CBC, The Retarded Giant

There is no place for CBC in modern society.  Once upon a time, long, long ago: your television offered two or three stations.

We live in a world of instantaneous communication.  Pick up your remote control device and you have access to hundreds of TV stations with limitless variety. 

CBC, on the other hand has moved into the world of political pandering in order to keep this rusty old barge afloat.  Journalistic integrity has been exchanged for news reporting and editorialist practice that shows willingness to happily drift into the realm of propaganda.

CBC’s coverage of the Federal election (2015) catered to the antics of Justin Trudeau almost every evening.  The other two major candidates were more or less ignored as they attempt to get their messages out to voters.  The saddest (perhaps) vignette saw Rick Mercer slagging Harper while Robertson was engaging in one on one interviews with Trudeau.

Hidden Salary Structure BUT Publicly Paid

Most of us are aware of the “SunShine” list that is published each year. The Sunshine Lists are regularly aired on the CBC network.  This list reveals salaries of high paid public servants earning (receiving) more than $100,000 each is considered news- worthy on CBC.   The incongruity is that a very large number of CBC’s “talking heads” are taking home salaries far in excess of the $100,000 plateau but have managed to hide the CBC details from the network’s benefactors (the Canadian taxpayer).

 cbc logo

It is astounding to hear of some of the executive, senior and middle management salaries and bonuses being paid at CBC.  Added to that we have a goodly number of on-air “personalities” who draw astronomical wages! 

Although CBC management has managed to hide their publicly funded wages from the public, the wastage does start and end with salaries and bonuses.  Periodically stories seep revealing nice little executive junkets to Europe and pricey executive soiree’s. 

An Abacus Poll (2011) reveals that 59% of Canadians feel strongly that the veil of secrecy at CBC must end.  Many of us question the logic of restoring and enhancing CBC funding from the public purse.

How to Sort out this Broadcast Dung Pile

CBC’s own disclosure (Posted: Mar 29, 2012) reveals that this decaying farce operates thanks to $1.1 BILLION/per year thanks to a gluttonous grab into the tax-payer’s money.

The broadcast licenses held by CBC (TV and radio) have significant value in today’s competitive markets. Sean Silcoff (Globe and Mail Media specialist) shared news (Globe: Sep. 11, 2012) that one single radio license sold in the Toronto market for upwards of $27 Million!

In Ontario (for example) CBC owns such 84 radio broadcast licenses.  Proportionately across the other provinces upwards of 600 radio broadcast licenses are owned by CBC (thus, the taxpayers).

Similarly, CBC own about 30 television broadcast licenses.


Trudeau’s BFF and confidant, K. Wynne is selling huge assets of Hydro One in Ontario.  It’s time to inflict the same logic at CBC.  Carve this thing up, sell what is salable, end the waste and pay down a massive Federal debt at the same time.

Sale of the broadcast licenses presently held by CBC would knock a major hole in Canada’s national debt. Charles Lammam from the Fraser Institute informs that the Federal Government has built a $1.3 TRILLION debt load that costs Canadian taxpayers $26 BILLION in interest payments annually (Ashley Csanady  National Post, January 5, 2016)

Additionally, in terms of physical assets, the CBC holds an immense portfolio of real estate scattered across Canada.

For the Consumer?

CBC has (long ago) moved away from local content. By clearing the field, opportunity for PBS type formats with smaller local stations would more than satisfy the void vacated long ago by CBC.

It is doubtful that much of the present CBC staff would fit into the pay schedules of private broadcasters at often insane pay levels of its 7,400 employees.   

There is one single valid situation where a state run broadcaster is valid: the far north.

There is no place for state run broadcasting in Canada’s major cities and the potential benefit of jettisoning its $1.4 BILLION annual budget plus reaping billions through resale of the various broadcast licenses is something that I would love to hear aspiring politicians undertaking as a platform plank.

