Fake News versus Real News [Buyers Beware]


Islamophobic protest


{Anti-Islam protesters stand outside Masjid Toronto on Friday, Feb. 17, 2017. (Twitter / @SafiahC)}

I suspect that the media was being “played” as CTV (and others) reported a mini-protest opposing islam allegedly took place last week in Toronto near a mosque.

According to the story which made full CTV coverage, “a dozen” alleged protesters were pictured in front of a Toronto mosque.  Incidentally, protesting is not a crime in Canada – YET.   Had protesting been illegal, there would certainly be several dozen burka-clad protesters lined up in the courts following the Quebec bruh-ha-ha over a burka wearing woman being asked by a Quebec lower court judge to uncover her face so that the court could identify her.

rebel rally1.jpeg

I thought it more than a “bit” odd that CTV was covering this nondescript mini-protest staged near a mosque but had selectively ignored a rally held at the Canadian Christian College in Scarborough on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 hosted by Ezra Levant and Rebel Media.  Over 1,200 people of all ages, races and colors attended the rally dubbed as a “Rally for Freedom”.

We all ought to have grave concerns about our “freedoms” lest those freedoms are taken from us.  When the media selectively picks and chooses which side of any issue receives fair coverage that is no longer journalism: it turns to something far more sinister and worrisome – called propaganda.

rebel rally2.jpg

It is problematic also that this “Freedom Rally” was almost cancelled when the initial venue (the Montecasino Hotel on Chesswood Drive) in Downsview cancelled a meeting room rental reservation resulting from “THREATS” received.   That should have been much more newsworthy than 12 people on a sidewalk in form of a mosque.

The Alleged Mosque Protest

I doubt that CTV, CBC or Huffington Post had a camera crews anywhere near the Madinah Masjid, at 1015 Danforth Avenue, Toronto while this alleged mosque protest was happening.

I’m just an ordinary guy but it made me wonder why threats made against 1,200 “Freedom Rally” participants on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 was not newsworthy while 12 people on a sidewalk on Danforth Avenue 4 days later managed to receive coverage by CTV, CBC and the Huffington Post.

It was at that point that I began examining the actual photo that CTV used.  Beneath the photo was the name of the individual who took the photo.  The photo caption read, “Anti-Islam protesters stand outside Masjid Toronto on Friday, Feb. 17, 2017. (Twitter / @SafiahC)”

A quick Twitter click led me to “SafiahC” who has her own photo displayed.  Another social media check revealed the same person as Safiah Chowdbury, currently employed by the City of Toronto as a “Policy Analyst” according to her Linkedin page.

It may be coincidence but the surname “Chowdbury” is quite well known as Imam Chowdbury is quite vocal in England in his advocacy and demands that “shariah law” become the law in the United Kingdom.  Perhaps someone who knows either of the Chowdburys can clarify if they are related.

The Mosque in News



As to the Masjid  mosque, there are postings inferring links to ISIS and funding for ISIS.  For the record, here is the link… https://youtu.be/jwFv23zsKhI.  The story was first published on September 6th, 2015 and concerned money being collected at that mosque for ISIS aid.

Apparently, at the Wednesday Freedom Rally, a collection was made asking attendees to chip in a few dollars to defray the costs of security resulting from the threats.

How trustworthy is our media when they are so easily manipulated?  Freedoms are among the most prized possessions of everyone living in a democracy.  Over many generations, men and women have paid dearly for freedoms in two world wars and (yes) even in Afghanistan where Canadian blood was spilled to protect muslims from radical muslims.

It’s high time that our journalists resumed good journalistic habits such as checking sources.   This much (at least!) is owed to us and we must be confident that our media outlets are not be played by opportunists.


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2 thoughts on “Fake News versus Real News [Buyers Beware]”

  1. Thank you so much for not using the yellow highlighter. This is a great article proves our media are left leaning & not giving us the full story.

    Keep the informative articles coming. I truly enjoy them.

    Stacey Grant

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