Trudeau on Apology Tour

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You have to pity Justin Trudeau.  He is delusional enough to have convinced himself that he is infallible to public scorn.

His (maybe) father (Pierre) had a similar swagger.  And then things changed.  Such is the case with most fads.


Things change.  People change and opinions change.  Recent polling results are showing slow and regular seepage in support for the Liberals.

Given the fact that neither of the two main opposition parties has gotten around to electing a new leader yet, you can predict that Trudeau’s popularity will take major hits as the Conservatives and the NDP pick new leaders.  Folks are like that.  New car release brochures become favorite reading in the late summer each year.

Trudeau has snatched power and retained it for about a year on public relations rather than public policy.  Photo opportunities are beginning to reveal more than a few wrinkles on his pretty mug.  Close up photos are beginning to reveal “shades of grey”.

Living an extravagant –jet-setting lifestyle tends to strain and tax the human metabolism and invoke public scorn.  With public scorn, comes disapproval.  Even Peter Pan, another little boy who refused to grow up and spent wistful days in Neverland had a nemisis: Captain Hook.

The sweet little boy’s protector and best friend, Tinker Bell ends up drinking the poison intended for Peter-Pan and Peter is compelled to finally grow up in order to partake in the real world and marry his true love.

One year ago, when Trudeau’s public persona was (apparently) enough to buoy public opinions,  Justin Trudeau (the brand new Prime Minister) launched his unveiling and immediately set about showing the world how fortunate Canada was to have retained him as Prime Minister.

In a whirl wind of international travel and insane spending, Trudeau rode the crest of mighty waves of public support.  Like Neverland, it could not ever end.

Scandals Damaged Popularity

In less than a year in office, the Liberals racked up record national debt and a record number of scandals. There was a tendency early on to “cut Justin some slack”, overlook his giddy sense of self, his extravagance and his neglectful treatment of things important to the public.

The too oft repeated phrases, “from coast to coast to coast” and (Ughh) “for the middle class and those working to join the middle class” began to wear thin and the voters began to ask, “what exactly is he doing for Canada and for Canadians?”

As the pages quietly flipped by on the calendar, cracks began to appear.  The cocky swagger chipped away and revealed a bumbling, stuttering lesser mortal than the Fairy Tale who had been elected.  Empty campaign promises evolved into excuses despite a parliamentary majority and revealed colossal incompetence.

Worse (even) than failure to perform a mandate and fulfill public trust, Justin permitted his Liberal government to do the one thing that all Liberal governments exceed at – scandals.  Cash for access party fund raising, token relief for the poor, seniors, the working poor and veterans failed badly and was actually perceived as insulting.

As the credit card bills arrive in the family mail box can very quickly wipe out the glitter of the recently passed festive season,  Canadians are quickly falling out of love with Justin.  Alas, our Peter Pan will soon be no longer with the Lost Boys in Neverland.

It is quite entertaining to watch Justin Trudeau’s superficial “let’s be friends again tour” as he sets out on a national tour of Tim Horton’s and church basements attempting to rekindle a fast fading romance.

All of this, just short days after a clandestine cash-for-access junket in the Bahamas in the castle of a mega-billionaire who manages to extract $50 Million in charitable donations from the tax money entrusted in Trudeau.

Added to all the rest of Justin Trudeau’s public faux pas,  my sense is that he is in for a surprise on this “public apology tour” as folks are beginning to see through the charade that has become our national government.

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4 thoughts on “Trudeau on Apology Tour”

  1. I said the same things about him years before he even announced his political aspirations. Could see it coming when he would publicly speak out about Harper and when media started to demonize Harper it was his time to move.

  2. JT’s apology (I see it coming) will be conditional and insulting: “I’m sorry if I did not educate the public sufficiently on the reasons my policies are both necessary and effective.”

  3. Justin’s apology his reckless performance must be very hard to follow by all those eligible voters who thought it not important enough to go and cast a ballot at the last federal election. This is a painful beating to all Canadians, he has embarrassed Canada in the eyes of our friends, may this shame drive all voters to the poles next time.

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