Apparently, Hydro Rates Aren’t High Enough Yet???

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[Little wonder the Governments Feel no Regrets]


If this yesterday’s two Ontario By-Elections are any indication of the apathy of Ontario’s voters; we have much more to worry about than many may think.

The status-quo seems to have prevailed.  In the riding of Niagara  West, the Progressive Conservatives easily held on to Tim Hudack’s former seat while in Ottawa-Vanier, the Wynne-Liberals romped to a slam dunk victory holding onto a seat that has been Liberal red for a very long time.

It’s like watching democracy rot away as voters stayed home in alarming numbers.  Things aren’t that good to warrant such apathetic indifference from these two sample Ontario ridings.

Wake up Folks

It should matter – a lot that Ontario is literally bleeding manufacturing jobs.  Some of those jobs might even be your friends or families.  Thus, the future is not as brilliant as would warrant “more of the same”. 

That the Ontario economy is failing (badly) really isn’t that big a surprise – is it??  The Canadian province that once was the central driving force for the entire Canadian economy has morphed into a welfare province that actually benefits as a recipient from transfer payment.  That is absolutely shameful. 

Scandals and government corruption has become so widespread and common-place that it has become the new “normal”.

Do things in the future look “THAT” rosy that Ontario’s voters seriously think that things are improving?  Give your head a shake folks!  Here’s what the immediate future holds – in case you’ve been so engrossed in the Blue Jays and which latte café deserves your business that you’ve missed the news: your Ontario Liberal government is about to “CLOBBER YOU” with a carbon tax.  Get used to it: look for gasoline prices to jump by 11 to 15 cents per liter as we turn the calendar page into 2017. 

 If you don’t buy that much gas, don’t smirk too much because just about everything in pantry was from our agra-economy by farm folk who purchase fuel.  Are people SO incredibly stupid as to lull themselves into belief that the farmers are going to absorb that type of cost increase (almost 10% +) and not pass it along to the consumer.  It seems to me that neither the farmers nor the merchants of everything from your kids’ clothing to every consumer product you purchase is guaranteed to be 10% more costly next year (2017) than it is today.

Want more?  It’s about your household energy bills.  You can expect that before all this snow finally melts next spring your natural gas and electricity bills hill be 15% more expensive – because of something called a “carbon tax”.

I know of no reasonable thinking human who can be led to believe that ANY type of tax can abate global warming.  Many will argue that temperature trends are cyclical and “carbon footprints” have anything more to do with temperature change than they did 2.5 million years when the ice age ended.  There weren’t cars burning gas nor (for that matter) any humans running their furnaces to cope with polar ice caps that reached across most of the continent.

I am not convinced that any tax accomplishes much more than removing money from you and I and handing it over to politicians to squander…… I may as well just set fire to my cash and enjoy the show.

The By-election Results

Here it is folks.  In Niagara West – Glanbrook there are 102,209 registered voters.  The riding was held by the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.  It remained PC which is not too much of a surprise.  However, voter turnout in that riding was only 32%  !!  The Liberals were clobbered by the scant number of voters that took the time to vote and finished in a distant third place.

The riding ought to have shown the displeasure of voters was Ottawa-Vanier which was a legislature seat held by the Liberals.  The riding contains 83, 137 registered voters.  36% of those voters showed up to vote and the seat was handed back to the Liberals by the 14,000 voters who marked a ballot for the Liberal candidate.  Ironically, the Progressive Conservative candidate finished second.

You think Election Reform can Change Things?

 Given the dismal state of Ontario’s economy and the litany of scandals involving the present Liberal government it is difficult to believe that the way we count votes (first past the post or any variation) would result in more people voting given the voter indifference to government misadventures and scandals.

The Australians have a system that is worth replicating in Canada. In Australia, the law requires Compulsory Voting wherein failure to vote nets a fine (about $200).

Would that be sufficient to bring the “sheeple” out to voting station?  Given that a terrible economy, soaring costs and rampant government corruption are not sufficient motivation, possibly a stiff fine might help.

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