The Trudeau’s Revealed


[What’s behind Justin’s Continuous Antics?]

I just read an amazing book!

The book was written by close friends of Pierre Trudeau, the deceased father of Prime Minister Jusitn Trudeau is titled,” Young Trudeau: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944

The authors, Max and Monique Nemni were close friends of Pierre Trudeau and described him as,  fascist, anti-Semite, and separatist.

In Pierre Trudeau’s Own Words

The book contains a number of quite revealing quotes directly from Pierre Trudeau (P.E.T.).  They are revealing in that these quotes explain a great deal about how P.E.T. thought about a number of subjects that, I suspect the Liberal party and the Liberal media actually have had a heavy hand in concealing.

There is little doubt that the senior Trudeau’s thoughts were created by his own father (Charles-Émile Trudeau, was a lawyer who later became a millionaire businessman) and Pierre’s privileged of an exclusive Jesuit education.

Pierre Trudeau’s pride was his father who died while P.E.T. was a teenager.  P.E.T., derived in large part from his admiration of Charlie’s success in business, a field from which francophones were largely absent in the early 20th century.  He also derived a rich wealth by way of inheritance.

During his school days, Pierre Trudeau wrote a play that was highly critical of Jewish business types in Montreal.

Pierre Trudeau is quoted directly a number of times in the book. I quote them, not because they are worthy of much thought but because they turn out to be quite instructive In understanding what (if anything) makes Justin Trudeau “tick”.

Pierre Trudeau said:
“The equality of rights is an illusion. The feeble-minded and the man of genius must not be equal before the law. … The sexes are not equal.”

“Liberalism leads to excesses: to unemployment, anarchy,”

“In 1936, at the age of 17, Mr. Trudeau wrote “I will return to Montreal sometime around the year 1976: the time is ripe to declare Quebec’s independence. The Maritime provinces join with us, and so does Manitoba. I take command of the troops and lead the army to victory. I now live in a country that is Catholic and canadien.”

The legacy of those comments has effectively been purged from public view.  One can only suspect that such unsavoury comments have been scrubbed from public consumption intentionally.

The Liberal party of Canada and the media have likely tidied up Pierre Trudeau’s dirty past long before he came to power. The biography, written after his death by close family friends (Max and Monique Nemmii) brings all the dirty laundry out of the closet. Had it been disclosed before his attempt to seek public office, there is no doubt that he never would have been elected.

One Mixed up Family

Perhaps as an explanation about the screwed up individual who is presently our Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau’s staunch Jesuit Catholicism and twisted misogynistic personality no doubt led to the marital breakup with Margaret Trudeau (who lived in a drug filled stupor and sordid rock-star affairs.  Incidentally,  a pattern engaged in by both parents after the breakup.

As a result, Justin and his brothers were raised entirely by PET who they despised for separating their mother (Margaret) from the family. During the boys’  (Justin, Alexandre Trudeau and Michel (Sacha)Trudeau) formative years, they were raised entirely by Pierre Trudeau as a result that marital breakup and subsequent divorce between Justin’s parents (P.E.T. and Margaret (Sinclir) Trudeau.

Justin’’s mother (Margaret) eventually remarried.   In addition, Justin Trudeau has a number of half (step) sisters and step brother – Sarah Elisabeth Coyne, Kyle Kemper, Alicia Kemper.  Margaret Sinclair Trudeau Kemper married Ottawa real-estate developer Fred Kemper, whom she also divorced.

It does not go unnoticed that after divorcing  Fred Kemper, Margaret reverted to the Trudeau surname rather than her maiden “Sinclair” family name.

Joseph Charles-Emile Trudeau

Charley Trudeau amassed a fortune  during the great depression by way of a chain of gas stations that he eventually sold to Imperial Oil.

Charley was the complete antithesis of everything his son , Pierre Trudeau believed in. Charley was highly regarded in Progressive Conservative circles in Quebec and was a staunch supporter of former Quebec Premier Maurice Le Noblet Duplessis (who served as Premier 1936 to 1939 and 1944 to 1959).  One noteworthy quote from Dulessis portrayed the immense control that the Roman Catholic Church held in Quebec at the time when Duplessis said, “ I have the Bishops eating out of my hand”.  A four month strike of Quebec’s asbestos workers was extremely hard on “company towns such as Asbestos, Quebec where it pitted companies against a fledgling union. On a broader scale, the strike saw Duplessis government backing the corporations while the Roman Catholic Church backed the workers.

Pierre Trudeau’s coming out politically strangely took place when P.E.T. an unknown millionaire’s son decided to intervene during the Asbestos Strike (1949).  Pierre Trudeau’s father passed away in 1935 while vacationing in Florida.

The Second World War

Canada officially entered World War II on September 10 1939.  Pierre Trudeau the very wealthy playboy was twenty years old as the war began and saw hundreds of thousands of Canadian men and women volunteer to fight Nazism.

We are still searching for an actual photograph of Pierre Trudeau in German military (WWI) clothing having a great time in Montreal.  Many suspect that because of the highly damaging influence the photograph had, it has been also swept under the carpet.   I recall seeing a grainy black and white copy of the photo in the mid 1960’s.

By the time that the Canadian government found it necessary in 1944, to impose conscription on all young men between ages 20 and 45, the then 25 year old Pierre Trudeau quietly skulked off across the border into the USA where he enrolled at Harvard.

Justin Trudeau’s Acting out

Justin’s avowed “feminism” as well as his alleged conversion to Islam may be simply acting out in an attempt to punish a father (P.E.T) whom he hated. It does not go unnoticed that Justin continues to showcase his mother at every opportunity. Nice son, but at who’s expense? Add to that, Justin’s choice of a wife (Sophie) with her flair towards high-school like theatrics are a slap in the face to the late P.E.T. who sought strict order inside government.

The terrifying reality is that without the “Trudeau” name, Justin never would have been elected. It is equally alarming that Margaret Trudeau , having divorced and remarried is now brought out of the closet by Justin’s handlers all the while using the Trudeau name – out of convenience.

Margaret’s use of illegal drugs as well as her bi-polar disorder do not separate her from thousands of Canadians who are equally inflicted.

All told, an amazingly screwed up set of individuals with (certainly) enough issues to keep any psychologist fully occupied for an entire career. This entire fiasco may end up proving that Justin is not only unqualified to lead, but also probably unfit to lead.


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5 thoughts on “The Trudeau’s Revealed”

  1. Wow great article and refreshing not to have a bunch of stupid advertising shoved in one’s face ! Keep up the good work!

      1. I will! Very informative, I was on a page not long ago with PET sitting on a wall w/ Nazi uniform on with caption by an aquaintances that he liked to ride his motorcycle through his neighbourhood to bother the large Jewish population of the Mount Royal neighbourhood. I will try to find it again and send it to you.

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