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The USA Democratic Party Scandal


Having witnessed, in Canada exactly what the “short pants boys” inside the Liberal backrooms will stoop to, yesterday’s stunning disclosure (in the USA) of the dirty politics employed within the Democratic Party is compelling evidence that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

For those who missed it, “Wiki leaks” managed to get their hand on a cache of 19,000 internal emails from inside the head quarters of the Democratic National Party head quarters in Washington D.C.

At the eye of the storm is Luis Miranda , the party’s communications director and the party’s national campaign manager, Steve Paikowsky.  The principal targets for proposed “dirty deeds” were Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The visceral attacks suggested to be inflicted on Democratic candidate Sanders are clear proof that Sanders and his supporters were considered outsiders by the Party and were at a clear disadvantage in attempting to bring about substantive change from inside the party.   While it is (perhaps) understandable that these individuals perceived (correctly) that Trump – by disagreeing with large amounts of Democrat policy was “opposition”.  However, it is clear in reading these emails that they contained salacious and underhanded suggestions verging on slander.

In the first 1,000 emails; it is disclosed that the party chairperson had stacked various regulatory committees with “pro-Clinton” backers;  constantly referred to some unknown entity they refer to as “the establishment” actively engaged in schemes and plans to attack Bernie Sanders – most specifically attacks on his religion (a Jew).  Given Clinton’s repeated remarks about Trump’s alleged bias against muslims, the party’s targeting of Sanders based on his religion is difficult to understand or accept.

It is painfully obvious that the party had pretty much made up its mind that Hillary Clinton would receive the nomination and the “back room boys and girls” at Party Headquarters – though probably not illegal is  MOST CERTAINLY unethical.  If I were a card carrying Democrat (and I am not) I would be deeply offended that “the deal was already done” in the minds of those running the “party” and that delegate votes and delegate opinions were unimportant. 

It will be very interesting to watch the “Party” attempt to spin the sordid story into a less damaging frame in the midst of the Presidential Campaign that has Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running “neck and neck” for the Oval Office.  More so,   the subsequent appointment of omnipotent Supreme Court judges made by either Trump or Clinton will have repercussions on the state of affairs inside USA for many decades after Trump or Clinton is eventually replaced through normal process in eight years (or less).

Overnight Party Spin is Almost Comical

In no particular order, the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz handed in her resignation.    An article in today’s Fortune magazine has Hillary Clinton referring to Schultz as her “long time friend”.  (no need to implicate yourself in this one, Hillary).

But, things got even sillier when Hillary Clinton attempted to deflect attention away from the scandalous content of the 19,000 emails by attempting to point blame at “Russian spies” who she suggests poached the Democratic Party’s email server and then disclosed this information. 

The main interest ought to be in the contents of these 19,000 scandalous documents and NOT how they became disclosed to the public. 

Ms. Clinton’s new-found interest in the e-mail security of the Democratic Party is quite different than how she handled sensitive e-mails containing security sensitive files while Secretary of State.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a great deal to say about Ms. Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail server outside the firewalls required within the State Department.

It is troubling and perplexing that one of the individuals implicated in this new e-mail scandal is Luis Miranda  (The Democratic Party’s Communications Director ).  Miranda held a fairly high level post in the Barack Obama administration where he  headed the White House’s Hispanic Media department until moving over to  Democratic Party job as head of communications beginning last October (2015).

In a couple of the leaked e-mails, Miranda advises the readers (party insiders) to begin stating that they should start denying that the FBI was investigating Clinton on improper use of non-secured private e-mail server.  Given Miranda’s deep connections inside the White House, it is “troubling” that he began promoting the denial story on April 24, 2016. It is widely known fact that only, in the past week has the FBI decided not to peruse criminal charges against Clinton. One wonders how Luis Miranda had such knowledge 90 days before the FBI finalize d its investigation on Clinton.

Email below (dated April 24, 2016) infers that Miranda (an ex Whitehouse staffer) knew as early as April 2016 that the FBI would NOT issuing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

luis miranda



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4 thoughts on “Political Dirty Tricks”

      1. The only feasible explanation is that the corporate bigwig’s of mainstream media must be getting one hell of a tax break from the current administration and they know Clinton is 4 more years of the same!

    1. More perplexing? I think everyone deserves to know WHO is the “party establishment” mentioned in numerous in these leaked emails. If the membership is not “the legitimate establishment”; who exactly is?

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