Trumping Trudeau – A Book Review


[Reviewing Ezra Levant’s latest Book]

Justin Trudeau’s myth came crashing down around him on the evening of November 8th, 2016.  The unthinkable happened and Donald Trump was about to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

Pres. Donald Trump had done the one thing that Justin Trudeau had failed to do during his election one year earlier. Trump legitimately was a populace candidate who had his finger on the public pulse. Unlike Trudeau, Trump had paid attention to the voices that Trudeau refused to listen to.

Trumps victory was at the hands of a frustrated and long forgotten silent majority. Trumps populace approval came from exasperated working-class folks throughout the United States. His populous appeal existed strongly in rust belt states, from the families of working men and women who had watched dreams die in the United States. Nowhere where those voices more emphatic than in the towns and cities were factories were closed and weeds  now sprouted on once full employee parking lots.

From unemployed coal miners in Appalachia and into once thriving manufacturing communities, Trump obtained an overwhelming mandate, carrying Electoral College victory in 23 states and over 1000 counties.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would like everyone to believe that he obtained his mandate by way of populace support.  President Trump proved what real populace support meant. It turns out that populace support grows from listening and not from pontificating or promoting some misguided attempt at social engineering.

It is comical even to attempt to compare these 2 national leaders. Even months later, on his national apology tour, Justin Trudeau was drawing crowds of less than 100 people while night after night and week after week throughout the campaign, Donald Trump’s crowds numbered in the tens of thousands.

Trumping Trudeau

I have a soft spot for people like Ezra Levant.  We have similar views on how national prosperity is created. Levant’s Rebel Media, like the work of this blog represents badly needed alternative to the mainstream media that is too often not only very incorrect but complicit by intentionally providing often very biased misinformation to a gullible public.

That we live in a world of information is true. However, far too many people take a very lazy approach in acquiring the knowledge. After all, a bit of effort is required to assure that this wonderful democracy that we live in is run honestly and that the population does not fall prey to propaganda.

Levant’s latest book is a quick and fun read. It’s only about 140 pages and Ezra’s style is a fun read making this an interesting book. It’s one that is well worth the $10 or so you’ll pay for it and the two or three hours you’ll invest in reading it. Trust me; it will change your mind about a number of things.

Trudeau is either very worried or is even much dumber than I thought

It is no secret about Trudeau’s buddy-buddy relationship with the likes of George Soros with whom he seems to share a sordid view of a New World order. Trump on the other hand, is a strong advocate for nationalism.  Soros is not Trudeau’s constituent.  You an I are.

While Trudeau’s guidance comes from the likes of Soros, David Suzuki and others, the world that Trump sees is through the eyes of working-class folks who have little time for grandiose schemes such as carbon taxes and green energy plans. Similarly Trump’s supporters place much less emphasis on America’s carbon footprint than they do in having and holding a good job in feeding their families.

This divergence in philosophies will be Justin Trudeau’s undoing. On that, I firmly agree with with Ezra Levant.

Levant spends about half of this book talking about things and policies. His sections on the Third World, Cuba, Mexico, China, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Nations and Christianity will give you pause for sober thought.

The upshot of Levant’s excellent book gave me great hope for Canada, a nation falling deeper into a debt strategy and destined for yet another 2 ½ years of the Trudeau regime.

Indications as to how the Trudeau regime takes president Trump extremely seriously despite Trudeau’s bravado are best seen by way of Trudeau’s recent cabinet shuffles. He jettisoned deadwood in the form of Dion and McCallum and hurriedly plopped a none-too-brilliant Foreign Affairs minister(Chrystia Freeland) into the middle of things. It is much like offering up a pawn to challenge an attacking queen in this world of global politics.  By tossing a lack-luster but noisy person into Foreign Affairs, it seemed like sending out a pawn to attack a queen in this grand game of inernational politics.

Young Trudeau should smarten up a read his father’s comments about Canada/USA relations. Trudeau (Sr.) referred to it as a mouse crawling around inside an elephant’s cage.  The kid’s father was a light-weight in the intellect department but was wise enough to know what side of the bread had the butter.

pierre and justin

While I have grave doubts about the direction that Trudeau is pointing this country, I have great faith in Canadians. My suspicion is that the large, silent majority of Canadians wish that we had a leader like Donald Trump. That isn’t likely to happen quickly , at least in the foreseeable future. However, despite Justin Trudeau’s ill-conceived schemes on refugees and on debt, many of us here in Canada are beginning to see how poorly thought out Trudeau’s plans are and how extremely little substance there is to anything that the present Liberal government in Canada is serving up as viable policy.

There will not be a “bromance” between Donald Trump and Trudeau as existed with the previous US president. These two men are diametrically pointed in opposite directions.The USA just dumped one of its worst Presidents and Trudeau needs to “wake up and smell the coffee”.  In this one, he is now out of his intellectual weight class.  While both are billionaires, I at least give Donald Trump his due for hard work in the private sector. Doubtless, much of what we see from Donald Trump today is a result of his personal life experiences. Not so much Justin Trudeau whose meager resume can offer only scant passing and feeble attempts at various careers throughout his adult life all of which only indicates that he lacked ability and commitment to hold onto a job.

The United States of America is Canada’s largest trading partner and, moreover is Canada’s chief military defender.  Watching and listening to Justin Trudeau’s theatrics pertaining to throwing Canada’s immigration doors wide open and thereby permitting potential terrorist threats to move in next door to the United States is ill-conceived.

Trudeau’s insistence on doing George Soros’s  bidding  by inflicting a Carbon-Tax grab on Canada while Trump is headed in the opposite direction on than fantasy is prone to cause losses of even more Canadian jobs.

Who knows, Trump may find it cheaper to build two walls than just the single wall on the southern border.  All walls need not be bricks and mortar.  Economic barriers and embargoes are equally impenetrable.

Do yourself and your country a favor. Buy and read Ezra Levant’s, “Trumping Trudeau”. I highly recommend this book.

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One thought on “Trumping Trudeau – A Book Review”

  1. Truely enjoyed this essay re Ezra’s book. May I share it will my FB sites, please? It contains information that we would never hear from Canadian media so you are a vital link in our quest for truth and need for action….

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