This is the 350th anniversary of 10th Guru of Sikhs Gobind Singh’s birth


Great Lesson Learned from Founder of Khalsa ~ Why muslims still Cringe

Too many mistakenly have a bad habit of identifying Sikh’s as muslims.  To clear up a few things, to begin : Sikhs are the COMPLETE antithesis of islam.  Although it is correct to observe that Sikh men wear beards as do muslims, the similarity ends right there.

Sikhs believe in transmigration and rebirth of the soul. Where islam teaches (and practices) dominance and subjugation, the Sikh teachings advocate peaceful brotherhood among mankind and the lessons of goodwill and service to others is best demonstrated in a number of required acts including “langar” the well-known (to some of us) habit of providing meals to anyone passing through the doors of the hundreds of Sikh gurudwara’s located in cities throughout the United States and Canada.

The 350th anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh was born in Patna in the Bihar State in northeastern India near the border with present day, Bangladesh, a predominantly muslim country.   Guru Gobind was/is the tenth of the Sikh saints and came into power at a time of vicious oppression by the muslims in India.

During that period in India’s history, Emperor Aurangzeb (Abu’l Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb Alamgir) a muslim Moghal ruled the entire land and, legitimized some of the cruelest and most intolerant actions against “infidels – non-believers of islam.  His (Aurangzeb’s) reign of terror is well documented and reminiscent of what humanity witnesses today through the actions of ISIS and the dozens of similar muslim groups throughout the world.

Guru Gobin’s Legacy

During a period of brutal and tyrannical muslim occupation, Guru Gobind (also known as the “warrior guru”) fought back. He lost his own four sons in the battle to shake off muslim oppression and ultimately prevailed.

He was also known for his poetry, which portrayed a kinder-gentler side to this soldier of freedom.  His birth anniversary is celebrated until even these days by singing of traditional poetic songs –many attributed to Guru Gobin.

There is a great and wonderfully instructive lesson that is Guru Gobin’s legacy.  At a time when muslims were persecuting non-muslims in the region, Guru Gobin taught his male followers to not fear demonstrating their religion by adapting the now-famous beards and turbans.

guru-gobind-singh-ji-with-his-sword.jpgThat fearlessness became the central theme of the Sikh armies that ultimately defeated Aurangzeb and his muslim hoards, broke the iron-like grip on the sub-continent and paved the way to what India is today – a land in which Sikhs, Hindu’s, Jews,  Jains, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and the Baha’i all are free to practice their faith.

Muslim intransigence and bigoted intolerance ultimately led to the partitioning of western regions of India thus forming the present day state of pakistan.  Persecution of non-muslims from the inception of the pakistani state is little more than an ongoing replication of the actions of Aurangzeb’s Modus operandi in India during his reign of terror.

Rather than peaceful coexistence, the pakistani approach has been one of festering ongoing international hostility with India in attempts to expand pakistani borders to encroach on the Indian Kashmir region near the Indo/pakistani border.

Numerous terrorist raids and bombings at the hands of muslim radicals has become pretty much a normalcy in major Indian cities.  Pakistan, today has also become the safe home base of international terrorists.  Osama Bin Laden was eventually tracked down and killed in the pakistani town of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Given what pakistan has become during its almost 80 years of history, the concept of creating peace in the Middle East by partitioning a “Palestinian Homeland” in West Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza is to fail to recognize that there is absolutely no likelihood of peaceful coexistence with the muslim ideology of expansion, invasion and dominance.

It seems to this humble scribe that there is much to be learned from Guru Gobin and that is a fatal error to show weakness to an adversary that is void of morals.

Even today, there are ongoing threats being made by muslims to wage jihad on peace-loving Indian urban centers.  We badly need another Guru Gobin today and far fewer Justin Trudeau’s and Barak Obama’s.

Greetings to Sikhs

“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh”.  It was Guru Gobin who left this now common greeting which (approximately ) means: ““My face will be towards that person who says it first. My back will be towards that person who says it afterwards. I will be in between both of them, if both of them says it together.”

Hence, in order to spread the message of brotherhood, we should say Fateh together and to refuse the politics of islamic divisiveness. Fateh (the conqueror) is best depicted through brotherhood which is the only lasting form of conquest as compared to the islamic version that requires subjugation.

“Sat Sri Akal” ਸਤਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲto my Sikh brothers and sisters as you celebrate the anniversary of Guru Gobin.  The “truth is everlasting”.

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