A Muslim Travel Ban? Probably not

I sense that we are being swept up in a fanatical spiral of knee-jerk like reactions following the tragic events last week Québec City.  The cold-blooded murder of any human being is despicable.

Today I believe that it is appropriate to look carefully at the underlying events.  I do not like the idea of tossing caution to the wind and marching like a parade of lemmings to a precipice.  It  defies logic.  None of it will bring back the lives of the six dead nor move us any closer to understanding why such things happen.  In fact, much of what I am observing (making islamaphobia a crime and throwing Canadian immigration doors wide open) will only polarize and divide.

The notion that simply criticizing any (or all) religions is a crime is beyond insanity.

I get it that we all feel very badly about what took place in Quebec City, but let’s not go overboard.  We have many rights that are available to all of us living here in Canada. However, no right exists that require that we all agree with each other or that someone might say something that you or I disagree with. There are already laws in place that deal with “hate crimes”.  It absolutely “boggles” the mind to think that muslims need their own special law. This type of impulsive reaction is simply retarded thinking and can only feed divisiveness. What’s next?


Canadians are good decent people. We don’t need to be told about our inherent generosity by Prime Minister Trudeau or any other elected politician. In truth, if our elected officials did even a portion of the charitable work done by ordinary Canadians, Canada would be a far better place today.


Over the span of one week, the present government has, in fact blatantly displayed the very prejudice that it seeks to impose by inflaming outrage towards lawful actions of the present US government. Let’s just get a few facts straight.


Events in Turkey and France


Yesterday the Turkish government rounded up over 440 suspected Islamist terrorists. Although Turkey is a secular state, it is a nation made up predominantly of Muslims.

In addition, in Paris France a 29-year-old Egyptian has been arrested for the vicious machete attack at the Louvre.

Let’s keep things in perspective. Having charitable feelings is a noble virtue. Being foolhardy on the other hand is not excusable.

We are looking at a worldwide movement the likes of which has never been known. To put the facts straight, the Executive Order signed recently by the US president is simply a temporary order that has a 90 day lifecycle. It proposes to put in place a travel embargo on anyone, regardless of religion attempting to enter the United States and one of seven countries.


It is just plain dishonest misrepresent the US travel embargo as a” ban on Muslims”. Indeed if that were the case, a much wider embargo would have included known trouble spots such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Both of those nations are almost entirely Muslim and were not included on Pres. Trump’s Executive Order.


This embargo makes no differentiation nor does it show favoritism for potential travelers of any faith attempting to enter the United States from any one of these seven countries. At least if you are going to protest something, get your facts straight before engaging in public demonstrations that only demonstrate one’s own lack of knowledge of world events.


The Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928. Better organization, since its inception has been identified as a terrorist organization here in Canada as well as in the United States and several other democratic countries.


Osama bin Laden as well as the heads of Al Qaeda and numerous other terrorist insurgent groups belong to the Muslim brotherhood. This is an extremely dangerous and insidious terrorist network. Among its followers, authorities have identified several key people involved in the mass murder of over 3000 Americans in New York City on 9/11.


I strongly recommend that prior to making protest signs and engaging in mass protests, that at the very least aspiring social justice warriors busy themselves and grasp a firm understanding of the difference between good and evil as well as the differences between something that attempts to pass itself off as a religion instead of what it really is; a political intent on total and complete subjugation of nonbelievers with a fanatical goal in mind to create a worldwide caliphate.


There is plenty of information available on the Internet about the Muslim brotherhood, its origins and its goals. In 1928 on formation organization crafted a manifesto known as the 100 Year Plan. That plan set as its goal complete subjugation of the world wherein an international caliphate would be established. Among its plans are worldwide dominance achieved by infiltration as well as terrorist activities.


I would respectfully suggest that if you have a serious objection to the United States Executive Order implementing a temporary embargo, that you immediately begin leaving your keys in your car and refraining from locking your doors at home. Innocent stupidity is an easy victim for evil.


What we are witnessing on city streets in Canada and in the United States is not only stupid in that it shows lack of understanding, but is contrary to the very things that we as Canadians cherish most.


Let’s begin by refraining from calling this embargo a “muslim ban” as it certainly is not. If, indeed it was a “ban on Muslims” it clearly would have included Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  After all, Osama Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia and was finally terminated in Pakistan where he had lived for the last five years of his terrible existence.

Moreover, it is high time that peace loving Muslims in Canada and in the United States begin to speak out against terrorism as well as Islamist organizations such as the Muslim brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS.

A very wise man of peace (Gandhi) is credited with saying “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

I suggest that Anishanabe social teachings apply in all of this. In each of us two wolves exist. The dark wolf represents evil and the white wolf represents goodness.  Whichever wolf thrives in each of us is determined by which wolf we choose to feed.

This type of racial or religious opportunism (marches, open borders and special laws designating one religion) does nothing for Canada and only feeds the darkest of wolves.


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