What Are Teachers Doing To Our Children?


Two Amazing tales of Education Going off The Rails


I leave this one up to you as today, I would like to  point to two different stories that present an unsettling picture of political correctness.

Politics is the realm for adults not children. Observing these two stories, I am left dumbfounded as to the thought process being used by our teachers and by those advising them.

The mainstream school system in Ontario is nondenominational.  Alternately, there are Catholic schools as well as faith based schools for more devout followers of whatever religion the parents choose to pursue.  That is not to say that there are not strong Judeo-Christian roots deep into Canadian history and culture.

Even the National Anthem of Canada specifies a deity. [“in all of THY command’]

God Is Like Oxygen



At Innerkip Central School in Oxford County, a young girl and her class were asked by their teacher to prepare their own individual pictures using the color wheel along with one of their own favorite messages.  Frankly, her art piece was compelling in that it revealed the underlying message of all religions – that of an omnipotent, supreme entity that provided life.

This child had crafted a wonderful rendering of a a colour wheel along with a thought provoking caption stating that  “God is like oxygen. You can’t see Him but can’t live without Him.”

This classroom assignment was in preparation for an upcoming teacher/parent event planned to take place in the evening when parents would be invited into the classroom to observe the children’s’ work and speak with the teacher.

When the young girl showed her artistic work to her teacher, she was instructed NOT hang it on display along with the works of her classmates but, instead to put it away in her desk.   The reasoning provided by the teacher was that this precious thought contained a “religious message”.

I am appalled. This precious child produced something that is at the essence of this silly-mixed-up thing called “multiculturalism”.  Frankly, there is nothing that any reasonable person could possibly find offensive to anyone who gives a thought to what life is all about. It is certainly not religious as signing a National Anthem that refers to a deity is not religious.

Let Then Pray


[Nickolas Stefanoff, the principal of Valley Park, provides the school’s cafeteria to Muslim students who want to pray, but takes no responsibility for how a group of parents runs the sessions. (Image: Lee Towndrow)]

Meanwhile, 150 km away in Scarborough, Ontario at another nondenominational school we learn that muslim student are permitted to physically take over the school’s cafeteria  for their own exclusive use to facilitate their Islamic prayer rituals. Those rituals involve a flamboyant and demonstrative exhibition of them prostrating themselves and chanting.  Even worse, while this takes place, the girls involved are forced to the back rows.  It does not seem (in the least) to be consistent with “Canadian values” as to gender equality.

[Nickolas Stefanoff, the principal of Valley Park, provides the school’s cafeteria to Muslim students who want to pray, but takes no responsibility for how a group of parents runs the sessions. (Image: Lee Towndrow)]

Moreover, by banishing non-muslims form using the cafeteria for its intended purpose – eating food, the thing becomes farcical even by the Orwellian descriptions in Animal Farm.   On Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, all animals were equal except that some animals were “more equal than others”.

Thus, at Valley Park Middle School which is 150 km from Innerkip, Ontario, the principal hefts the other (non-muslim) students out of the (publicly funded) cafeteria to make way for the muslim students.  At the same time, the school exercises no control over what the visiting “officiant” is exposing his cafeteria congregation to.  Whatever actually takes place during these “prayer rituals” is beyond the purview of the principal, the teachers or the school board.  It is all conducted in Arabic which is not an official language in Canada when I last checked.

Time to Rethink Multiculturalism

At its roots, multiculturalism is simply intended to be a practice of mutual tolerance.  Along the way, it has become perverted to imply/demand that one must “accept or embrace” things that are outside one’s own beliefs or culture.

Thus, in multicultural Canada, a muslim should have every right to expect that he/she would be “tolerated” and not interfered with in the practice of their beliefs while (at the same time) not interfering with the beliefs of others.   This practice at Valley Park School in Scarborough fles in the face of multiculturalism and of tolerance.   The parents of non-muslim children attending that school have every right to expect that whatever religious tenets are held in the family home are not trivialized at the school.

Too often, we hear and read about events such as this.  A school in Newfoundland was asked (by muslims) to remove a cross that is on display outside the school.  Another Catholic School Board was asked to remove all the Crucifixes from classroom.  Another muslim university student launched a million dollar suit against his university for “failing to provide” a prayer room for his use.

I was always taught – by my parents and by my teachers that with “rights” come “responsibilities”.

That precious little picture drawn by a little girl in Innerkip, Ontario contains a great deal more intelligence than is displayed by any of the teachers or school officials involved in either of these (above) stories.

I respectfully suggest that Canada Post consider using her art and its precious message for a future postage stamp.  It turn out, this little girl has it all figured out pretty well. What do you think?

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