Trudeau~ The Enigma




When Truth Gets in the Way of Image

Wealthy, spoiled and often outrageously impertinent; seems to pretty much describe the “sum” of Justin Pierre James Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada.

Kevin O’Leary (Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank fame) said it best in describing a perceived romance with the Trudeau regime.  O’Leary said, “At the beginning of any romance, everything is always rosy (paraphrased). But as time passes, imperfections and disappointments often change romance into loathing.

I see Justin Trudeau no differently today than a year ago: as an individual more apt to be performing TV commercials for some corporate product than actually running a complex corporation such as government.   Simply put, there was not a single achievement in his personal resume that would convince me that he possessed much more than good PR skills. I give little (if any)  weight to Justin Trudeau’s spotty work history that highlights having held the following jobs: a part time (mediocre) ski instructor certainly not of Olympic caliber; a bar room bouncer (though his outburst of physical violence right on the floor of Parliament might  be such a transferable skill) and (let’s not overlook) a brief period of time when he was a PART-TIME teacher and was unable to latch onto a permanent teaching contract in British Columbia.  Had Justin Trudeau not advocated so much for real change during the past campaign one might simply ignore his failings.

A Magical Enigma and Master of Illusion

So what of those “sunny ways” that Justin Trudeau staked claim to in his speech at the swearing I ceremony?   I focus on the word “ways” which imply actions rather than words.  How has Justin Trudeau really fared?  Well, he has excelled at his single strength: good PR skills though much of what he says contradicts underlying fact.

During the campaign, Team Trudeau successfully branded (then) Prime Steven Harper as very much an autocrat who micromanaged each and every Ministerial portfolio from the Prime Minister’s desk.  If one peruses sound bites and various media releases by many of Trudeau’s Cabinet members thus far, there is an eerily Harper-like theme to it.  A few examples, perhaps????

On Election Reform

Aside from the cold-hard fact that the “Minister” running that file (Maryam Monsef, the Minister of Democratic Institutions) is so far out of her depth in her portfolio that it leaves one thinking “why?”.  Monsef is a recent immigrant from Afghanistan who’s career track record was entirely in a window washing business in Peterborough, Ontario.  Not that there is anything wrong with washing dirty windows and kudos to this new Canadian for exhibiting a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.  Though, I am nonplused to grasp exactly what an immigrant from Afghanistan brings to the table in her assigned role or exactly how she concludes that (her words) “Canada’s electoral system is antiquated”.

Monsef set about her work on the electoral reform file much like a rogue bulldozer.  She made it known that her “plan” amounted to appointing a committee weighted with her Liberal colleagues and quickly placing an Act of Parliament onto the Order Paper.  Given the clear Liberal majority in Parliament,  Monsaf would propel herself into the role of “parliamentary superstar”.

Her colleague and House Leader Dom Leblanc seconded the process by suggesting that he and the Liberal majority could easily pass legislation that would stifle the Opposition from daring to question the “Mandate” of the Trudeau government.  The entire thing (Monsaf’s scheme and LeBlanc’s proposition) took on a very sinister and “bully in the school yard” complexion.

In it all, Prime Minister Justin was mysteriously silent though not any of it seemed to fit his prescription for “sunny ways”

And then May 18, 2016, enraged by the fact the he was not the center of all things happening in Parliament,  Justin Trudeau leaps from his assigned seat, and strides across the floor of parliament (bellowing obscenities ) and channeled his old job as bar room bouncer to engage in some none-too-flattering rough-housing with some opposition members.  He subsequently apologized three times and the tone of Monsaf’s and LeBlanc’s scheme became a bit more subdued.

The media covering day-to-day files in Ottawa leave very little doubt that IN ALL THINGS, Trudeau and his staff keep the various Ministers on very short leashes to the point that genuine fear of Prime Ministerial reprisals cause many Ministers to be far less than candid in dealing with the media and demand anonymity whenever they offer comments outside of prepared texts and media releases.

Was Trudeau aware of and in agreement with the Monsaf/LeBlanc heavy-handed approach on Election Reform?   I would wager – YES.

And I wonder how long it will take until word eventually seeps out that Trudeau is also an autocratic micro-manager and possesses the same perceived faults that Trudeau ascribed to Steven Harper.

F35 Fighter Flip-flop

The Trudeau government has gone wobbly on its commitment to buy a better, cheaper fighter jet to replace the CF-18 and invest any savings in naval vessels.  In the campaign, the Liberals said there would be no chance we’d be buying those cripplingly costly F-35 fighter jets. Now those jets are back among the contenders on the procurement list. 

Flip-flop is “so” yesterday in the Liberal tool box.  Criticize something (anything) incessantly while in opposition and then champion the same thing when in power.  In the 1974 election, Pierre Trudeau openly campaigned that he was opposed invoking to Wage and Price Controls to stem inflation.  One year later (after being elected) Pierre Trudeau invoked his infamous 6 and 5 wage and price controls.

