Brampton City Council Report Card

[Mid Term Report Card : Brampton City Council]


Mayor Linda Jeffrey    F

Since transferring in, Linda has not done well.  Must learn to get along with others.  Bad habits of previous situation need to be forgotten and not brought into her new environment.


Regional Councillor John Sprovieri  B+

Knows his stuff and obviously studies well. Usually comes very well prepared. Would have a higher mark if he ignored unwanted distractions from sometimes rowdy audience.



City Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon  F-

Has shown lack of grasp of most subjects. Needs to apply himself and hit the books. Has shown a bothersome tendency copy answers of classmates.


City Councillor Pat Fortini     C-

Pat Fortini struggled through most of his first term and, as a result fell in with a troubled element. However, late in his term, he rallied and has shown promise.  Keep up the good work,Pat.


Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros  F-

Has shown no inclination of voting as per the wishes of his constituents. Martin Medeiros time on Council thus far has seen him only function as a second vote whichever way the Mayor votes.



Regional Councillor Gael Miles  F

Ms. Miles constituents should expect much better things from this long-time council veteran. Needs to put constituent’s tax concerns foremost and set aside personal likes and dislikes. On the transit file, her votes would have not served Bramalea residents well.  Much better leadership expected.


City Councillor Jeff Bowman A-

A very pleasant surprise among rookie members. Has shown knowledge of his files and remarkable poise in dealing with unneeded adversarial tactic often displayed on council. Good work!


Regional Councillor Michael Palleschi    B+

Another rookie member of council. Michael has shown amazing grade under fire in not permitting his principles to be swayed by astroturfing tactics of lobbyist. Good work so far. Keep it up.



City Councillor Doug Whillans   A

In his first term, Councilor Whillans has quickly presented himself as a reliable steadying influence always exhibiting the best of home town pride.  We give him extra marks for accessibility and always being very much “the good neighbour”



Regional Councillor Elaine Moore A+

A proven, trustworthy friend of the rate payers. She reads and masters reference/resource materials thoroughly and is known to apply that knowledge to the best advantage of not only her own constituents but the entire population.



City Councillor Grant Gibson  A

Councilor Gibson is the steady-Eddie on this council.  He draws upon his extensive experience on council and works tirelessly for the constituents. Councilor Gibson’s humility and willingness to work extra hard should be an example for others on council. Good Work!  Keep it up!


In summary

Given the lack leadership from the present Mayor, fractious divisiveness and lack of civility too often harmed the Council’s ability to work towards a common good.

The tax increase MIGHT have been less had Council not been forced into internecine squabbles such as LRT that had been forced into prominence by outside agitations.

The LRT was the elephant in the room, often forced into the spot light by a tiny group of previously defeated want-to-be politicians who crave attention.

There are gigantic tasks ahead for this council that have been too neglected.  Forcing the Ontario government’s hand on equitable healthcare funding is important. Not only obtaining a university BUT doing it correctly in important. A stand alone (not a satellite campus) will serve Brampton families well for generations.

Let’s hope that the noisy outside distractions will end and that the Mayor will develop genuine leadership skill.


Copyright   Thunderbird Rising 2016


The above article is copyrighted.  You may use, copy or distribute this article conditional on attributing your source (Thunderbird Rising) and the author (Lloyd Fournier)


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