9/11 Je me souviens





Where is Our Prime Minister???


Like most others, I can recall those exact minutes and painful hours vividly as they were permanently etched into our collective DNA.  We each added a new (foreign) word to our collective lexicons: jihad.

This continent had faced the cruel face of religious fanaticism as it spread its tentacles across the ocean and thrust a deadly blow into our hearts and into our very being.  We were suddenly extremely vulnerable and experience an epiphany of awareness about the goals and ruthlessness of Islamic dogma and creed.

Today, as we reflect back 15 long years; I ask myself if that painful message delivered by 19 barbaric hijackers who murdered 2,996 innocent men and women on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 is remembered and if we learned from it.  Another 6,000 were seriously injured and among first responders, another 117 have subsequently succumbed to cancer resulting from the toxins inhaled on that terrible day.

Earlier today, I watched a live broadcast of the regular annual commemoration of the 9/11 from Jerusalem (Israel).  It was a somber event in which the name of each of the victims was read aloud.  The event also hosted a number of USA police and first responders were brought to Israel in tribute.  It was heartwarming to watch hundreds of Israelis taking part in this somber remembrance alongside genuine heroes from the USA.



I suppose that’s what friends do. When a friend is hurt or harmed, genuine friends feel and share that pain.

In the part of the world where Israel exists, having sympathy for the USA or for that matter, anything except caliphate are not popular sentiments.

Here in Canada

The Prime Minister has been coyly silent in his own stealthy way.  It is as if to say that he has not a bit of sympathy for our closest friend and dearest neighbor with whom we share a common culture and history.

The city of St. John’s that was host for hundreds of diverted flights on September 11, 2001 is holding an event and should be commended.  Our national defense Minister is scheduled to speak at another event.  Other than that, Canada’s (present) government is silent – crickets.

Trudeau represents a narrow insular view of the world around him.  His own blinkered loyalty to the “wrong side” on this issue is more than just his exercise in “political correctness”: it is pure cowardice being displayed.

To my hundreds of readers in the USA,  I apologize for the ignorance displayed by the present Canadian parliament in not under doing something meaningful to commemorate that day of infamy.

It is most telling that while Trudeau was too busy to bother, it was a true Prime Minister: Stephen Harper who travelled to New York today to stand alongside decent folks who mourn the vicious and cowardly acts of jihadists.  It is little wonder why terrorist’s acts are becoming the new-norm in Canada.  It seems that when the public loses its voice, that cowards can then prevail.  

I am truly ashamed.  I have NOT forgotten.  Je me souviens.

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