Trudeau (senior) was not alone.  Jean Chrétien gave the impression during the 1993 election campaign that he would do away with the much-detested GST.  It never happened.  Who can ever forget the famous Sheila Copps sacrificial resignation and subsequent by-election victory wherein she became the sacrificial lamb for the GST saga.  The GST remained fully in force until July 1, 2006, the Government of Canada (Harper) reduced the tax by 1 percentage point (to 6%), as promised by the Conservative Party in the 2006 election campaign.  They again lowered it to 5%, effective January 1, 2008.

Though the CF18 fleet is long past replacement dates and is presently held together more by magic than design, the world has changed.  The F35 represents the new order of things where stealth is as important as speed for military interceptors – though nothing seems quite as “stealthy” as the present Trudeau government.

Foreign Policy

Justin Trudeau visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, the site of the former Nazi death camp, in southwestern Poland.  He brought with him, Mr. Nate Leipciger, 88, a Holocaust survivor now living in Canada.

Justin is all about wardrobe and costuming and thus he spent his day in Auschwitz bedecked in a Jewish Yarmulke (Kipa) and with great theatrical flair was (apparently) observed wiping tears from his eyes on a couple of occasions.

I too have visited the Auschwitz site as well as other sites at Treblinka (Poland) and Dachau  (inside Germany).  I too was shaken by several rooms filled with human hair that had been cut off the heads of inmates on their way to death to make blankets.  The starkness of the various exhibits is riveting and ought to be seen by everyone.  It offends to think that Justin Trudeau used such a venue for yet another photo opportunity. Trudeau’s crassness while at Auschwitz in converting a serious and somber event into a farcical and self promoting theatrical stunt and bringing along an avowed anti-Semite like Stephen Dion  offends my own sensitivities as a non-Jew and trivializes the stark fact that over 1.1 million souls perished inside Auschwitz.   Those souls perished through anti-Semitic racism that is not at all dissimilar from the same hatred espoused today by the islamist beliefs being nurtured by Trudeau.

To treat a tour of such a place as if it was a tour of Disneyland offends, shows a lack of empathy, a lack of maturity and a large scale absence of good judgement. 

By way of paradox, understanding that Trudeau is all about costumes and stage props I have grave difficulty comprehending Trudeau’s willful blindness to events in the Middle East. Moreover, it is mystifying to understand how this yarmulke wearing death camp visitor can square his own conscience to the point where he dons muslim ceremonial garb and recites the shadada as he did in a mosque in British Columbia where he took a VERY active part in a ceremony called, the Maghrib salah.

It’s a daily prayer service with a particular meaning. Part of the prayer is called the shahada, which in Arabic means to testify. As in, to testify to the Truth that Allah is the one true God, and Mohammed is his one true Prophet.

To say the shahada, in the presence of two or more Muslim males, is the sole requirement in Islamic law to convert to Islam.

But, with Trudeau, it is all about theatrics, stage props and selfies.

As do many others, I see through the shams contained in Justin Trudeau’s narcissistic personality.  Where I do form conclusions are by way of Trudeau’s actions.

In a pivotal role in the Trudeau cabinet is Stephen Dion, a well known anti-Semite who openly advocates wide ranging economic sanctions against Israel while advocating “responsible neutrality” which extends to fulsome relations with the Islamic republic of Iran an avowed arch-enemy of Israel.  It did not go unnoticed that Trudeau was accompanied by Stephan Dion throughout the tour of Auschwitz.  Troubling?Perplexing?

The “photo” high light of Justin Trudeau visit at Auschwitz occurred when Trudeau, having taken the prescribed oath for conversion to islam, wearing his Jewish yarmulke bows his head and then crosses himself as a Roman Catholic.  The alarming mixture of all of it together subtracted from the somberness and seriousness of what he had just seen at Auschwitz.

Equally troubling is Trudeau’s own self identification as an avowed and open “feminist” when laid out beside his own comments about certain aspects of Islamic culture and faith which many of us find revolting.    According to Trudeau, “Honor killings shouldn’t be called barbaric.”

Certain things are fact and have valid reasons to take on importance.  Israel is an important strategic partner in the Middle East.  In many ways, the west (Canada, Britain and USA) benefit by way of having Israeli eyes and ears in the craziness called the Middle East.

Israel represents less than 3% of the land mass in the Middle East. The entire remaining 97% is Islamic.  Yet, Israel despite its relatively minor territorial existence constantly struggles to maintain even this small amount of territory.  The varoius combined islamist countries have made it their purpose to push Israel out of even this small amount of territory.   At some point, we must stand up to the bully in the playground and equally important, Mr. Trudeau would be well advised to stop the play acting and begin to shine some pride onto the office that we have entrusted him with.  That begins with a basic understanding that it is not all about “Justin” and must become about the inherent principles and values that are Canada.


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  1. A very good article, well worth reading and sharing. Unfortunately it contains several typos. One blatant error is in the spelling of Kevin O’Leary’s name which in both instances was written without the ‘O’ before Leary. I certainly hope the author takes the time to thoroughly comb through the paper for typos, make the corrections, and then republish the piece.

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