Trudeau is a  Genuine Cause for Hindu Worry in Canada


[Decent, loyal Canadians Placed at Risk by Trudeau Blind Bias]


If I were an adherent to the Hindu faith living in Canada, I would be even more worried about Justin Trudeau’s blatant bias for all things muslim.  You could, unknowingly be at risk.

There is a perfect storm brewing in a number of urban Canadian locations boasting high numbers of Hindu Canadians.  It’s puzzling and troublesome to a number of bright, successful Hindu’s that tell me they are worried.   It is puzzling to many of my Hindu friends who have always shown loyalty to the Liberal party.  They have donated money to the Liberals and always voted for local Liberal candidates. But things change.

Justin Trudeau’s romp to absolute majority power in Canada’s parliament, in many ways is like watching a teenage romance fall apart at a high-school dance.  The handsome beau blithely shunts aside his long time favorite girl and pirouettes across the gym floor with his new girl friend.  The new girl happens to wear a niqab and is the object high school heart throb’s full and complete attention. 

When it comes to practice and policy, the present Liberal government knows no limits in showing expressed favoritism for those of the muslim “faith”.  Many see it for what it is: a blatant courtship intended to secure legions of muslim votes in his next election campaign.

Trudeau’s first nibble at the muslim puzzle in Canada rode in with a Quebec court decision that ratified a lower court decision in Quebec in which a Quebec magistrate had refused to hear an appeal over a parking ticket because the court had decided that the plaintiff needed to prove her own identity by removing the niqab she had worn to court.

As quickly as political winds can and do change, Trudeau had found his Cause célèbre and firmly fastened himself and all liberals to a relatively minor instance.  However, with that faux-pas in stride, Trudeau then added it to the rhetoric of a long and tiresome campaign.

Far from being a public endorsement of anything substantive that Trudeau philosophized constantly about for 6 months, the final result was obvious.  37% of the voters sent Trudeau and his team into power in Ottawa.  The obvious truth was that political winds change.  The time had come in Canada to change government and it was more of a case voting OUT the Harper government than really endorsing anything offered up by Trudeau.  The Liberal offerings were intentionally scant and vague.

Trudeau’s Courtship with Islam

trudeau islamist

As much as post-election Trudeau boasts about gender parity in his newly formed cabinet there are other statistical matters that he does not brag about.  One need only look at the list of elected Liberal Members of Parliament  to “tumble” onto the fact that there is a disproportionate number of muslims seated in the Liberal caucus. 

Throughout his protracted campaign, Trudeau boasted that there was hardly a mulsim mosque in Canada where he had not visited.  How blatant was his bias?  It was blatant enough (apparently) to catch notice of United States Security apparatus.  

When Trudeau made a number of campaign stops at the Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah mosque, which had been identified in a leaked U.S. Department of Defense report as a past al-Qaida training centre, his visit became the stuff of intelligence reports[1]. The Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah mosque is known to “radicalize Canadians to join Al-Qaida and engage in acts of unspeakable violent extremism.”    The mosque in question practices an extreme version of Islam and demands a very narrow and literal translation of the Islamic holy book.

Slipping by under the radar where  a number of other suspicious and reckless items in Trudeau’s quest for mulsim votes in Canada.  Certainly not the least significant of Trudeau’s new found love for Islam is the fact that inside Trudeau’s inner circle (his sanctum sanctorum ) is a well-known advocate and champion of inflicting sharia law on Canada; Omar Alghabra (MP Mississauga Centre).

Islamist Sleeper Cells inside Canada

This is certainly not new.  As long ago as 2008, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) made it known that they had uncovered Islamic Radical Sleeper Cells inside of Canada[2].  It was reported by  Michel Juneau-Katsuya, a former intelligence officer for CSIS, that Hezbollah, which has lots of political and financial support in Canada, would alienate its supporters by launching attacks.

In the ensuing 8 years, numerous reports about Islamist sleeper cells have manifested into a number of terrorist actions (and planned actions) inside of Canada.

A sleeper cell typically quietly infiltrates its chosen target area and remains stealthily quiet until it suddenly wakes up and launches unprovoked large scale attacks.

Recent disclosure of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorist plans certainly should give justifiable reason for peace loving, loyal Hindu citizens here in Canada to worry.

ISIS has announced its plans to begin targeting adherents of the Hindu faith in India as primary targets. Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif, the ‘amir’ of ISIS fighters in Bangladesh has now openly requested a launch a fidayeen or suicide and guerrilla attacks on Indian soil. The ISIS leader said that Hindus will be their main target in India[3].  Similar stories have appeared recently in a number of credible media outlets in India.

Hindus and Sikhs Soft targets in Canada

My career afforded me with great opportunity to travel internationally.    I learned a great deal about cultures and law enforcement in a great variety of places.    Several business trips into South Asia afforded me with prolonged visits inside both India and neighboring Pakistan.

