Why No Comment from PM on Berlin Events

[Searching for a terrorist in Germany AND real Leadership in Canada]

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In Germany as they conduct a manhunt to find muslim terrorists, world leaders have been making public statements condemning this despicable act,,,,except in Canada where OUR PM (Selfie) is not only SILENT but is conspicuously missing. Shame on him!

Another Lavish Vacation Junket ?

Is he away on another of ultra-lavish Christmas vacations along with his “odd/strange” wife. It may explain Justin’s silence in not offering condolences to Berliners. After all, look how he was called out last Christmas vacation over use of the government Challenger aircraft along with nannies and inlaws. This might explain his silence this year as he apparently skulked out of Canada and left one of his junior flunkies (Dion) to mumble a few non-understandable comments on events in Germany.

It’s about those Refugees ~ they were not refugees and they were never checked for terrorist links

We are anxious and curious to hear what (if anything) the Canadian mainstream media (MSM) have to say when (if) Justin shows up again in Canada. He and Angie Merkel have been operating from the same playbook on the ALLEGED refugee file. Merkel let in 850,000 and Trudeau is trying to catch up. Meanwhile, German media is in full-scale attack mode on Merkel following the Berlin terrorist attack. German media is pointing out that Merkel’s “open doors” policy has failed to help REAL REFUGEES from civil war areas and instead brought fakes/freeloaders and TERRORISTS such as the Berlin attacker.

That first batch of “ALLEGED” refugees that came into Canada last Christmas season required a great deal more scrutiny and leaves many of us wondering when innocent -well meaning Canadians will suffer harm as did Berliners in Germany????

Why the silence from our Prime Minister on this tragedy in Germany? He wasted little time in pontificating about the recent death of Cuban dictator, Castro???

Truly embarrassed!

Here Is what Real Canadians are Saying

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4 thoughts on “Why No Comment from PM on Berlin Events”

  1. trudeau did the same now as he did when he allowed the 2 canadian hostages to be beheaded any ex service person can tell you 9 days and one of our special teams and all 20 hostages could have been brought out but no it was his precious muslims so he wouldnt make any statement other than a twitter release later that we dont pay ransom well the blood still drips off liberal hands on the deaths in the philipines and with 2 different cities and 2 different honour killings here from his precious muslims and 2 other murders and all the assaults by them in our schools what can he say he knew from before he got elected from his trip to quatar when he met with 6 of the most wealthiest muslim nations that will not take any of these so called refugees by the un and merkle war crimianls to those in the know 0 is what they will import as they do not want their extemist ideologies unleashed on their citizens and trudeau knew this before he was elected so by his bringing them here knowingly and endangering the canadian people is a treasonist act and in fact he must be charged for it their problems keep rising from their hate speeches and teaching of beheadings and tossing gays from rooftops and cutting off of hands and stoning and beating women no they have started here and the liberals are doing all they can to enable the muslims to islamify this nation and its time both the liberal party and the muslims were ran out of this country

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