Open Advice for Ontario Politicians

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[Some solid advice for those drafting political campaigns for the May 2018 Ontario Provincial election.]


There is little left to doubt concerning the pending exit of Ontario’s current Lieberal government.  Coupled with the crushing harm to seniors and low/fixed income residents caused by Canada’s highest hydro rates; a prolonged and convoluted history of scandal followed by more scandal and wrapped in denials by often clumsy party spin-masters, overall genuine distrust for all things Lieberal has evolved into widespread hatred for the Lieberal party, its caucus and has focused recently on its leader – Ontario’s current leader Kathleen Wynne.  Wynne’s current popularity (or unpopularity) ranks slightly above dislike for the worst of political leaders in Canadian history.  Wynne’s popularity number now shows that over 88% of Ontario residents sincerely hate the Premier and her caucus.

Election  Now is Less than One Year Ahead of Us

Toronto Sun writer, Christina Blizzard is predicting the actual date of the Lieberals’ last and (hopefully) final meeting with Ontario’s electorate is likely to be Thursday, June 7, 2018 (Toronto Sun, Saturday December 10th, 2016).

We can expect many more shenanigans and stunts by “Team Wynne” as they attempt to escape a well-deserved appointment with political obscurity.  Much of the damage done to Ontario under the Lieberal watch is irreparable.  Jobs have been lost, family savings have been obliterated and faith in political institutions has been crushed.

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The most recent “stunt” (announced last week) wherein Wynne had decided to province relief for those of us struggling with run-away electricity bills was quickly revealed as yet another “scam” by the Lieberals.  Rather than inflicting good fiscal management on Ontario’s hydro producer, Wynne secretly had arranged a temporary LOAN carrying $14 Billion in interest costs to camouflage mismanagement on the entire energy file.  Rather than addressing an executive walking away with an annual with the Hydro producer and in excess of 4500 employees taking home annual pay of over $100,000 Wynne (and company) attempted to conceal the load which would have passed along this legacy of waste and mismanagement to our kids and our grandchildren.

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A psychologist and personal friend once remarked to me that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) individuals such as Team Wynne are driven by a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need and lack of empathy for the well-being of others. A “narcissist’s” own elevated sense of self power makes it extremely unlikely that they can either change nor pass up another opportunity to deceive.   Expect many more stunt from the Lieberals throughout the period leading up to their ultimate demise.

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I regularly read volumes of feedback from the huge circle of readers of these blog articles.  I am eternally grateful and constantly amazed by the volume and diversity of my audience… (thank you!). 

Here is a list of things that Ontario voters will be looking for in the upcoming Ontario elections.  I regularly read such comments  from Ontario voters and am learning that IF you want their votes, these are the promises you’ll need to make:

Honest Government

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 Pledge that your government will pursue to the maximum extent of the law any and all criminal charges for current and yet to be discovered illegal activities conducted by the Wynne government. Assure that charges are laid against individuals and that the public be made aware of individuals so charged. Expand the scope of all such actions to cover all events occurring during the past ten years.

Immediately end political donations for access schemes and instruct the authorities to bring criminal charges for Breach of Trust against anyone taking part in such an activities.

Immediately HALT all further sales of tax payer owned assets such as Ontario Hydro. These “fire sales” of Provincial assets are not in the best public interest.

Ending Waste and Corruption

Abolish Metrolinx and terminate all non-operational staff. Metrolinx is simply another layer of needless government with a sole purpose being to direct municipal transit equipment purchases to firms known to contribute to the Liberal Party.

Immediately impose a $100,000 MAXIMUM pay cap for all provincial civil servants and all Provincial Crown Corporations. Assure that the $100,000 limit makes no exceptions for such things as bonuses.

Immediately roll back any Provincial Civil Service and Crown Corporation jobs to comply with the $100,000 salary maximums.

Return to Transparency and Fairness

Stop downloading provincial expenses and capital projects onto municipal tax payers. This method of obtaining tax revenue is dishonest and contrary to the autonomy provided in the Municipal Act. Find your own revenue sources or BETTER yet, find ways to economize.

Pledge to enact legislation that will result in all Police Commissions and Local Health Improvement Networks to be placed into the hands of publicly elected boards and panels serving three years terms
no hmlrt
Immediately commence a study into health care in Ontario aimed at assuring that new hospitals are build where/as needed based solely on population size and that, in no case will the cost of building such new facilities be downloaded or cost shared with municipal rate payers.

Immediately revoke the Ontario Far North Act as well as any tax arrangements currently in place that require royalty payments to the Province for mineral and timber exploitation on traditional tribal lands. Immediately redirect all such royalty revenue from timer and mineral resources into a trust fund dedicated to assuring fair/full and equal provision of health care services, education and housing to First Nations communities.

wyne and little girlsImmediately remove the Wynne/Liberal sex education program for any minor under the age of 13 years.

These things are not too much to expect by citizens and badly abused taxpayers. These things are LONG overdue.  Future candidates and party organizations; we are waiting and will be watching much more closely this time.

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