The Genie Won’t go back Into the Bottle {Baskets of “Deplorables” won’t be silenced}

Syrian-Refugeesjpegtrudeau islamist

There is a major political sea change taking shape and it is world-wide.

It isn’t about Donald Trump and none of the dishonest nasty name calling flowing from the “main stream media” seems to be making an iota of difference.

USA President Donald Trump is bright enough to have come to conclusions about an elite that had plunged his nation into the depths of debt and depressed economy.  Who can possibly forget the real track record of his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama?  His reckless brand of politics had pushed his nation (USA) to the brink of the fiscal cliff.  For a period of about two weeks, the markets spun into a death spiral in reaction to the “fiscal cliff” disaster.  For that period of time, the USA was at the brink of total collapse. 

The fiscal cliff “issue” was the culmination of accumulated national debt that made it no longer possible for the government to pay its bills for such things as health care, education and national defense.  The long standing deception of left-leaning fiscal policy amounted to extraction of wastefully extravagant tax dollars from ordinary Americans and USA corporations (suppliers of jobs to millions of ordinary Americans).

The legacy of Canada’s Liberal government, Ontario’s scandalous Liberal Government and the USA Democratic Party governments of Obama, bill Clinton and (gasp, yes!) even Jimmie Carter proved that the Libs and Dems are pretty good at winning elections and miserable disasters at governing a nation.

If you look closely at the security details accompanying Trudeau you will notice a large increase in numbers and in presence of plain-clothes guards. 

 There is a unique and inherent fault in the notion that you can continue to buy votes by forcing the population to fund fanciful and frivolous projects ranging from Obama’s infamous “ponzi game” called “Obama care”, the Ontario Green Energy insanity or Justin Trudeau’s worldwide charity gifting in attempts to “purchase” a seat at the United Nations Security Council.  Incidentally, insiders are predicting that IF Trudeau succeeds, Canada’s seat at the UN will be filled with one of: (1) Trudeau’s present backroom head-hack , Gerry Butts or (2) Trudeau’s “kid” brother , Alexandre Trudeau (known as Sacha). 

Adding credibility to those rumors, one need look no further than Justin Trudeau’s most recent choices to key embassy spots for Stephan Dion and John McCallum – a pair of long time loyal Libs and a slap in the  face to honest embassy types that have spent careers crafting diplomatic skills in preparation for such “plum  appointments”.

Look Around and Learn

President Trump Holds Rally In Melbourne, Florida

Two weeks ago, USA President showed up for a rally in Melbourne, Florida. Over 9,000 USA citizens joined in.  According to USA census information, Melbourne (Florida) is a community of less than 75,000 people.  Do the math.

The truly remarkable fact behind the large turnout is that Trump was just about to complete his first full month in office and had endured almost relentless name-calling and personal insult from a couple of the larger USA media houses.

Paltry hired gangs of “paid protestors” opposed to Trump had made themselves known in clumsy demonstration parades in Washington, New York and Boston.    Unlike the “social justice warriors” dressed in Giorgio Armani clothes at those hired marches in USA cities; the 9,000 at Melbourne (Florida) managed to attend “on their own dime”.  No reports have since emerged that a single person was paid to attend.  That, in itself is very different from the devious funding chain that purchased bus charters and airline tickets to create a crowd scene of thugs on city streets.

I urge you to take a look around and see that Trump’s populist movement is not unique to the USA.  Short months earlier and against large economic odds, the United Kingdom (by popular vote) tossed the European Union overboard.

I am blessed by way of this blog and the readership it has gradually built to regularly receive comments and feedback from “ordinary folks” in the UK and a number of other nations.  Though soaring unemployment and a docile economy were part of the decision made in the UK (Brexit) make no mistake, Brits were pissed off with muslim lawlessness that had rendered their hometowns into muslim lawlessness, rape and abuse of social assistance.    The “wide-open-borders” created by Britain’s membership in the European Union was blamed for widespread Islamic infestation leading to creation of Islamic “no go zones “ where even British police fear entering.


geert wildres

As I write today’s piece, I am anxiously watching the National Election in the Netherlands and especially the mercuric rise of populist candidate, Geert Wilders who seems poised to defeat status-quo incumbent, Mark Rutte.  How bad do things look for Rutte?  He has resorted to brining in guest speakers from Turkey in a last gasp hope of rallying islamist voters in Holland in hope of saving his position as Prime Minister.

marine LePen

Take a look at France, a nation that has received more than its share of muslim terrorism spanning decades.  The French are rightly worried about national security considering such terrorism as the massive attacks on the streets of Paris (November 2015), the truck smashing through crowded streets in Nice on Bastille Day (July 2016) and numerous stabbing incidents that too often have happened in France.  Among those hundreds of muslim led attacks on the French populous, the hacking to death of an 86 year old priest in his church on July 26, 2016 stands out.

In France, the national election is now less than two months distant.   Another “populist candidate”, Marine Le Pen continues to hold a very comfortable lead and is poised to lead her Front National party into majority power in France.  Among other platform planks, the Front National Party pledges to toss the European Union out of France and put an end to troubling immigration problems inside France.  I suspect that by Election Day (mid-May, 2017) the French will have elected Mdm. Le Pen

Turning to Germany, another country suffering from Islamic infestation, polling results indicate that populist candidate Frauke Petry and her Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party will push Chancellor Merkel and her pro-islamist open-door policies to the brink of political extinction.  Petry is noted for her anti-muslim views.

Similarly, New Zealanders will be headed to the polls in Mid-September (2017) populist candidate Winston Edward Peters and his New Zealand First Party are tracking well in the polls.

In sum: there is a growing, worldwide movement away from “globalism” and, instead advocating nationalism and national security first.  To deny it, as is the case of with Justin Trudeau and similar weak politicians amounts to simply NOT listening to a growing public unhappiness.  Donald Trump recognized the silent frustrations of unemployed miners who were being demonized by Obama and Clinton. He (Trump) had a hand of the public pulse and took the time to listen to suddenly unemployed factory workers in the “rust belt” that suffered unemployment at the hands of “globalists”.

There is no amount of name calling that makes one a bigot or a racist because of his/her opposition to tyranny.   The is an ever growing wave of mistrust of Trudeau and his open-door policies as there is an insidious mistrust for a “main-steam-media” that has become hand-maidens to failed policy.

For some reason, sale of civilian ammunition has increased 400% since the beginning of the new year inside of Canada and I am wondering what that implies.

Isn’t it ironic that the words of the first speech at Melbourne, Florida came from Melania Trump and began, “Our Father, who art in heaven”?

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