Hydro One Deal Smells Very Bad

[Wynne Lieberals Caught Again]

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My electricity bill just jumped 15% even though I consumed less hydro.  It is easy to chase the environmental bunny down the rabbit hole.  However, on close examination, my hydro bill and a recent news story in the Globe and Mail told me that something did not smell right.

It is certainly no coincidence that each time the McGuinty/Wynne Lieberals have tampered with Ontario’s Electrical generating company, three things have happened. First, the cost of electricity increased each time. Second, manufacturing jobs have vacated Ontario due to high energy costs.  And, on each occasion; there has been a scandal.3

The Samsung Deal

The first indication that there was something amiss was the infamous “green energy scam” of 2013 was the infamous Samsung deal.  You might recall that in that deal, the Lieberal government made a contract with Japanese manufacturer, Samsung.  The government agreed to purchase $6 Billion dollars worth of wind turbines from Samsung.  Since the wind turbine generated electricity production costs were a great deal more expensive than the existing nuclear rates, Samsung was handed virtual authority to designate the consumer cost for all electricity in Ontario.  As part of the “deal”, Samsung committed to build a 1,000 job wind turbine factory in Ontario. The factory was never built and quietly the McGuinty government backed out of the final $3.7 Billion of wind turbine purchases from Samsung.  Ontario taxpayers were left with a $2.3 Billion tax waste AND consumers saw rates increase by nearly 10%.  Environmental and public health controversy continue to swirl around this misadventure. 

The “Gas Plant” scandal

Chapter two saw the McGuinty government  engage in a costly failed attempt to build two gas powered electricity generating facilities (Oakville and Mississauga).  Irregularities in the bid process were masked by public outrage about locating the facilities in high population locations.  Construction on the two facilities was halted when it became apparent that Lieberals holding the Oakville and Mississauga seats in the upcoming Provincial election were at risk of losing their seats in the Legislature.

This one turned into a full scale scandal that ended up costing Ontario tax payers.  The election saw the Lieberal retain power in the election of September 2011.  One of the “saved” seats was/is still held by now Ontario Treasurer Charles Sousa.  Documents vanished, hard drives were erased and a massive cover up was revealed. 

At the end of the day, Ontario tax payers had no choice but to watch another $1.1 Billion wasted.  The consequences were (a) McGuinty was forced to resign (replaced with Wynne); (b) two senior Lieberal staffers were charged with taking part in the ensuing cover up.  Laura Miller, who was deputy chief of staff to premier Dalton McGuinty and David Livingston (McGuinty’s Chief of Staff) were both brought to justice as a result of costly police investigation that revealed a sordid tale of  vanishing computers and double erased hard disk drives.(c) Gerald Butts, who was Principal Secretary for McGuinty quietly exited Provincial politics and emerged as Head of Staff for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Rebel Media (https://youtu.be/FUx9laiRIb4 )attributes the loss of over 300,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario to Ontario’s “Green Energy Plan” and certainly points a finger directly at Mr. Butts who served as McGuinty’s lead staffer and is identified as a main architect of the “Green Energy Plan”.  That plan saw Ontario shift from dependable/affordable nuclear power to wind.

And,,,Still more

The generation of electricity in Ontario is (apparently) a favourite cash-cow for the Ontario Lieberals.  Wynne apparently decided to patch a few holes left in the Ontario government budget by selling off large portions of Ontario’s Power Generation operations, Hydro One.

While that transaction was keeping Bay Street busy, Wynne and Butts both accompanied Trudeau to Paris (COP-21 in November, 2015).  Although the huge entourage accompanying Trudeau had to have created a nasty “carbon footprint”, Wynne emerged happy as a clam. She was handed a gift wrapped idea to justify a new tax which was designated as “Cap and Trade”. 

Upon her return to Queen’s Park, Wynne then turned her mind again to sale of Hydro One assets in a public stock offering. Political parties always need money to run campaigns. None are MORE needy that the Ontario Lieberals who pay out a small fortune in purchased public relations costs to divert attention from their ongoing scandals.

Hot off The Press

Today, the Globe and Mail (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/hydro-one-players-paid-for-exclusive-access-to-ontario-cabinet-ministers/article29427906/) broke the story that apparently the Lieberals had teamed up with” lobbyists at Sussex Strategy Group to hold a $6,000-a-person cocktail fundraiser at Toronto’s posh Four Seasons Hotel targeted at energy-industry insiders.”

For $6,000, insiders were able to rub elbows with Treasurer Charles Sousa (yes, him AGAIN) and Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli.

The net result was that the Lieberals plunked another $165,000 into their campaign war chest as proceeds from an event that never should have taken place.

It has not gone unnoticed that two days ago, Premier Wynne postured on the idea of proroguing the Legislature.  That certainly would avoid some embarrassing questions being asked in Queen’s Park and (maybe) permit the smell of this most recent mess to dissipate.

Taxes Do Not Change Temperature Patterns

….but they certainly do create revenue opportunities for the Lieberals. Do any of the games being played with Ontario’s energy costs reduce the monthly electricity bill for working folks? Can any of these expensive games bring back our lost manufacturing jobs???

Thanks, Lieberals!


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