Two Words at Easter [One for Canadians and one for muslims]




Muslims conflate the Christian belief in Jesus Christ so badly, that it is beneath contempt.  The islamists often give passing lip service to “Christ” in an attempt to pass off (or sell) their desire to invade, annex and assimilate everything into islam.

How often I have heard muslims tell me that “we believe in Jesus also”. 

I do not need to explain the  message of Easter to Christians or any other “reasonable person holding other faiths”.  Easter is the holiest and most meaningful of events in the Christian calendar.   Christians around the world recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was sent to earth in a physical form, suffered, died and was crucified so that any who believe in Him will be forgiven his/her sins.

Jesus was not a profit like some senile goat herder who based a set of beliefs on hatred nor did he advocate conquests of non-believers.  The Islamic “prophet” was a murderer, a thief and a pedophile.  Jesus was none of those things nor was Jesus Christ a “prophet”.  In fact, it is insanely offensive to attempt to lump muhammed (with his hateful teachings) into the same category as the Only Son of God.

The second word is “taqiyya”.


muhammad-false-prophet.jpgTagiyya and the instructions to practice tagiyya is precisely outlined in the muslim  Qur’an or Koran.

Muslims are instructed to practice tagiyya (deceit) with non-believers (ie: Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus) that are designated by muslims as “infidels”.

Tagiyya is very often used as a useful (and desired) tool to assuage legitimate fears of the extremes contained in the qu’ran including “jihad” (the conquest of all non-believers)

Happy Easter.

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