USA Presidential Inaugeration

Curious About Rogers (Cable) + CNN



I was curiously interested and wanted to catch up on events in Washington, D.C. tonight.  I figured there’d galas and celebrations but got a rude awakening.

The most likely spot to catch the news would be a “news channel” so I clicked 33 on my remote and got CNN. 

Instead, of getting information on events taking place, I listened to some mental midget named Don Lemon pontificate for almost two hours aided by some shrill blond lady and a fat Hispanic as they raved and ranted about how much they disliked the newly elected President.

Apparently, Mr. Lemon could not put aside his racially biased love for the outgoing president and could not accept that an election had taken place and according to the USA Constitution, Donald Trump had been elected.

At one point in Lemon’s rant, he theorized (carefully!) about a possible assassination of Trump before he was sworn in.  when I later (see below) saw how volatile things on the street of DC had become,  I am left wondering WHY the policy and broadcast authorities in the USA have not arrested Don Lemon for inciting criminal activities.  This guy should not be employed in the media and is a disgrace to good journalism. 

As a freelancer, I support free speech.  However, one’s “freedom” does not include yelling “fire!” in a theater filled with innocent people.

In so many ways, the diatribe and mindless nattering of Mr. Lemon and his pals reminded me of how CBC fawns over the present Lieberal government and Justin Trudeau.  The bias in each case is palpable.

What (ever!!?) happened to good, old-fashioned objective journalistic reporting?  And why is the consumer (Cable subscriber) fed this pap?  Frankly, looking at Lemon convinced me that he would not likely be anyone I would seek out a conversation with nor ask his opinion (which is purely racially biased).

There is an equally biased right wing cable news network called Fox.  But, alas – it is a “premium” station requiring me to pay extra in order to hear both sides.

dc riot1.jpegFinally, I cruised the internet for a half hour and got a fairly accurate picture of events in Washington where paid gangs of “thugs” had been bused into DC to raise hell and riot. 

Hats Off to Blue in DC Tonight

dc riot1.jpgFortunately, the police aren’t watching Don Lemon and CNN.  They are on the streets in numbers trying to deal with what appears to be out-of-state paid agitators.

From what I gleaned on the ‘Net, the cops have their hands full dealing with this bunch of juvenile delinquents.  I tip my hat to the cops who are being pelted with verbal abuse as well as any projectiles that these hoodlums can lay hands on.

Please,,,,Mr. Rogers  (my cable supplier) take CNN off  the air or provide an equal voice to the “other side” by giving me Fox News as well.

The idea of ME paying for mindless-one-sided social engineering is not only wrong but is bad business.

A fair question to Cable suppliers

A fair question to Cable suppliers: are you intentionally attempting to brainwash fee paying clients?  Do us a favor and simply delete CNN because if you can’t or won’t provide two sided coverage, your own biases are apparent.


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