By way of those visits and the knowledge absorbed, I still have a large circle of Hindu and Sikh friends that I value greatly. 

This, I also learned.  India and the Indian military and police do not play softball with terrorists.  Apprehension and retribution is understandably much quicker than the Canadian version.  Things happen that way because of troubling past experiences with terrorists.  That is not to say that terrorists are dealt with in any way that unjust or unfairly in India.

On the other hand, experience tells me that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi absolutely would not make excuses for terrorist actions such as our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has.  Few can forget Trudeau commenting after the Boston Marathon terrorist attacks that terrorists are just“misunderstood”.

There are almost 300,000 adherents to the Hindu faith in Canada.  Over two-thirds of them reside right here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  There are another 500,000 Sikhs dispersed throughout Canada with significant numbers in the GTA as well as in BC centers such as Surrey. 

I have come to personally know and respect a huge number of Sikhs and Hindus.  In fact, I appreciate the large numbers of each group who regularly read and subscribe to my regular articles.

I worry about you guys. Be careful and I hope and pray that not one of my friends is perceived to be an easy target of muslim terrorism inside of Canada.

It may be the right time for Sikhs and Hindus to rethink their unfailing loyalty to the Liberal Party – provincially and federally.

Apparently the Liberals have a new love.

Copyright   Thunderbird Rising 2016


The above article is copyrighted.  You may use, copy or distribute this article conditional on attributing your source (Thunderbird Rising) and the author (Lloyd Fournier)

[1] Ottawa Citizen, August 6, 2014, by Glen McGregor


[2] CBC News Posted: Jun 19, 2008  , “Hezbollah activating sleeper cells in Canada: report”

[3] News Desk ,” ISIS threatens to wipe out Hindus from India, vows to carry out guerrilla attacks”, April 16,2016


12 thoughts on “Trudeau is a  Genuine Cause for Hindu Worry in Canada”

    1. I have a feeling based upon talking to some people after the election, and on my odd experience when I voted, that this recent election wasn’t as honest as everyone is assuming…

      1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Marty. You will NOT find articles such as this in the main stream media and should also be asking them, “why not?”
        Follow Lloyd’s articles on Twitter @LloydFournier1

      2. He took a leaf out of Hilary’s book!! The vote was rigged. And it’s also the only way she will Win in November. She stole the convention from Bernie and shell Try to steel it fromTrump too. If the vote in Britain would have showed the leave side in front by any margin they would have stolen that too.

        Sent from my iPhone


      3. You Are 100%+ correct. It was NOT.
        It was the most corrupt election ever. They did NOT Win either. Read my post below. As to much to type again. It’s below this. One i think.

  1. I think a lot of Hindis are regretting their lieberal vote. Just like a lot of other people. Apart from his love of all things Muslim, he is handing out our hard earned money to every third world crackpot with his hand out out there. Without one job being created here in Canada!! We will all be sorry for the vote of less than 40% of the people!!

    1. Wow. Canadians were deaf dumb and blind when they voted this Muslim convert into office. Trudeau even told Canadians he was going to create a deficit and he told them he was going to raise taxes. And much more. Yet the fools still voted him in for Change. Well. I hope they are nice N happy with the change Trudeau is handing them. Like another 300,000 Syrian Refugees into Canada. He LIED !! He said ONLY 25,000. Now he is also putting words into every Canadians mouth. By saying we want more Refugees. When in fact 9 out of 10 polls say different. Ppl do NOT want more refugees. Ppl want Trudeau OUT !
      Talk to the ppl instead of most BS polls set up by the Liberal party. To make other Canadians seem happy. Just more BS. MOST Provinces has told Trudeau they do not and can not take in any
      More refugees. But dumb dumb Trudeau is NOT listening. Why. Cause he is the biggest narcissist around.
      We must protest to get him out of the Rigged Corrupt Election that says he won. But us with a brain in our heads know better. He did NOT WIN !!
      Kathleen Wynne called him 2 HOURS BEFORE ballets were counted to congratulate him ??! What. !?HOW DID SHE WHEN VOTES WERE NOT ALL COUNTED. HAD ppl still at the polls voting. One man said he heard on radio Trudeau won and he was on his way to vote ??!?!?!?,?!!!?????!??
      Justin Trudeau did NOT WIN THE ELECTION. Stephen Harper did.
      They lied. They cheated. The whole election was a sham. A scam. BS .to the liberal lying cheating corrupt ^##^*}{}. I ever saw.

      1. Punki61, you are so right. I was driving when I heard on the radio that Turdeau had won, but half the polls hadn’t closed yet!!! Yes, the election was stolen, it was corrupted. And the same thing will happen in the States. When Soros comes right out and says that Trump will win the popular vote but Hillary will be the president, you know the fix is in. Considering he owns the voting machines…well you can guess what’s going to happen.

  2. Eventually, Canadians will discover that Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a puppet controlled by the progressive movement financed by George Soros.

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