Trudeau Tragically Un-Hip


This Guy has No Shame


The media fails us very often and it gives rise to suspicions about the journalistic integrity that has gone missing in Canada.

Incomplete stories where large portions of the story are simply ignored while placing emphasis on only a part of a story is not accurate fulsome reporting and is more about manipulation than fulfilling the legitimate mandate of the media.

An Anecdotal Story

An anecdotal story took place several years ago about a fictitious 100 meter race between the top sprinter from the USA and the top sprinter from the (then) Soviet Union.  The Washington Post reports the story the next day factually stating that the American sprinter won the race.  The Soviet state newspaper, Pravda (meaning truth) reported that a major race had taken place where in the Soviet hero had finished in second place, no mention that the American had won and alluding to the notion that numerous other sprinters also took place.

I have witnessed as the Canadian media has sunk to Pravda standards in its dealing with Justin Trudeau.

I have watched this most recent story unfold and am still waiting for the Canadian media to do its job and show a bit of journalistic integrity.

The Cabinet Retreat

Kananaskis Lodge, Alberta



Site of the January 2016 junket at St. Andrews New Brunswick

Several months ago, the Liberals took some heat in Parliament concerning the venues used for a pair of pricey cabinet retreats.  In January (2016) Trudeau, his 30 member cabinet and the usual entourage of hangers-on checked into a pricey resort in St. Andrews, ($200/night/person).  Not to be outdone by the spending spree in New Brunswick, Trudeau collected the gang together in April (2016) for a three day retreat (junket) at the Kananaskis Lodge, a pricey resort in Alberta (over $200/night/person).

The latest “junket” witnessed the Trudeau cabinet hunkering down for a three day binge at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario where they would be staying in the student dormitories that sat empty during the summer vacation on campus.  Ever the adept opportunist for “good spin”, Trudeau stated that he wanted to show the “average Canadian” that he can act “average”.  He failed to mention the criticism and bad image portrayed evidenced by his two previous junkets/retreats.

He also failed to mention a couple of other vital facts.  (1) According to Statistics Canada, Canadians again lost jobs in June 2016; (2) StatsCan also revealed that Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) took a major tumble in June.  They report that the GDP had nose dived by almost 22%, the largest single decline in over 10 years; (3) Owing to glitches in the “new” Phoenix payroll system, run from the Public Service Pay Centre in Miramichi (N.B.), over 80,000 Federal Civil Servants remain unpaid – some for several months.

In context with trying to appear “average” there is not much that the “average” Canadian can find comfort with in Trudeau’s actions and activities.

However, the subterfuge never ends with Trudeau in charge. It turns out that those frequent retreats are really not as important as the media reports.

The Sudbury Junket

While the cabinet and assorted “hangers-on “showed up this weekend for the much heralded retreat, things aren’t the way they appear.

It turns out that at least two of the central players in any cabinet junket had other (more important things) to deal with.

Bardish Chagger was just named the new government House Leader. She dashed off to Ottawa to quickly get sworn in at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. Her ensuing pay increase would not come into effect until she was sworn in.  Why sacrifice a few days of her “entitlement?  Thus, we have an important and costly retreat/junket being held in Sudbury while the Liberal House Leader dashes off to Ottawa to pass go and collect an extra pay.

And where was Justin?  He excused himself and dashed (flew) off to Toronto for a photo-opportunity on the streets of Toronto to commemorate the Filipino Independence Day. The Filipino’s that I know are pretty “Peed Off” with Trudeau’s soft stand on terrorism. It seems that most Filipino’s in Canada are very well aware of the terrorist threats (at the hands of Al-Qaeda-affiliated, Abū Sayyāf)


Not a word from the media about Trudeau choosing to skip out of the crucial discussions at the Sudbury junket (retreat) and hopping a taxpayer funded private jet into Toronto for a photo-opportunity.  But,,,,Justin then took things a step further.  To his thinking, he had done something for Canada in attending the photo-opportunity in Toronto and it was only “fair” that he do something that he wanted to do.  He then jumped back onto the airplane in order to show up for the Tragically Hip concert in Kingston, Ontario.

The costs for such impulsive travel ought to have been enough to prevent him from such a spending binge.  It apparently did not dissuade young Trudeau who gets a free pass from the nation’s media.

liberal piggyentitlementPM


Instead of treating this blatant waste of tax dollars as the media had treated former Health Minister Bev Oda’s infamous glass of orange juice in Paris, what did the media do??  They simply got word out on Kingston radio and TV stations outlining Justin’s planned walk along King Street In Kingston to assure that there would be a crowd.

Shame on the media!

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5 thoughts on “Trudeau Tragically Un-Hip”

  1. Please someone ..calculate the security costs of guarding this twit, and his family. It matters not that he goes in Pride parades, but walking ? And with his family ?how the hell could he and his family be removed from threats or aggressive acts when walking amongst a huge crowd, largely uncontrolled?
    JT leaving the baby asleep in a stroller unattended as he ran to hug a drag queen was disgusting. My respect is for this HUGE security continent working at taxpayers expense to protect this irresponsible ….! What are the costs to the taxpayers ?

  2. A more suitable Toronto photo op, would have been showing up at the Warrior’s Parade at the CNE. To show respect for the sacrifices made by the Noble Men and Women. Who have made possible Justin’s life of Largess at the Taxpayers expense.

  3. Reblogged this on Robbie's Blog and commented:
    When one is that shameless, a spit in the face translate to a rain drop (a translated old proverb). The latter shows the failure to distinguish a curse from a blessing while worrying about the show off! ,אדיש, قليل الشئمة

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