Is Something “odd” in the poor grandma from Buckhorn Story?



I am not saying that Kathy Katula’s (from Buckhorn Ontario) performance at the Justin Trudeau Apology Tour in Peterborough (Ontario) was staged; but it certainly does raise questions.

There is/was a ring of truth woven into it.  She brought along a hydro bill.  That is something that I may not have had the presence of mind to grab on the way out the door to meet the PM.

In fact, I know a great many seniors and working poor who face the grim and unpleasant choice when the bills come in.  The choice of either paying to “heat” (by paying skyrocketing hydro bills) or paying to “eat “ is something that I see and hear regularly among folks who are legitimately caught between a rock and a hard place.  

There are elements of the Kathy Katula saga that give an uneasy feeling. Katula thrust herself into the spotlight and by default became the voice of those hurt very badly by poor Ontario government policy (energy) and wanton self serving  waste by both Federal and Provincial governments.

Unlike Justin Trudeau, my friends do not spend glitzy vacations on a private island resort of “nice” billionaire who allegedly is a personal friend.

Questions Needs Answers on the Katula Story

From the outset, there is a sub-story to Justin Trudeau’s “Apology Tour”.   Although Trudeau , his story spinners and a cuddly media would have us believe that  Justin was being forthright  (a very rare case: if true) in telling the unwashed masses that the purpose was aimed at re-connecting with Canadians.

  • In order to attend one of these Trump like events, one must first register with the local Liberal Member Of Parliament’s office. Stories continue to circulate that the MP’s constituency staff are actually vetting the applicants and restricting admittance to loyal party faithful.

Given the inter-action between Katula and Trudeau, one wonders how well Ms. Katula is known in the local Liberal riding association.  She did not bother to mention if she was/wasn’t a loyal Liberal supporter. One would have expected, given her sad-sack story that mentioning her political support might be seen (by her) as something worth mentioning.  Then, again it would have taken away a bit of genuineness from what happened that evening.

  • In looking at the video of the event, I would estimate that there were up to 200 people in attendance. No doubt, everyone could have (or should have) had something to say about these hard times.

How “odd” is it that Ms. Katula’s tearful tale of her own hydro bill is the only story captured on video that evening???  It may sound cynical to ask such a question but it begs an answer.  Moreover, how is it that CBC film crew “happened” to be on hand for this particular event on that day?  After all, Trudeau  had also “performed” in Belleville and Kingston earlier – with no similar film record.


  • There is something genuinely bad smelling in the aftermath of Ms. Katula’s performance. Specifically, how she waxed philosophically about Justin.


It seemed “odd” to me that, on the one hand, Ms. Katula sought to draw attention to herself by way of her tearful performance while, on the other hand, a day later when that same “attention” turned to criticism of Trudeau and his government; Ms. Kapula (our injured grandmother) sprung to Trudeau’s defense and blamed those who criticized Trudeau (for his self indulgent waste)  as being “haters” and Conservative Party Hacks.

Her fawning over Justin Trudeau seems very much over the top given that in mid-September on her Facebook Page, Ms. Kapula spared no vitriol in her comments about Kathlleen Wynne  where she suggested that Wynne be sent to jail.



Andy Warhol opined that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”   While Ms. Katula has certainly enjoyed her “15 minutes’ she badly miscasts herself  as any type of spokesperson for the poor, for seniors or for the working poor.


Ask me, I can point you to hundreds of much more pathetic cases than Ms. Katula’s.  Frankly, not one of them would be nearly as generous in heaping praise on Trudeau and his caucus.

 Was it staged?

I can only point to Ms. Kapula’s own posting on her Facebook page again where she boasts about getting special permission to sit “out front” during the Trudeau visit.  It is quite handy to be called upon for a “question” when one is invited to sit in a conspicuous place in the audience.sitting-up-front

(exit, stage right)


In the latest chapter in the “Kapula” story, she made allegations about “threats” to her safety.  I cannot imagine why Mr. Trudeau or his staff would engage people to threaten this individual,  However, it is very understandable that (apparently) the police told her to “suck it up”.  I suspect that if there was ANY credibility to such threats, the police would have sprung into action.

kijiji-ad Something is odd about an individual with rental property, a full time job and a health club membership acting as a “spokesperson” for my many poor, unemployed, working poor and senior friends. 

The Envelope Please

In the mean time, the Trudeau apology tour has moved into safer and friendlier confines in the Maritimes.   Always the actor, I give Justin Trudeau my personal Gemini nominating for his Leonard Nemoy (Vulcan mind-meld) impersonation as was caught in the still photograph of Jusitn and Ms. Katula embracing.  In fact, I also nominate Ms. Katula for a supporting cast award for her tearful performance in Peterborough.


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2 thoughts on “Is Something “odd” in the poor grandma from Buckhorn Story?”

  1. There are a lot of odd things about the “Buckhorn Story”. Although I don’t, for a minute, doubt that Ms Katula’s hydro bills are very high, I wondered about her home. I expected it to be a modest dwelling, poorly insulated, and hard too heat and cool. The picture of her home in different media where she stands with placards suggests a rather new, large, and nicely furnished house and the “rental ad” supports that. But it never became clear during the confrontation where the four children and three grandchildren fit into her discourse. Do they live at home and does Ms Katula have to house and feed them or are they seven red herrings? But the most incongruous part (not shown on the video) is where, after this confrontation, she and “Trudeau the Younger” embrace. I was not aware that the Liberals vetted the attendees, another suspicious point. Finally, although she described herself as a Christian, she was not above advocating that he Ontario premier (“the Bitch) be booted to the curb. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

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