The Biggest Danger to Canada is Justin Trudeau



[Sunny Ways not a Solution. It means “soft target” in muslim Culture]

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[Disclosure upfront: I do not consider islam to be a religion and prefer to define it for what it is: a rogue political movement. ]


Oh Canada!

We need to wake up a find a way to relieve ourselves of Justin Trudeau and his entire Lieberal caucus.  Lots to fear.  Trudeau is enjoying a millionaire lifestyle but is doing nothing for Canada or for Canadians.

Since his swearing in last fall, Trudeau has taken every opportunity to live large on a travel budget that has seen him   on a constant diet of extravagant international travel.  Despite the declared promises he made over a two years ago to fully disclose expense account spending made by himself, his staff and his Lieberal caucus colleagues there have been absolutely no disclosures in over six months since his assuming office of Prime Minster of Canada.  According to Justin Trudeau’s expressed promise, those disclosures were to have been made once per quarter.  Trudeau lied to Canadians.

Flip through the journals of Canadian history and you will learn that Laurier who long opposed building an army to save Europe from German attacks during World War One.  Canada, as a member of the British Commonwealth was fully committed to fighting alongside British and other commonwealth members.  Huge numbers of Canada’s volunteer army were badly in need of reinforcements necessitating conscription.  Mr. “Sunny Ways” Laurier responded, ““Conscription if necessary but not necessarily conscription.” while undermanned Canadian soldiers were being pummelled in a grotesque trench and poison gas war while Laurier hid his head in the sand much like Trudeau today.

Like Trudeau’s hero, Laurier Mr. Trudeau is oblivious to anything other than his own rather copious self indulgences.  It was hugely offensive to this writer that Trudeau perverted the recent official state visit to Washington D.C. into a grotesque celebration of Justin Trudeau rather than a celebration of a long standing relationship between to nations that share the world’s longest unguarded borders.  I evidence the fact that Trudeau saw fit to bring along his mother (Margaret Kemper – who divorced Trudeau’s father and remarried long ago) .  To add insult to injury, Trudeau also brought along (at public expense) the parents of his spouse, Sophie Grégoire .  Her parents, Jean Grégoire is a stockbroker and Estelle Blais is a former nurse travelled to the USA at Canadian taxpayers expense attended the event  are not significant  or the least important to the ongoing relationships between the two countries.

One has to ask oneself; what benefit to Canada came from Trudeau dragging along his mother (Kemper) and his wife’s parents to Washington D.C.?  What  benefit to Canada came last year when Trudeau did a similar indiscretion at the Global Climate talks in Paris??

There are matters crying out for attention right here in Canada while our playboy prime minister is preoccupied with jet setting and channelling Laurier’s silly “sunny ways”.


Look at Europe

Two days ago, terrorist Salah (Sally)  Abdeslam was finally apprehended in Brussels Belgium.  He had been in hiding since organizing the massive attacks in Paris France on 13 November 2015.  The Paris attacks resulted in the deaths of 130 people .

In retaliation for the arrest of Abdeslam has now resulted in well planned bomb attacks at Brussels’ Zaventem airport (two blasts reported) as well as the Brussels “metro” subway system.

In Paris, on 13 November 2015, muslins carried out a series of attacks that evening  (13 November) that saw 130 innocents murdered.  Last evening’s (March 21, 2016) attacks in Brussels resulted in huge carnage along with at least 30 dead (so far).

Britain’s muslim population has now grown to over   3.4 million (in 2014) to become around 5.3% of the overall population of 64 million.  The muslim population is ALSO annually increasing at over 10% per year compared to British averages of the nation.  10% of the babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim. The percentage of muslims among children under five is almost twice as high as in the general population[1].

Gatestone, the international think-tank is highly credible and very highly regarded.  Gatestone is a non-partisan, not-for-profit international policy council and think tank is dedicated to educating the public about what the mainstream media fails to report in promoting:

  • Institutions of Democracy and the Rule of Law;
  • Human Rights
  • A free and strong economy
  • A military capable of ensuring peace at home and in the free world
  • Energy independence
  • Ensuring the public stay informed of threats to our individual liberty, sovereignty and free speech.

Among Gatestone’s findings in Britain are:

  • British school teachers are afraid to teach their students about Christianity out of fear of offending Muslims.
  • The murder and attempted decapitation of a member of Britain’s army on a British street.  a Muslim extremist who hacked a soldier to death on a London street in May 2013, launched a taxpayer-funded appeal against his murder conviction. Michael Adebolajo, 29, who tried to behead the British soldier Lee Rigby with a meat cleaver, maintained that he should not have been convicted because he is a “soldier of Allah” and therefore Rigby’s killing was an act of war rather than premeditated murder.
  • Complete sections of several British cites have been designated by the muslims as “do not go zones” only permitting muslims to enter the area (including police)
  • The evolution of muslim rape gangs has now become well known in Britain.  National Crime Agency showed a 155% rise in British children groomed by sex gangs during 2013.
  • Muslim vigilantes who terrorized innocent members of the public as the self-styled “Muslim Patrol”
  • A secret written plan authored by muslim imams sets a plan infiltrate Britain’s public educating system, oust non –muslim teaches and staff and overrunning the system.  The scheme was contained in a muslim British document titled, “Operation Trojan Horse”.
  • An official report by the British government, titled “Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery” ,  reveals how muslims have been grooming non-muslim children to take on the role of sex slaves.
  • British “law Society” has quietly drafted guidelines to assist British lawyers in adapting to Sharia law. (Itself a misnomer –“an unsuitable name”) .
  • This list could cover pages.  I risk being called an islamaphobe for daring to disclose the truth about these people.  Trust me; it is omni present in today’s Britain where large fast food chains have been forced to remove certain items from their menus and credit card companies are now not permitted to charge interest on overdue accounts IF the customer is muslim.
  • If you spend a few minutes on the internet, it becomes painfully obvious that this same level of infestation and confrontation is taking place in Denmark, in Poland, in Sweden and in Spain as well.

Oh Canada, I worry

The unverified admission into Canada (infiltration) of 25,000 alleged Syrian refugees could very well present clear and present danger to non-muslim Canadians.

There is an old adage in German culture that says that “you cannot bring a skunk into your home, feed it like a cat and treat it like a cat and expect that it will not still be a skunk.

The term “moderate-muslim” is an oxymoron (a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. “wise fool” or “legal murder”. Experience shows that some (muslims) merely conceal their aims more than others.  However, their quran requires jihad from all advocates in this sect. It is high time that we began demanding respect from Justin Trudeau and expecting that he will act only in the best interests of Canadians.

You were given huge trust and a substantial mandate, Mr. Trudeau and all Lieberal Members of Parliament. It is time to stop the game playing, settle down and attend to issues such as national safety.  Labeling those with genuine concerns about what is taking place in OUR Canada is unworthy of your office and certainly is not “SUNNY WAYS”.


Copyright   Thunderbird Rising 2016


The above article is copyrighted.  You may use, copy or distribute this article conditional on attributing your source (Thunderbird Rising) and the author (Lloyd Fournier)

[1]  Gatestone Institute, International Policy Council,  December 30, 2014, by Soeren Kern.  (



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