Trump: A political Movement Long Overdue


[The Silent Majority Finally Finds its Voice]


Whew! We just watched history tonight. Congratulations, America on President Donald Trump’s resounding election as the 45th President of the United States.


 A populist movement has tossed out the corruption of political elites. In a tireless campaign often touching down on three or four venues a day, Trump’s team was unrelenting.  His opponent (Clinton) relied on time-tried slick formulas applied with machine like precision.   Trump’s words touched while Clinton’s rhetoric was unapologetic for the grim and bleak futures faced by an American public that finally had decided to no longer accept less than greatness for a failing nation led by failed policy.  Nineteen trillion dollars in national debt, empty factories left behind as a result of trade policies that took jobs to other countries at long last heard the voices of unemployed workers who had been left behind.  Crumbling inner-cities rife with crime were finally finding a voice that demanded better.  

Serving up lame excuses and mediocre hollow political gamesmanship finally fell on deaf ears as yesterday, finally a great nation (USA) took its first step towards reclaiming what is rightfully a reasonable expectation for every man, woman and child.  That expectation?  Those politicians fail when they stop listening to their constituents and instead assign grandiose priorities that have little or no significance to the citizens. 

Less than full employment, smothering despair and no hope for a better tomorrow are not the great American dream nor are they the stuff that the founding fathers discussed at the First Continental Congress.  The legacy of 240 years of a great nation and a great population do not include debt servitude and the independence of a great and sovereign nation will never co-exist with wide open borders or with easy access for terror or crime threatening American communities, cities or families. 

I am enthused to hear criticism of international trade agreements that purport to create wider markets but destroy good paying manufacturing jobs.  Both Canada and the USA suffered badly as consequence of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) wherein great Canadian employers such as NORTEL are now operating in Mexico.  Similarly, the most recent European agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are without value unless there are iron clad guarantees that Canadian jobs can never be lost to relocation to other countries.


To those of us who believe in democracy, a great lesson was taught to the world by the millions who cast ballots on November 8th, 2016 and in the many advance polls.  Not only did the USA change leadership yesterday; the nation changed direction.  In lesser nations, such change would take place by armed revolt.  The light atop a beacon of hope for the entire world was relit last evening.

The election has passed. New leadership has been peacefully chosen and a great task is ahead.  I suspect (knowing Americans pretty well), that the daunting task of making the country GREAT AGAIN will involve great effort and focus on something that is still hiding in a distant fog.

Build the Wall

Street crime and street gangs drain dignity and resources of the populace.  Trump hit the nail on the head as far as criminality arriving across the Mexico/USA border to the south.  The Mexicans lament the same problems as Central American street gangs have overrun place like Guatemala and El Salvador and too frequently pass through Mexico on their way to rich drug markets in places like Los Angeles and San Antonio and have now established firm foot holds in too many American cities. 

Trump similarly was on point when he chose to identify terrorism – more specifically Islamic terrorism as an unwelcome new arrival in the USA.  Attacks such as those that occurred in San Bernardino and Orlando have no place in a GREAT COUNTRY.  Knee-jerk, wlly-nilly and unvetted refugee schemes that present any opportunities for jihadists to infiltrate and erode internal peace have no place in a GREAT country.   Although the concept of providing safe shelter to another 300,000 Syrian refugees has a great humanitarian appeal, to simply throw open doors and borders without due diligence is reckless and neglectful. 

The inscription on one of the world’s great icons, the Statue of Liberty says, “”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”  It is not a betrayal of that concept to use care and caution when deciding who to admit.  No farmer would knowingly toss his barn door open and permit the wolf to follow the sheep into his barn.

A Valuable Lesson for Canada as well.

As much as stricter and more visible border control is needed along the southern border (Mexico/USA), the reckless and haphazard admission of Syrian refugees into Canada may present a grave and serious threat to Canadian and American security.

It is incumbent upon the present Canadian government to not only use extreme scrutiny in selection of refugees from regions known to be home of jihadists and terrorists.  Such diligence MUST not only be rigidly enforced by Canadian authorities BUT must also be much more apparent than the secretive practice presently taking place.   To do less (in Canada) is a betrayal of the good will that exists between Canada and our greatest ally and democratic collaborator.  Our failure to apply vigilance could ultimately result in yet another wall being erected along the 49th parallel – at the cost of Canadians who unwittingly have permitted our government to allow emotional foolishness to replace common sense.


America is finally on a good path.  The silent majority has found voice that has for too long been stifled by political correctness.  Let’s hope that voters in Ontario and throughout Canada will see the light and follow suit.

Trump, with majority control over Congress and Senate will hopefully follow through on the Trust that voters have shown in him. This is a blow against globalism and the George Soros “open door” philosophy, Canada’s leader would be WISE to rethink his Syrian refugee schemes or Canadians may end up also paying for a wall to protect Americans from Syrian (alleged) refugees and those easily entering Canada from known terrorist regions. As much as Trump has promised to protect Americans from drugs from the south, there is a moral duty to protect his people from terrorists with easy access to Canada.

Democracy spoke tonight in the USA and will (soon enough) speak in Ontario and across Canada.


God bless America and good luck President Trump.

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