Liberal Pals Profiting on the Syrian Refugees

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[Liberal supporter runs Fast Track Refugee Business]



Recent questions during Question Period in the House of Commons are providing indications that some funny business MAY be happening on that Syrian Refugee file!

Justin Trudeau and his colleagues have managed divert public attention away from common-sense “due diligence” and turned the Syrian refugee situation into a maniacal sprint to see how many and how quickly we can bring these people into Canada and we all  are being duped.

We live in a world plagued by terrorism.  Our enemies do not wear uniforms and, in fact resemble ordinary Canadians.  A couple recent terror attacks inside the United States are instructive enough that no one with a brain needs to have “sleeper cells” explained.

Fast To Canada

The firm is run by an individual named Abeer Quita  and her husband.  They operate from an office in Mississauga, just south of the 401 on Torbram Road.

A recent CBC report revealed ( that the Quita’s are doing well, in fact are doing VERY well as they represent Syrians who are trying to enter Canada.  It is estimated that the Quita’s net take from her Syrian clients is now over $2.7 MILLION dollars and growing.

They charge $5,000 per individual and also require a pledge of $12,000 in settlement fees as well as various and sundry administrative and filing charges.  All of this is taking place while Immigration Minister McCallum and Prime Minister Trudeau are telling tearful tales about impoverished Syrian refugees living in constant fear and abject poverty.  Many Canadians appear to have been duped although I have a very huge problem describing someone willing to toss tens of thousands of dollars at a chance to enter Canada, “the FAST Way” as an impoverished refugee.


The CBC report reveals that an overwhelming majority of the firm’s clientele are NOT in Syria nor are they in harm’s way.  In truth, they are in places such as Turkey, Lebanon and Abu Dhabi where most of them have resided for many years before the refugee scheme arrived in Canada.   It’s nice little “gold mine” that gets more than enough “clients” by way of advertisements on Facebook and to add insult to injury, the firm’s clients are asked to “pay for their own resettlement costs”.   That, in itself is entirely contrary to what ordinary Canadian taxpayers are being asked to pay daily for the 25,000 Syrian refugees’ living and settlement expenses.

An Investigation Promised

Immigration Minister McCallum feigned disgust when confronted initially by CBC and later during Question Period in the House of Commons.  After all,,,,who can doubt the ostensibly honest looking musings of the Immigration Minister  who promised that “an investigation” would take place.

In Liberal parlance, the term investigation has absolutely nothing to do with objectivity and may (more realistically) mean “we will appoint somebody to cover our own implication and avoid scandal”.

The Quita firm Openly Backed the Liberals – pre-election

Let us hope that the opposition continues to hammer the Liberals on this because it simply smells VERY bad.

On the one hand, we have the Liberals constantly promoting this scheme while, on the other hand, something very typically “Liberal like” is happening.  Is there complicity in any of this?

On October 17th, 2015 Fast to Canada operative and principal Abeer Quita used Twitter to openly advertise for the Liberals in the election that was less than a fortnight away. By any rule of finance or accounting, her advertisement represented “material value” – albeit difficult to enumerate, her endorsement was both in English and in Arabic (note: not an official language in Canada)!  Thus, it was an advertisement intended to sway Arabic reading voters.

Here is the Twitter entry.  Hang onto it because in all probability it too will vanish as part of Minister McCallum’s “investigation”.





The Canadian Public Deserves Honesty

Immediately, Minister McCallum must be removed from office and cabinet so as to preserve the integrity of Canada’s foremost democratic institution: Parliament.  Concurrently, the fraud experts within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police would be wise to examine any/all duplicity or possible complicity of Prime Minister Trudeau and any other government employees involved.

Lastly, any immigration consulting firms engaged in this type of operation must be stopped and barred from dealing with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and any/all files handled by such firms should be immediately voided.

“Sunny days” take on a very opportunistic complexion given these findings.

A copy of a sample “Retainer Agreement” as used by the firm and its “clients” can be found at

You be the judge as to sincerity of our elected government in all of this.


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