An LRT Compromise Scheme

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This one makes a great deal of common sense.


It works this way.  Many oppose pushing an LRT into Brampton for a number of valid reasons. Others, (though secretive in their motivations) want to see LRTs running in the city of Brampton.

I happen to oppose the LRT and say so from the outset.  I do not like leaving a provincial debt legacy for future generations – including the much talked about “millennial” generation.  I am also not pleased that money was slashed from social housing and seniors’ housing as well as from badly needed family issues such as kids over 5 with autism.

I do not like to see $336 billion in Ontario debt and recognized that debt service costs (interests) will either increase Provincial taxes or see further cuts to important services.

The Compromise

There is constant almost frantic agitation from a very small group advocating for a project that is strictly discretionary.  The world around us won’t change tomorrow or next year if we have or don’t have an LRT.

The “supposed” experts are already saying even with ideal population growth, there would not be sufficient ridership to justify the enormous investment until 2040.

A good compromise.

Go ahead and spend over $1.6 billion on capital costs to build it.  We all know two things: (1) it will end up considerably over budget (government projects tend to all end up over budget) and (2) we will have a general election in Ontario before the thing gets done (government projects never are completed on time – viz- the Hamilton LRT)  BUT

Let’s cost the LRT as a standalone entity wherein its users pay the full cost without subsidies for each ride on this LRT.  This will put an end to the terrible divisiveness and agitation inflicted on Brampton by the LRT advocates on residents, on homeowners (the real stake holders after all) and inside of City Council.


As a standalone entity, the full and complete operation costs would be borne separately by the LRT’s users.  Hands off grabbing existing Brampton Transit fares which are already subsidized by PROPERTY OWNERS in Brampton.

Can we all make that deal and get along???  This upheaval and silliness must end.

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