The Clintons & “Monica’s Story”


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Past Behavior never fails. Actions in Future always Predicable

By Wednesday morning, November 9th, 2016, the world’s leading democracy will have chosen a new president. The process has elected 44 individuals to head government and become the majority choice (via Electoral College votes) thus becoming the world’s most powerful leader for a four year term.  Number 45 will be chosen following a raucous and often vicious campaign unlike any other in American history.

Number 40 was William Jefferson Clinton who would become only the second active president to face impeachment.  Although there is no doubt that his lurid sex crazed escapades were indications of some glaring character faults, Clinton faced impeachment for lying – perjuring himself and attempting to conceal evidence from others within his reach.  And, as President, Mr. Clinton’s reach was extensive.


In his excellently written book, “Monica’s Story”, bestselling author Andrew Morton produced a thorough account of an almost two year affair inside the White House between Monica Lewinski a (then) 21 year old intern and Bill Clinton, her 49 year old boss.  Throughout the entire affair, Mr. Clinton was the President of the United States AND Mr. Clinton was married to Hillary Clinton who is now attempting to become #45.

Extra marital affairs happen every day in every corner of the globe.   The truly unique part of the Clinton/Lewinski was that it took place in the matrimonial home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. I doubt that too many married men culminate their sexual trysts in the matrimonial residence shared with their spouse.

As one learns in reading “Monica’s Story”, the very first of numerous sexual rendezvous between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski took it even a step further; right in Mrs. Clinton’s bedroom.

As everyone knows,  Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski’s situation became known as a result of one of Monica’s friends (Linda Tripp) spilling the beans.  Lewinski had confided in Tripp most likely because as a 21 year-old; she perhaps needed to share her story and trusted Tripp.

Numerous attempts by Clinton and his staff were made to cover their tracks including Mr. Clinton’s “infamous” national TV broadcast where he emphatically denied the affair by stating that, “I did not have sex with that woman.”


As the world would learn over the next few months as the Starr Inquiry unfolded; Mr. Clinton was lying. Moreover, in a troubling process, Clinton’s affair with Lewinski was probably not his first and a string of illicit affairs took place even while Clinton served as governor of Arkansas between 1979 and 1992.  The Clintons married in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on 11 October 1975.  Both Bill and Hillary are lawyers.

By most accounts, Bill Clinton was accused of at least a dozen affairs throughout the period of the Clinton marriage.  It begs questions about Hillary’s ability to smell the “odd bit of perfume” or notice errant lipstick on hubby’s shirts.  It pushes credulity far beyond reasonable limits.

Hillary, Bill and Monica

The Lewinski part of the story is troubling.  She was publicly shamed and humiliated resulting in years of psycho-therapy.   Bill Clinton, on the other hand, seemingly shameless is one of planet earth’s most expensive speakers and regularly takes an active part in his wife’s (Hillary’s) campaign to become #45.

It is troubling that many times during the present campaign; the victimization of women has reared itself as a very important issue.  Rightfully, it should be important though (it seems) that in Lewinski’s case, she was painted as the seductress and held up to public shame and scorn while Mr. Clinton reputation has been unaffected.  Aside from being disbarred as an attorney, Bill Clinton was allowed to serve out the balance of his term in office.  He was not required to skulk out of town as was the case of Richard Nixon (President #37) who was forced to resign office on August 9, 1974 as a result of a break in at the headquarters of the Democratic Party at the Watergate Hotel.   As with the (Clinton) Starr inquiry the Watergate Inquiry of 1974 painted a sordid picture of Nixon being highly engaged hiding and destroying incriminating evidence about the break in.

Two ironic similarities are worth noting.  At one point (in 1974) a then 27 year old staff lawyer, Hillary Rodham was removed from the legal staff of the House Judiciary Committee which was handling the Nixon impeachment.    The second coincidence is greatly troubling.  It was two staff reporters from the Washington Post who dug relentlessly until they unearthed details (from “Deep Throat” – an anonymous source) that effectively ended Nixon’s political career.   I say “troubling” given almost blind support shown to the Clintons during the Starr inquiry and subsequently even expanding into the present day campaign where Bill Clinton is being marketed as faultless character and great statesman.

But,,, what of Hillary?

Hillary Clinton

An old adage has it that, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.  The Hillary Clinton reactions about her husband’s infidelity are well set out in Andrew Morton’s “Monika’s Story” (at page 204).  Almost comically, we have this vignette of the “real” Hillary Clinton.  That wrath that could have and should have been Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Bill Clinton’s (her spouse’s) infidelity as became public knowledge.  Instead, Hillary chose to lash out and blame the entire disclosure including the inquiry as “a vast right wing conspiracy of malicious headed by a politically motivated prosecutor (Kenneth Starr)”

That seems to completely ignore her husband’s (Bill Clinton’s) sexual antics and come close to painting Bill Clinton as the victim.  Similarly, Hillary conducted herself as another victim and as the courageously “loyal” “stand by your man” spouse.

Monica Lewinski, on the other hand (as a result of Hillary’s issue management skills) would be shamed relentlessly.  The Democrats depicted her as a Republican agent who had “corrupted” President Clinton and the Republicans did immeasurable harm to Lewinski’s reputation by assuring that the lurid details were made known far and wide in world-wide media.

The actual real victim (Lewinski) a gullible 21 was an easy “mark” for a powerful man of over twice her age in a position of tremendous power.  It is greatly hypocritical today to hear Hillary Clinton sermonizing about protecting women’s rights given the character destruction heaped on Lewinski. It is most ironic, greatly troubling and extremely hypocritical whenever any victim endures public shaming by folks such as the Clintons and that Hillary Clinton, through lack of compassion has been silent on what Mr. Clinton did and equally silent while the name “Lewinski” has been forever linked with the term “scandal”.  In the mean time, Bill Clinton’s reputation has been resurrected.  It seems unfair.  It is as if those stains on the famous blue dress arrived there without William Jefferson Clinton’s involvement.

The “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychology” (Joni E. Johnston, Psy. D.) states that “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”.  There are too many grave similarities between Hillary Clinton’s tirade about perceived “right wing conspiracies” leading to her husband’s scandal and the recent Wikileaks scandal dealing with contents of emails generated by Mrs. Clinton’s staff and surrogates dealing with some extremely undemocratic practices and tactics.   Rather than taking ownership for some very bad things discussed in those emails, Mrs. Clinton has chosen to attempt to deflect attention towards the Russian intelligence apparatus exactly as she manipulated blame for Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades almost twenty years ago.

I am unsure that Mrs. Clinton’s moral compass is not overly influenced by a hunger for power.  My sympathy goes out to the victims of politically motivated manipulation.  In the case of the upcoming US election, even with Trump’s sometimes foolish comments, it may be the case of “better the devil you know, than the one you don’t”.

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