Silence from muslims on Orlando Speaks Volumes

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50 Murdered, many more injured by muslim terrorist

Earlier this month, two muslim women decked out in kerchiefs showed their “claws” to the Canadian public.   I can thus conclude that when motivated, Urz Heer and Noreen Ahmed-Ullah certainly are not hesitant to speak out against whatever they perceive as injustice.

You may recall that Heer, a long time Liberal who infiltrated the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Vancouver and then launched a tearful diatribe about how the previous (Harper) government was somehow defeated by the sheer weight of muslim votes that they had offended. 

No sooner was Heer’s political affiliations revealed when another muslim immigrant, Noreen Ahmed-Ullah (similarly bedecked) launched her own all-out smear campaign offending her new found home in Brampton Ontario.   The irony of Ahmed-Ullah’s rant is that she targeted Brampton which is perhaps Canada’s most vibrant and tolerant multi-cultural community.  Brampton, a community where Christian churches are nestled beside (Sikh) gudwaras, Jewish synagogues, Hindu and Buddhist temples and muslim mosques.

Somehow, despite grave cultural differences, the residents of Ahmed-Ullah’s new found home in southern Ontario have lived, worked, played and worshipped together in this city of 500,000.  Despite Ahmed-Ullah’s diatribes that received national press coverage, the City had received several national and international kudos as a prime example of how multi-cultural society can function and thrive.

From what Heer said about Canadian democratic practice and from what Ahmed-Ullah spoke about tolerance, those virtues are simply not enough and represented to Heer and Ahmed-Ullah an offense to their Islamic sensitivities.

What About Canadian Values?

urz heerNoreen Ahmed-Ullah

I can only surmise that Heer and Ahmed-Ullah both are in possession of valid passports.  As such, they certainly have options to live muslim dominant countries elsewhere but chose to move to Canada. There are any number of places where muslims are in a majority and where shariah law is in use.

I take no offence from anyone pointing out the shortcomings of Canada. In fact, there is still much to do in order to move Canada closer to perfection.  However,  I take no instructive values from Heer’s displeasure of our political system or Ahmed-Ullah’s perceived injustice about being a minority in a tolerant multi-cultural country like Canada. 

In fact, that both these women are here, walking around in kerchiefs and at liberty to speak their minds (???) says plenty.

There is fundamentally a grievous misunderstanding of multi-cultural society on display thanks to Heer and Ahmed-Ullah.  While multi-cultural society functions best by way of tolerance for any minority; there can/should be no expectation that the majority as well as those from other minorities should “accept” or “embrace” other religious ideas and skin hues.   In Canada, it is that same open-minded tolerance bolstered by laws that made this country a welcoming “new home” for both Heer and Ahmed-Ullah.  By all means’ walk around with a kerchief in Canada. You won’t be mocked or chided because we are a tolerant nation but do not delude yourself to even consider that your unusual beliefs would be easily incorporated into what is distinctly a set of Canadian values based on tolerance.  There is ample evidence that many of the tenets of islam are intolerant and concepts entirely at odds with “tolerance”.

What troubles me is the silence from persons such as Heer and Ahmed-Ullah when it comes to evil and treachery practiced in the name of their own “religion” – islam.  Frankly, the silence speaks volumes.

It is more than a “bit” odd that they can find fault with national defense policy and a world-wide war on terrorism and communities within communities that Ahmed-Ullah categorized as “ghettos” and yet say nothing about 9-11; San Bernardino (Calf);  attacks by muslims on parliament hill, a military base in Quebec and a military recruiting office in Toronto.

Is there no offence (in their minds) to jihad?

The Trudeau Government

In seven months, Justin Trudeau has shown me very little that has the slightest comprehension of Canadians or Canadian values.

His perceived infatuation with islam is troubling.  In fact, those photo opportunities in mosques are sending out warning signals to many in this cultural mosaic that is Canada.

Distancing our country from the global war on Islamic terrorism is sending out the wrong message as to Canadian nationalism.   In fact, our long standing tradition of military intervention for the causes of world-wide good is part of the fabric of Canada.

Trudeau’s love for islam and for islamists It is not going unnoticed by other minorities here inside Canada.  I am blessed with many friends and (yes) many more still on social media platforms.  There are over 700,000 Filipino expatriates in Canada.  I continuously here grave concerns  from my Filipino friends that fled Islamic extremism at the hands of Abu Sayyaf and dread the idea that Islamic terrorism is seen to be establishing itself inside of Canada by way of Justin Trudeau’s acquiesce. 

Similarly, my wide circle of genuine friends includes a large number of Sikhs and Hindus.  The Sikh Diaspora number over 500,000 while another 500,000 practice the Hindu faith here in Canada.  We benefit greatly from a large number of foreign language newspapers that are published daily and widely circulated in Canada.  A month ago, ISIS announced plans to expand terrorist activities into India.  My Hindu and Sikh neighbors and friends genuinely worry over Trudeau’s love for islam and are aggrieved to think that their families in India may become targets – even worse if some of the insurgents were radicalized here in Canada.

There are over 18 million women in Canada who are beginning to identify huge schisms between Justin Trudeau’s avowed “love” for feminism and his covert willingness to push Canada into a very bad space for women.  Sharia (islamic) law is an anathema and toxic abhorrence for all women and especially for genuine feminists (yes, I too consider myself to be a feminist).

Again, it is not going unnoticed by women in Canada that Trudeau has in his parliamentary cabinet Omar Alghabra (MP Mississauga Centre), a Sharia Law Supporter, is the new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs.  Alguabra is a close advisor and confidant of Prime Minster Trudeau.

Collectively, the perfect storm is forming inside of Canada and, sadly, media such as the Toronto Star and CBC have abdicated objective journalistic practice and opted to become a silly-public relations firm for the PMO.  Alas, truths are becoming public.

Latest Insult to Our Service Men and Women

war memorial

More than 40,000 Canadian men and women served in Afghanistan.  Sadly, 158 Canadian Armed Forces members died in the cause of peace and freedom in Afghanistan. We share in the loss and sorrow felt by the families of those who paid the ultimate price in that war on terrorism.

It was most fitting and hugely appropriate that in its final days in office, the previous government had announced plans to erect a monument (in Ottawa) paying tribute to the 40,000 heroes who volunteered to exemplify our proudest Canadian values including women’s rights on the sands of Afghanistan.

For some perverse reason, the Trudeau government has scuttled plans for the Afghan Mission Monument.  Such a tribute apparently rubs the sensitivities of Trudeau’s muslim friends as being offensive.



There are fundamental flaws in Trudeau (and his caucsus’) approach toward governing Canada.  The truth is that the majority of Canadians voted against Mr. Trudeau and the other Liberal Members of Parliament.   There is nothing in the “mandate” handed to Trudeau that gives license to repudiate basic Canadian values or sensitivities.   There is something mean spirited and malignant in watching Trudeau target and destroy Canadian values simply because (a) he can and (b) because those values were valued by his predecessor.

I urge ALL Canadians to contact your own Member of Parliament and let them know that you have drawn a line and will not accept insults to our military personnel.  Build the monument!


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4 thoughts on “Silence from muslims on Orlando Speaks Volumes”

  1. A voice of reason & a beacon of light in the darkness of the media! Will the CBC & Toronto Star awake from their illusive trance?
    Thank you Lloyd for hitting the nail on the head!

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