Lesson for Justin: When you support everything, you lose your own principles

don_quijote_baja_by_fgalve-d7a57y2.jpgdon quixote.jpg

Jusitn Trudeau has this insane knack of leaping from one scandal to another and each time quickly proves that nothing he says about anything is truthful, genuine or sincere.

A while back, I pointed out a heated exchange that apparently took place at a Liberal caucus retreat in Ontario.   At that closed door event, things got quite heated in a near dust up between Trudeau’s nine muslim caucus members and the five LGBT members in the same caucus.

Trudeau the Gay muslim

The Genesis of that one was that the nine Muslims were critical of Justin’s love for participating in a huge number of “Gay-Pride” parades over the past summer.  Trudeau had spent an inordinate amount of time courting the muslim vote and had probably visited just about every mosque in Canada.

It’s no secret that muslims (and especially islamists) hate gays. In fact they have a habit of tossing them off buildings in a number of muslim dominant countries.

Through information provided to me by individuals in attendance at the summer-time caucus retreat, things boiled over, became extremely heated and bordered on violence between the two groups.

If I were a handicapper and understanding the dynamics of individual muslim courage, I’d have bet on the gay guy involved in that particular dust-up.  Gays, after all have been used to standing up for themselves in the face of prejudice for some time. The muslims, on the other hand are much more inclined to whine and connive.

Things got settled down and the Liberals went about creating caucus peace between the two factions by employing their secret weapon: diversion.  In the case of the caucus civil war, diversion came in the form of changing focus and getting all involved to discuss something else – marijuana.  No, it was not revealed to me that they (the caucus) engaged in a lengthy 4:20 around the bright red hookah or just talked about it.   I have friends (still) inside the big-red tent but none of them are likely to fess up on drug use within the caucus.

After only a few weeks, Trudeau landed himself into another internal mess.  This time his espoused feminism claims arrived at a head-on collision with misogyny and (wait for it) the environment.

Trudeau, the Environmental Misogynist.

Unable to nurture cogent thoughts of his own, it is no secret that Justin Trudeau ricochets from one influencer to another, seems to find a role for himself and then, banner in hand leads the charge into word full battles with whatever evil dragon is available.  It’s all an act for him and he loves the leading role.  His role model would seem to be a self-fashioned Don Quixote and together with his trusted companion, Sancho Panza (Gerald Butts) they seek out photo opportunities along with windmills.

With his dear and loyal friends in the media, Trudeau proudly proclaimed himself to be a feminist.  I know many feminists: both men and women and Trudeau’s support for feminist causes is as shallow as a July puddle on Yonge Street.   Perhaps being a “feminist “ relates to his personal taste in under garments But the recent changes to the Canada Pension Plan give pretty short shrift to any notion about his feminist inclinations ; whatever they might be.

Things collided again when Trudeau hooked up with George Soros in Paris last fall at the Paris Climate Change silly circus. Along the way, young Trudeau found a new hero by the name of Al Gore.

Gore was the former vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001.  Since his failed attempt to become president, Gore has carved out a name for himself as an “Environmental Activist” and makes a buck these days on the speaking circuit.

And, therein became a fast and solid pal of Canada’s confused Prime Minister.

Mr. Gore was America’s Vice President throughout Bill Clinton’s entire term.  It seems that “slick Willy” Clinton and Al Gore share a great number of things in common aside from membership in the Democratic Party and their ability to turn public speaking into fast cash.

Gore lost out in his attempt to become President in 2000 and a large and contributing cause had to do with yet another similarity that Gore and Clinton shared: WOMEN – especially women over whom they each held power or control.

For those who may not recall the entire Gore mess, things are clearly laid out in a London Telegraph story by Tom Leonard on June 24, 2010 I am including a link to enable you to read all of the lurid details (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/7852300/Al-Gore-behaved-like-crazed-sex-poodle-with-masseuse.html) .

Among the contents of a hotel encounter between Gore and a female masseuse were a direct quote from the assaulted lady who stated that, “”He pleaded, groped me, grabbed me, engulfed me in embrace, tongue kissed me, massaged me, grabbed my breasts,” she said she feared he might rape her as he “flipped me flat on my back and threw his whole body face down over atop me, pinning me down and outweighing me by quite a bit”.

Gore’s victim described Gore having exhibited a  “dramatic display of violent temper as well as [an] extremely dictatorial, commanding attitude besides his smiley, global warning concern persona”.

This incident took place in the expensive  St Lucia Hotel’s VIP suite in Portland Oregon in October 2000.  Gore had registered at the hotel under the pseudonym Mr. Stone (Shades of Grey, anyone?).

The victim described Mr Gore as behaving like a “crazed sex poodle”.  Gore’s wife, Tipper subsequently separated from Gore.

It is “odd” that an avowed feminist such as Jusitn Trudeau would be associating with an individual that a female victim described as a “sex crazed poodle”.

Justin Trudeau lacks any genuine sincere beliefs in anything other than a “leading role” in his sickening version of his own  little theatre turned politic.  It paints a troubling picture for a country and a portrait of a pathetic man. 

Justin would do well to visit the library of parliament and spend a few minutes reading his own father’s comments about principles and personal integrity. Trudeau (sr) said in 1969, “A man who tries to please all men by weakening his position or compromising his beliefs, in the end has neither position nor beliefs.”

Perhaps it’s the right time for Justin Trudeau to follow in his father’s footsteps and take his own long overdue “walk in the snow”.

 snow walk.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Lesson for Justin: When you support everything, you lose your own principles”

  1. What a shame what the liberal party is letting this twit get away with. I agree it is only a play to him with him in the leading role. I guess he figures that he may as well use his drama skills. The darkest day in Canadian history is when this suit of nothing became the PM. I still cannot believe there were that many naive and brain dead people who voted him in. If this goes on for another 3+ years, we may never recover and a beautiful nation was given away a bit at a time.

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