I will be voting in the CPC Leadership election in May and plan to put the question of CBC funding to each candidate at every opportunity prior to deciding who to vote for.  Colossal government wastes need to end. There are many much more worthy uses of my tax dollars.

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8 thoughts on “CBC, The Retarded Giant”

  1. One big problem is just that: the CPC. 8 of 10 on the BOD are significant CPC financial contributors. And CBC radio’s Writers and Company, Ideas, The Sunday Edition and Tapestry are intellectual oxygen for me. Justin Trudeau, if he were worth his salt, would fix the bias on its board quickly. Until the MSM, including the now tamed CBC (TV), get off their warmongering Blame Russia Chorus we will be heading for a Third World War that will benefit only the very, very few. And alternative news sources such as consortiumnews.com, the only expressions of the other side to be found, have recently come under attack by the same warmongers who dominate both Clinton/Obama and, despite appearances, Trump. Agree CBC TV is bloated and dumbed down, but it needs its house cleaned from the CPC Harper legacy top down.

    1. Speak with military (I have) concerns about Russia are well founded. Include Rick Mercer and Peter Mansbridge in any purge. I have much more problem with the apparatchiks an don-air talking heads than a Board of Directors (which is dysfunctional as proved by run-away salaries. Sell off those broadcast licences and pay down national debt and (therefore) BOD’s would be irrelevant. I listen (infrequently) to several programs on CBC 1, but PBS could fill those voids nicely.

      1. CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel of Writers and Company is a true, international treasure. With or without PBS my world would be impoverished if I couldn’t listen to Eleanor brilliantly interview the best writers from all over the Planet. Listening to any of her very brainy 50 minute interviews is more varied and enlightening than many hours of reading. And Ideas and The Sunday Edition both are excellent sources of a wealth of information that would never all come my way without these convenient venues.

        Instead of talking to the military, who are not famous for having been trained in boot camp to question the hierarchy, I read people that I trust, who have contacts in many places, including the US security industry, which is the author of much of the BS relentlessly fed to us over and over until it becomes “fact.”

        One I trust, Robert Parry, exposed Reagan’s Iran/Contra affair while writing for the Associated Press in the 80’s and won a distinguished Harvard award, the I. F. Stone Medal, as recently as 14 months ago, for independent journalism at his consortiumnews.com. With him on consortiumnews are several others, including ex-CIA fellow, Ray McGovern, of VIPS. After the most recent anti-Russia hype-fest in which never disproven emails LEAKED TO, not HACKED FROM, WikiLEAKS were considered to be Russian “hacking”, the BS streaming from the military/security apparatus is farcical and not to be trusted. This is one of my most trusted reading sources. The Guardian and NYT and entire MSM are now mere propaganda mouthpieces. The United States have been on a growing regime-change binge since Syria in 1949. Yet most humans are still blissfully unaware of this.

        We simply cannot accept anything at MSM face-value. Underfunding of investigative journalism has reduced the “finest” correspondents to writing articles based on what the authorities feed them or driven them away to set up independent websites.

        Canadians, like others, need a public broadcaster that goes deeper into stories of vital importance to our increasingly secret, scary world. Less entertainment, more meat. More than ever we need a liberated CBC, free to focus on really serious issues and expose propaganda.

        The privately-owned MSM are now seriously compromised due to increasing ownership by fewer and fewer, ever greedier magnates, who are a huge part of our problem. Selling out to people like Rupert Murdoch will destroy our already imperilled, so-called democracy and, I seriously fear, hasten our species’ self-destruction.

  2. I never expect mass support on the positions I hold. I once heckled Cardinal Carter when he attacked the CBC for exposing the Mount Cashel sexual scandals Down East. “God bless the CBC,” I stated clearly. Back then it was what I considered a worthy instruction. Again, it was a lonely perch from which to chirp.

  3. To put it simply, and from a layman’s perspective, the CBC has become a social engineering tool of the LPC, It’s not hard to correct Mansbridge’s oft broadcast ‘motto’ – – ‘We give you the news we want you to hear’…

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