-mps-for-voting-to-increase-office-budget-1.2795559



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