Trump’s Security Moves Will be Good News for Americans


Word is that USA President Trump is keeping key election promises he made to USA electors.

Expect news shortly that a pair of moves will combat drug and street crimes and a growing threat of terrorism in two separate Executive Actions.

The Wall

Trump promised to erect a physical structure intended to impede criminals and drugs from entering the USA via the USA/Mexican frontier.

The criminals flowing into the USA via the Mexican border are known to be fully engaged in gang crimes in several major USA cities.

The latest “Executive Order” will strip away federal funding of “Sanctuary Cites” in which immigration officials had adapted a hands-off practice allowing these criminal gangs to roam freely without fear of apprehension and deportation.

It is wrong minded for opponents of Trump’s wall to claim that Mexicans seeking a better life in the USA are likely the targets of the “wall”.  It is well known FACT that criminal gang members from the “Northern Triangle” (El Salvador; Guatemala and Nicaragua) are much more likely targets of President Trump’s blockade than law abiding Mexicans who have equal fear of these gangs.

The Muslim Ban

The hysterical over reaction of hand-wringing “Social Justice Activists” who like to identify this logical ban as a ban against all muslims is dishonest.

As it stands, Trump’s “Executive Order “will ban entrance into the USA by citizens from ONLY seven (7) countries that are known to be “terror prone”.  The initial list consists of citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.  I would question WHY Pakistan, a well-known terrorist nest has been omitted and hopefully we will see a similar ban on visits from that troubled part of the world.

While the “wall” will undoubtedly hamper easy access by Central American Criminals – the visa ban focuses on islamist terrorism which represents a well-founded threat to safety in the USA.

All Executive Orders are temporary mechanisms valid for 120 days.  These two Executive Orders will hopefully be either renewed or enacted into permanent law.

ISIS, through its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has spoken MANY times about intermixing Islamic terrorists with refugees from locations such as Syria in order to infiltrate USA security.

Despite very misleading complaining by “Social Justice Warriors” Trump and the USA is not alone in taking actions to curb entry of terrorists.  Several other nations including Japan and Italy have also taken serious steps towards restricting movement of suspected terrorists or those originating from terrorist prone countries.

The present Canadian government has (as of yet) failed to implement similar safeguards. However, President Trump will be meeting with Trudeau shortly. How long President Trump is willing to condone the “open door” policies of Trudeau remain to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Security Moves Will be Good News for Americans”

  1. you will never see this anticanadian govt do anything but promote the islamification of this once great country he has brought the extremism here and knowingly he knew exactly how they were from before he was elected from his trip to qatar where he met that head of state and the other 5 most wealthiest muslim nations that still to date have not taken in even 1 -0 zero none nada of these muslim war criminals he was told they wont take any as they were extremists and that they 6 wouldnt subject their peoples to their extremist ideologies and didnt want the violence that came with them but trudeau brought them here anyway and knowingly thinking he can do what over 1000 years of leaders have failed to do you cannot tame these barbarians with hugs rainbows and unicorns nor will they ever assimilate nor will they accept democracy nor will they ever abide by our laws only islamic and sharia teachings and laws this we must keep right out of this country fully and completely and unseat any politician that backs them

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