LRT Again???

[Here we go again]


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The province of Ontario is so deeply into debt presently that it is hard to imagine anyone with even half a brain is still agitating for enormously tax expensive projects that are discretionary.   Yet, apparently here it is again: LRT in Brampton.

It is a pitiful group of social misfits and outcasts who continuously agitate for Light Rail north-south transit in Brampton.  The debt service costs already in place in Ontario are in excess of one billion dollars per year.  Money spent servicing the debt (interest payments) is a drain away from key public projects: education and health care.

Reasonable folks need to shut out the constant clamor of the little gaggle of riff-raff who agitates for something of which they know nothing and will have zero personal financial vested interests.  The silly/mixed up notion that “someone else will pay” is the stuff that keep psychiatrists wealthy.

Here we have a group of 25 to 30 year olds, still living with mom and dad because they refuse to find jobs and, instead are constantly prepared to rally behind this LRT fiasco as a pet project.  They are led by another even more perverse group being 5 or 6 men and women aged between 40 and 45 years who do not work.  These are the “leaders”.   The latter group also does not work but lives the life of latte drinking gentry while their wives are out working.  This latter group is beyond lazy and publicly will attempt to pass themselves off as “consultants”; “self employed” or “business owners”.

cry baby

They are certainly NOT leaders and are either (a) unable to find work or (b) unwilling to accept work but (more likely) have vision of personal grandeur and have never grown up.

You Want an Alternate Route for LRT?

Like the majority of municipal taxpaying residents of Brampton, this entire toilet bowl full of stupidity must end.  The process is a non-starter. The province of Ontario is in huge debt trouble and the present government is likely to be gone (voted out) within 18 months.  Get it straight: even IF approved, the LRT project would not see a shovel into the ground before the present Ontario government faces the electorate and comes to understand that its days are numbered.

Similarly, this constant divisiveness among Brampton City Council is neutering council’s ability to deal with other much more pressing issues than toy trains.

The riff-raff is clamoring for three alternative routes for the LRT (toy trains) so here is one that is without operating subsidies to be left on city taxpayers’ shoulders.

  • A motion from Brampton City Council to rescind approval given almost five years ago that allowed Metrolinx to suggest rail-mass transit routes inside the municipal boundary of Brampton. A study of municipal law indicates that a simple majority of council votes would now rescind the previous decision.
  • Here is your THIRD ALTERNATIVE: at highway 407 (the southern boundary of the Municipality of Brampton,  Metrolinx simply loop its LRT track system allowing the north bound trains to return south to Mississauga. The additional benefit (for Brampton property tax payers) is that since the LRT system does not run inside of Brampton, there would be no possibility of annual operating subsidies adding to our city tax bill.


And a final message to the adult denizens of mom and dad’s basements and their underemployed playboy leaders; perhaps all them will apply their energy and attention to situating gainful employment for themselves.  While you may be unable (because of lack of experience or education) to find a position equal to your own peculiar self esteem, there are still lots of jobs available and you have to start somewhere.


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