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Unlike the present day Liberal government, the Conservative Party of Canada seems to be blessed with at least 14 potential leaders.

In about five months, party faithful will be given a choice.  That fact is quite different than the inner workings in the Big Red Tent where a powerful inner clique picks and anoints leaders such as Justin Trudeau.

Selecting a slow thinking candidate such as Trudeau was driven by his hair and his “elitist” attempts at morphing into a person of/for the people.

Canadians have valid and genuine concerns/worries and doubts – about jobs, about national debt, run-away inflation, national security, our sovereignty in the arctic and (big one) about a shift in national identity into something called “post nationalism”.  Post nationalism is yet another buzz word created by JT et al to mask the reality of erosion of the basic values that have attracted immigrants to Canada for generations.

My sense, in listening to ordinary Canadian folks at coffee shops, Legion halls and senior’s centers is that folks are tiring of being told what they are supposed to think.  Given that “our PM and principal source of advice” lacks background (academically and vocationally), many feel that he is not someone to be giving advice to folks with greater life experiences and legitimate success in the “real world”.

Being and feeling “safe” has always been central and foremost among the main characteristics of Canada and Canadians.  Nestled under that umbrella are folks that arrived here throughout the generations who prize security.  It is laughable (and insulting) the present Prime Minister and his entire caucus would like you and I to believe that there is nothing unique about this country or its people. 

It is indisputable fact that not one Trudeau has ever served in Canada’s military during times of war or have had to labour for a working person’s paycheck.  Yet, the folks I speak with certainly point to Canada’s volunteer military and the industriousness of “working folks” as yet another attribute of this thing called “the Canadian culture” .

While my dad, his brothers and sisters donned military garb and fought against oppression in the European and Far Eastern theatres of war, Justin’s family availed themselves of the privileges of wealth to avoid personal risks for things important to “ordinary” Canadians.  Even as the war was escalating in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore and conscription began, Pierre Elliot Trudeau parked his expensive motorcycle, put away his German military garb and fled to Harvard where he could avoid being an “ordinary Canadian”.

Who’s Running?

I like a lot of the various candidates that are seeking leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.  In fact, most of them would likely do a much better job than the present Liberal horde.  Budgets don’t balance themselves and I am tired of hearing “from coast to coast to coast” and the nattering about “those trying to join the middle class”.  In fact hollowness of most Liberal rhetoric is wearing thin.

In no particular order, I like Michael Chong’s polish and straight forwardness. I like Lisa Riatt’s humble family roots and genuine way of expressing herself.    I like Maxime Bernier, Steven Blaney, Deepak Obhra’s experience and find Obhra’s sense of humble humor to be refreshing.  I like bits and parts of the lesser-lights as in Sheer and O’toole and their clear thinking.

I’m not a big fan of introducing the gimmickry of Kevin O’Leary to parliament with Prime Minister as his first political job.  It hasn’t worked out too well with Trudeau (another gimmick candidate) and I happen to believe that some VERY bad times are on the horizon for Canada and Canadians.  You can only transfer debt onto the shoulders of future generations for so long.

Kellie Leitch

Dr. Leitch has justifiably absorbed most of the political oxygen among the current group.

kellie2.jpgI gauge her success by reaction of left-leaning “trolls” in the social media. The fact that the rabble made up of “social justice warriors” and those specially unique little snowflakes have attempted to discredit Leitch’s suggestion of testing newcomers for assurances that we (as a nation) are not importing individuals who foster a desire to undermine the “good things” about Canada and Canadian values.

It may come as a surprise to Leitch’s critics, but a large number of first and second generation Canadians share those same concerns.


The Trump Comparison

Firstly, it isn’t such a bad thing to see eye-to-eye with the leader of the most powerful nation on planet earth.

However, where Donald Trump succeeded and Hillary Clinton failed is that Trump had his hand on the pulse of “ordinary, blue collar, working folks.  He showed empathy for them and championed the things they were talking about.

…and that is a paradigm change from the antics of Trudeau et al.

Canadians are genuinely worried about terrorism and concerned about personal safety.

Cast your eye to news from Germany, Poland, Belgium and UK and you can’t help to notice nationalistic grassroots movements taking shape.   Trump noticed and capitalized on it and I suspect that Kellie Leitch.


There is yet another 5 months until it’s time to vote.  I reserve the option to be swept away by another candidate during that period BUT if the vote were held today, I would likely b supporting Kellie Leitch.

Regardless of whoever wins, I am impressed by what I am seeing. We have 14 potentially GREAT leaders and the CPC is truly blessed.

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3 thoughts on “CPC Leadership”

  1. I don’t care who runs for the party but they better understand we Canadians know what’s going on in the world and there is no need for our new Carbon tax. If you agree with carbon tax I And my family will not vote for you. A proud Canadian.

  2. Carbon tax file;should be close for ever and they have to make other plan better than this screwed way;be cuz we kkow it well how make this shit.fk liberal.

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