Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Double Talk

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Observing the Trudeau regime for its first year in office is telling many of us that J. Trudeau is as devious and slippery as a snake oil salesman at an 19th century county fair.

Trudeau is not what you would call a deep thinker but prides himself of being some sort of magical orator.  He is delusional enough to believe that his conniving smirk and faux-genuine talking can talk his way out of any problem.  Ordinary Canadians are seeing through Trudeau’s misleading policies and penchant to pluck personal gains from public coffers.   He is already likely to come face-to-face with regulators dealing with his ethics but the bigger problem (for him) is that public trust is unraveling.

Carbon Tax Grab

In the political world of former USA Vice President Al Gore and his coalition of global warming theorists, Trudeau is fully engaged and has drunk the Kool-Aid.  His back-room operatives have gone about labeling the supporters of the Global Warming rant as genuine “Advocates” while, at the same time attaching a nasty label on those of us who remain cynical as “Disbelievers” and “Haters”.

While Trudeau constantly says that internationally famous and well known members of the science community are backing him, he omits pointing out that a large number of well-known scientists from around the world such as Nobel Laureate, Ivor Giaever and meteorologist, John Coleman (a meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channel) who has found that polar ice is actually growing as are populations of polar bears.

You can add Swedish meteorologist , Lennart Bengtsson; Richard Lindzen (professor of atmospheric science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology);  Hendrik Tennekes (renowned Dutch atmospheric scientist) and numerous VERY credible others such as David Bellamy, Nils-Axel Mörner and many more legitimate scientists that have dedicated their academic life to the study of meteorology to an exhausting list of “Global Warming” debunkers.

Chicken Little is Busy

Aaron Mair head of the Sierra Club (an epidemiological-spatial analyst) and his ilk are staunchly in the “global warming” camp but are certainly not experts in meteorology. 

The climate change “warriors” have quickly cobbled together a similar group of “experts” in various fields and concluded that 97% of the world’s scientific community support often hysterical ranting about “climate change” and “global warming”.  All of it is much like seeking the opinion of your car mechanic on brain surgery.

Failed USA presidential candidate Al Gore, according to the Washington Post, “who produced copies of Gore’s academic grades and scores at the elite St. Albans high school and later at Vanderbilt University’s divinity and law schools. In a word, the transcripts reveal that Mr. Gore’s post-secondary academic performance was rather dismal, particularly in the field of science.”(The Washington Times – Saturday, March 25, 2000).

The sky isn’t falling folks.  And that gaggle of alleged scientists in the climate change corner clearly does not represent anything close to 97% of the scientific community.

Jurassic Park novelist Michael Critchon’s (2004, Harper Collins) best seller, “State of Fear” is a suspenseful page turner like most of Crichton’s novels.  Given Critchon’s own academic background (including a degree from Harvard College and Harvard Medical School along with his former job as  a visiting lecturer in Physical Anthropology at Cambridge University, and a postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute) it can be argued that Chritchon’s academic background makes him every bit an equal “expert” as Sierra Club head, Aaron Mair.

A read of Chritchon’s novel, “State of Fear” paints a lurid picture of a world where hysterical claims made by non-experts is used to subvert governments and create a “New World Order” where power is seized and society is left to exist in a “state of fear” very similar to the infamous McCarthy realm of 19545 America where unsubstantiated and unfounded fears permitted Eugene McCarthy to tread upon civil rights in a dreadful witch-hunt that quashed its own “disbelievers”  who happened to subscribe to neo-socialist ideas. Is it a mere coincidence that climate change panic is the main tool used to seize power in “State of Fear”? In the superficial world of Trudeau, could he have mistaken Chrichton’s fictional work as a blue-print for his own style of government?  What’s next? 1984?

The Trudeau Big Lie

I have never attributed Trudeau or his circle of “confidants” as intellectual giants but the latest war on Canadians being waged by Trudeau is dishonest.  He has deigned that he is the champion of a mythical war on global warming and decided that he will solve a likely mythical problem by way of a tax.  When (ever) did any liberal ever see a tax that they did not like?

He has left it to the provinces to either implement provincial carbon tax (or something resembling a carbon tax such as cap-and-trade) or he will invoke a federal tax if any province fails to follow his wishes.

The big lie in all of this is Trudeau’s faux-genuine nattering that theses tax revenues will be neutral since the proceeds will go to the province in which a tax is collected (as opposed to flowing to the already bloated Federal coffers).

There is more than a little bit of hocus-pocus and sleight of hand to Trudeau’s “neutral tax” rants.  I am at a loss to comprehend how it is that a tax snatched from the hands of consumers who purchase everything from soap to soup is “neutralized” if the proceeds are handed over to another branch of government.

While Trudeau’s field of specialization may well be drama he shows a very poor grasp of basic economic theory or empathy for those to 100’s of thousands of Canadians he has targeted.

Call me a disbeliever on the climate change front though a better description may be skeptic.

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