Open Letter to Brampton Mayor Jeffrey {Responding to her comments about certain prayers in Public Schools}




I invite readers to add their voices to my comments to Brampton Mayor Jeffrey who has recently made public comments as Mayor pertaining to special concessions for prayer in Peel’s Schools.

Here is my email to Mayor Jeffrey. I urge you to read it and contact Brampton’s “present” mayor.


I wish to express my disgust to your recent comments advocating special exceptions being made to encourage muslim students to be supplied with school time and school board facilities to engage in regular prayer activities. 


Moreover, I invite you to respond to the specifics herein outlined.  Please limit your comments to direct responses only.


(1) Neither the Municipal Council nor the Municipal Mayor has any authority set out under the Education Act.  While you might have personal opinions, it is outside your elected capacity to make such pronouncements as Mayor; 

(2) You are badly misinformed as to the secular nature of “public education” in Ontario and would do well to seek knowledge in that specific area before making such comments;

(3) Your comments on prayer in Ontario’s secular schools is at extreme odds with your decision to ban the “Universal Prayer” (The Lord’s Prayer) at the commencement of Brampton City Council Meetings and when taken with your public expression concerning muslim prayers, leaves a very bad taste of racism or at the very least racial bias.


You were elected Mayor of Canada’s ninth largest city.  You have a single vote on a Municipal Council along with 10 regional and municipal Councillors.  Be reminded that you were not elected “monarch” nor did your pre-election campaign disclose that once elected, that you would use your office to subvert authority of those elected to the Education Boards. 


The types of open and public comments that you are prone to making are an embarrassment to our democratic process and result in unneeded divisiveness.  


You would do well to address yourself solely to the role you have been elected to serve.  I suggest that you retract comments made and refrain from doing so in the future.


Kind regards


15 thoughts on “Open Letter to Brampton Mayor Jeffrey {Responding to her comments about certain prayers in Public Schools}”

  1. Muslim prayer rooms and prioritizing their wants, are being pushed in public schools all across Ontario. Across Canada in fact, under the Trudeau Bros. They’ll have us looking like Germany before they’re done – that is if they aren’t re-elected in 2019 solely by the Islamic target audience they are importing ad nauseum. It took less than 4 years for Germany, Sweden, France and others to degrade into third world hell holes where their citizens born and integrated alike are second class compared to – again – the Islamic preferred target audience. Islam is not a race – it is no more than an ideology. Muslims come from all over and are of all kinds of racial backgrounds and ethnicities. Criticism of the ideology they choose to live by as the identifying term ‘Muslims’ – is not racist. Using the word racism in context to Islam whatsoever is false, incorrect, misused. The fact that mainstream media under the Liberal government and Muslims who know Canadians are in general ignorant about what Islam is – very conveniently dubbed any criticism of Islam ‘racist’. It is absolutely absurd. Motion M103 is absolutely absurd. We already have laws in place for ‘hate crimes’ – though that hasn’t stopped the steep incline of Anti-Semitism since the election of Trudeau and the arrival of the Islamic influx, has it. Yet Canada needs to elevate one ideology to coddle above the rest where citizens can get hit with crippling fines, job loss and ostracizing – for any *words* even deemed offensive to what is supposed to be a considerably small minority in our society? Fascist appeasement like that happens when the assumption is that the elevated sector of society is going to be the majority. Remember that as things keep degrading into the time line of cultural death in Canada. The 4 stages of infiltraton are always the same, the patterns are always the same, as is creeping Shar’ia. Remember what Iran, Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries looked like up until the 1970’s. Canadians are both arrogant and foolish to think it couldn’t happen to us here. Especially since we’re walking right into it with wilfull ignorance. Shame on Canada.

  2. There is an old adage….if you can’t beat them…join them! And this is one way to do it! At the next council meeting, stand and say the Lords Prayer! She can gavel to her hearts content….just keep going!!! At the schools the parents and kids should start the morning with the Lords Prayer for Christians, the Shema for Jewish kids and whatever Hindu prayer you say in the morning. Those without religion should just stand silently in respect for other religions. Is there a teacher out there with the brains and cojones out there brave enough, and mad enough about this to take over the sound system? I think we would only have to do this for a week before council and our school board come to their senses…prayers for all or prayers for none!!!

    1. Ros, I love this suggestion. Treason comes in many forms and we shouldn’t stand idly by while this mayor appoints herself the religious conscience for the people. To everyone who reads this, please, as Ros suggests, stand up and celebrate your faith and not permit some mealy-mouth bureaucrat sell you out. If you love your faith then celebrate it! Teach your kids that despite what some hare-brained politician says, your faith is not second to anyone else’s. She is an elected official, ONE elected official and not God incarnate.

    2. I highly commend this and urge folks to show up next City Council Meeting for open prayer before they get started. If you do not stand up for your own Constitutional Rights, they will soon vanish

  3. That mayor is a total liberal disgrace, must be forced to step down without pension or pay of any kind.

  4. I am very much concern about praying in the public school there is many faith children go to school how many faith we will allowed .then there is no school it will become temple, mosque, or church. i d;not undersatnd where this government is going .if some one want to pray they can pray at home or every community have there religious school send them there why in public school . so shame on this government. i totally condemns this

  5. Uprising is on the way in Canada and this bending over backwards for immigrants must stop. You come to Canada you leave your old country at the DOOR!!! Dual citizenship must stop and Christian values must come back in Canada.

  6. This is discrimination against all religions to elevate the Muslim IDEOLOGY over all other Canadians! Disgraceful mayor who shows her ignorance and acts like a tyrant! This is not inclusive it is divisive and she has NO right to break our laws!

  7. Time for us to awaken and be vigilant. Else our hospitality will be taken for granted and our peace and silence will be treated as our weakness by those with vested interests. And what a way to establish this idealogy…through our children? They know dealing with Canadian adults won’t work except through some spineless individuals who somehow get elected. The message should be loud and clear “Adapt to or Adopt Canadian Values”. Keep yours in the country you came or restrict it to your home or go back. Religion should stay out of public schools and all publicly funded establishments.

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